Obama Dog – This Boxer Barks for Barack!

March 4th, 2008 by Dan

So I was thinking about the presidential candidates and, surprise!*dog lover alert*, wondered if any of them had dogs. Well, I am going to compile a list of presidential dog candidates (First Dog, if you will), but decided to share this video with you from my research first.

As you can see, there is a dog named Lilly –a boxer, to be precise– who has endorsed Barack Obama. Wait…let me rephrase: Lilly the Boxer barks for Barack. Or at least she licks her nose for him. There are lots of silly things people get their dogs to do. This may be one of the most absurd and yet, adorable of them. Go ahead and take a look at www.obamadog.com. I highly recommend looking at the Obama Dog Photos.

I’ll continue to post more about presidential dog candidates to try and keep this non-partisan. ;-)

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