Ask The Dog Guide: How To Pronounce Dogue De Bordeaux

April 7th, 2008 by Dan

Question : How do you pronounce Dogue De Bordeaux?

Answer: Since I own one of these amazing molossers, I am used to repeating this breeds name all the time! When you pronounce “Dogue” it should rhyme with the word “vogue”. Bordeaux is said like “boor-dough”.

Lucian the Dogue De Bordeaux

4 Responses to “Ask The Dog Guide: How To Pronounce Dogue De Bordeaux”

  1. Robert Says:

    Thank you! An obnoxious neighboor insists that it is pronounced Dooghs. Smiled politely and kept on walking Spartacus…..

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  3. Jineane Says:

    lol!! I own one and am currently getting two more. My mother in law like to pronounce it like doggie. it irritates the crap outta me but now i know, thanks a bunch! jineane

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