Reading Pet Expo – FlyBall Demo Video

March 21st, 2008 by Dan

Even though we got terribly lost on our way to the Reading Pet Expo (which cut our time a bit short), we were able to catch quite a bit of the FlyBall demonstration that was happening in the main ring! Flyball is a bit like a relay race for dogs – there are a series of jumps and then a spring loaded box that releases a ball that the dog must catch. The dog then must run back over the jumps and then the next dog on the team is released.

In this first video you can see a Weimaraner that was having a hard time staying on course during the demo. The gate that you can see next to the jump is used as a training tool to aid dogs in staying “on track”.

This second video shows a demo run between 2 teams. Notice one of the dogs closest to the camera get spooked by a flash from the crowd towards the end of the video. Later we found out that particular dog is very sensitive to thunder and lightening.

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