Ask The Dog Guide: Webbed Feet On An Australian Shepherd

April 2nd, 2008 by Dan

Question: My 9 week old Australian Shepherd puppy has webbed feet. Is that common to the breed?

Answer: This is a very popular topic! While all dogs feet are webbed to an extent (the webbing usually extends about half-way down the toes), a fully webbed foot will have webbing all the way down the toe. Australian Shepherds are not a breed that are supposed to have this trait.

Running Australian Shepherd Puppy

Photo by hastalavista

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  1. Lesley Hastie Says:

    We have a lab retriever mix – we think – but it seems her feet are not those of a lab. Her toes seem longer for instance. We wonder if she is part German pointer or hound? What does the expert think?

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