Identifiying What’s In The Mix With Canine DNA Testing

March 20th, 2008 by Dan

A company in Knoxville TN is now offering DNA testing for dogs! Bio Pet Vet Lab offers a service where you collect DNA taken from your dog via a special cheek swab and mail it back to to the company. In 2 weeks you receive an Ancestry Analysis, Breed Behavior Health and Personality Summery and a DNA ID card. Results are also emailed to you as well. I noted that not all breeds are able to be identified by this form of testing – including all of the bull breeds! Considering there are so many Pit Bull mixes out there and people who are curious to know what kinds of mixed breeds they have, I find it odd that they don’t include these breeds in the dogs covered. Still, I’m sure many people will be interested in learning more about their dogs and hopefully Bio Pet (or other companies like them) will offer a wider range of breeds that can be identified in their analysis.
A Little Brown and White Terrier Mixed Breed
Photo by Doggies Are From Heaven

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