Happy Easter From The Dog Guide! Dogs Dressed In Their Easter Best!

March 23rd, 2008 by Dan

Enjoy these dogs in their Easter best! (I’m sure they’d like a good egg hunt!)

I especially like the duck wristbands on this Poodle!
Poodle in Easter Costume With Duck Wristbands
Photo by lesleyworld

This Pug does not look amused!
Old Pug Is Not Amused By Easter
Photo by lesleyworld

This little Daschund seems pleased with her fuzzy purple bunny ears.
Dachshund With Purple Bunny Ears
Photo by Doxieone

This Bulldog puppy has the complete outfit- bunny slippers and all!
Bulldog in Bunny Ears And Slippers
Photo by itchmo

This Chihuahua has an Easter outfit that reminds me of Madonna (circa early 80′s)
Chihuahua in Easter (Madonna) Outfit
Photo by kristykronic

The Easter Bunny…irr..Dog
The Easter Bunny…Dog
Photo by mrs.McD

Bunny with an under bite (or an affenpinscher!)
Affenpinscher Bunny With Underbite
Photo by mrs.McD

And finally an Australian Cattle Dog wearing an ensemble of Peeps.
Australian Cattle Dog Wearing Peeps
Photo by image415

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  1. SpilltoJill Says:

    great photos!!!!!

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