Odd Couples – 16 Fantastic Photos of Feline and Canine Friendship

March 1st, 2008 by Dan

Whoever said that cats and dogs were arch enemies certainly didn’t know these pairs. As you are about to witness in the photos below, some felines and canines are matches made in heaven. We searched far and wide for the best examples of “interspecies love” that we could find. Here are some fantastic photos of these “odd couples” who defy stereotypes on a daily basis!

Beagle and Cat Bask in the Sun- It looks like these 2 have been friends for quite a while. Beagles love the companionship of other animals (be it cats or dogs!)
Beagle and Cat Friend
Photo by tovje

Big Tongue, Little Kitten! – This German Shepherd’s tongue is almost as big as that little kitten!
German Shepherd Licks Kitten
Photo by morgan frederick

Strange Bedfellows – “What have I gotten myself into?!”
Strange Bedfellows
Photo by Miguel Andrade

You Wanna Know A Secret? – This kitty has something very top-secret to tell his Pit Bull friend.
Cat Tells Pit Bull a Secret
Photo by April H

Staring Contest – I think the dog is winning this one.
Dog and Cat Share A Bed
Photo by Scott Kinmartin

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others – This dachshund is taking a little nap and dreaming that he fits in with his friends…
Dachsund and 3 Feline Friends

Photo by Gabo
Ebony and Ivory – Go together in perfect harmony…
Pomeranian and Large Cat

Photo by candleshoe
Bullmastiff Meets Torti – Not much cuter than a giant-headed dog and a tiny kitten.
Bullmastiff and Kitten

Photo by navonco
Sheep..irrr..Kittendog – This sheepdog is doing a good job at guarding her flock!
Dog Mothers Kitten

Photo by bergamuse
Talk To The Paw – This orange tabby knows you have to start them young to teach them who is going to be the boss of the house!
Golden Retriever Puppy and Orange Tabby - Talk to The Paw

Photo by a girl and her dog
Snuggle – This boxer looks a little guilty but his feline companion isn’t concerned.
Boxer Puppy and Kitten

Photo by pbrat
Caught In The Act – Interspecies cuddling – caught in action!
Caught in the Act

Photo by ohchicken
The Most Comfy Bed In The House – This cat believes he has found the most comfortable resting spot in the whole house. The dog doesn’t seem to mind.
The Most Comfy Bed in The House

Photo by ymktmk918
Is This Really OK? – The cat swears it is, but the dog could use a little convincing.
Black Dog and Orange Tabby Cuddle

Photo by lovelymerle2001
On A Mission – This duo is on their way to do something….I’m sure it involves a trash can.
Quite A Pair

Photo by robert ntz
Do Not Wear Black - If you live in this house. Nuff Said!
White Boxer and White Cat

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