8 Television Basset Hound Stars!

April 17th, 2008 by Dee

Basset Hounds are characters! They have made many notable apperances on TV throughout the years. Did you know that literally speaking the word “Basset” translates to “rather low” in French? Check out these 8 Famous Basset Hounds!

Axelrod - A hound who lived in an “A” shaped dog house that was featured in a series of Flying “A” Service Gas Station advertisements in the 1960s. Axelrod also appeared in the “Worry” campaign accompanied with phrases like ‘When it comes to your car…oooh, do we worry!’” and “The house that worry built.” These ads ran in magazines such as Saturday Evening Post in 1965.

Axelrod The Basset Hound

Cleo – seen on the sitcom “The People’s Choice ” on NBC (1955 through 1958) was played by Bernadette the dog. Cleopatra (or Cleo) was the family pet who observed and commented on the weekly predicaments of her master Socrates “Sock” Miller (Jackie Cooper), a Bureau of Fish and Wildlife ornithologist who was elected city councilman of Barkerville, a California housing development. Cleo never spoke but her wise-cracking thoughts could be heard loud and clear thanks to the voice of Mary Jane Croft.

Basset Hound
Photo: ponderosa_sky

Dog the dog – The Basset hound played by Henry the dog, seen on the police drama series “Columbo” on NBC (1971 through 1978) and ABC (1989 through 1991). Dog was owned by Lt. Columbo (Peter Falk). Dog appeared in the Columbo movies “Catch Me”, “Forgotten Ladu”, “Make Me A Perfect Murder”, and “Now You See Him”. When it came to naming Dog, the Lieutenant at first considered a number of names like Fido, Jet, Munich and Beethoven, but eventually, he just settled on Dog because “He’s a dog so we call him Dog.” Ray Berwick owned and trained Henry in real life. Henry also appeared on “Emergency” on NBC (1972 through 1977)in the role of the mascot for Los Angeles County Squad 51′s firehouse.

Flash – The Dukes of Hazzard CBS (1979 through 1985). Flash played sidekick to Rosco P. Coltrane, the bumbling sheriff of Hazzard County. He bought the dog from an ad in the Police Gazette magazine and affectionately called her “Velvet Ears.” Allegedly, a trained “attack dog” the sleepy-eyed Flash barely moved except for when Roscoe fed her dog treats. or while being jostled around in a police car during ‘hot’ pursuits of the Duke Boys. Besides Roscoe, Flash was friendly with Cooter, a local mechanic. However, Flash barked at Boss Hogg.

Flash and Rosco

Morgan – A Basset hound used in comedy skits on “The Garry Moore Show” during the 1950s. She was owned by TV producer Dick Gordon. In 1973, the Altman Department Store Christmas catalog in New York featured a “Huggable Morgan” stuffed animal equipped with a squeaker nose.

Pokey (Pokerman the III) – Pokey, the Basset Hound companion of youngster Sylvester “Porky” Brockway (Donald Keeler) on the family drama series “Jeff’s Collie” CBS (1954 through 1957).

Basset Hound
Photo: PostMan1107

Quincy - The Basset hound seen on TV series Coach ABC (1989 through 1997). Quincy was the canine companion of Luther Van Dam (Jerry Van Dyke), the assistant coach for the Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles football team. Quincy’s tricks were to lie in one place and do nothing and to ride in a little red wagon.

Basset Hounds
Photo: helensbassets

Sherlock – Sherlock is the actual name of the Basset Hound to which Elvis Presley sang “Hound Dog” on the July 1, 1956 episode of “The Steve Allen Show”. Dressed in white tie and tails, Elvis sang to Sherlock, who wore a top hat. Elvis and RCA used Sherlock for publicity in the 1950s.

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