April Showers Bring May Flowers! Photographs Of Dogs With A Spring Theme!

April 21st, 2008 by Dan

Spring is here! In celebration of the season, I’ve put together a collection of photos in tribute to that old adage “April Showers Bring May Flowers”. We have some dogs who are enjoying the wet weather, while others look a bit put off by the moist stuff falling from the sky. Then we have dogs lounging in flowers, sniffing flowers, and of course…eating flowers!

April Showers:

Dressed For The Weather:
These 2 dogs are enjoying the wet weather because of their weather proof gear!

2 Dogs in Slickers

Photo by pt harriet

“You Want Me To Walk On This?!”: This Basset Hound looks put off by the wet ground.

Basset Hound Doesn’t Like The Wet Ground

Photo by JolieVoice

Storm On The Way
: This Bull Terrier is still wanting to play, even though the sky looks menacing.

Bull Terrier With Storm Coming

Photo by Ph@T

Wet Pug Coming Through!
: Move out of the way! Wet Pug on the move!

Wet Pug On The Move

Photo by Jennaphoenix

Lab and Umbrella: “If only I had thumbs this might be useful!”, thought the Lab.

Lab With Umbrella

Photo by naskeag

Brings May Flowers:

Puppy Eats Flower: Flowers are for sniffing, not for eating! Or maybe it’s the other way around…

Puppy Consumes Flower

Photo by Nevarfeather

“Bah Spring”
: Pugs tend to look grumpy as they age – we don’t think this guy really minds sitting in front of these purple flowers!

Disgruntled Pug and Purple Flowers

Photo by zoomar

Golden Retriever Stops To Smell The Flowers:
This Golden is taking the time to smell this blooming azalea bush.

Golden Retriever Stops To Smell The Flowers

Photo by c4p3n

Poodle Puppy In Poppies:
Poodle Puppy In Poppies” – Say that 10 times fast!

Poodle Puppy in Poppies

Photo by The Pack

Sea of Purple and Red: A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in a sea of purple flowers (with red highlights).

King Charles Spaniel In Sea Of Flowers


Yorkie Wearing Flowers
: This Yorkshire Terrier prefers wearing flowers rather than sitting in them, eating them or sniffing them.

Yorkshire Terrier Wearing Flowers

Photo by jadean

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