Former Vick Pit Bull Appears on Rachel Ray

March 1st, 2008 by Dan

Johnny Justice, an adorable black and white Pit Bull, was the star of the Rachel Ray show this past Friday. Johnny served as the spokesdog for BADRAP (Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls), a group who took on 10 of Vick’s dogs once they were turned over for rehabilitation. Donna Reynolds, the co-founder of BADRAP explained the process – ” We had to petition the prosecuting attorney to allow us to go in and even look at the dogs,” “So when he said yes, which was landmark, we then had to sit at home and wait to see if the judge would allow us to bring them home. We had a lot of sleepless nights wondering if they would let us do it. When he said yes, it was fantastic!”

Johnny Justice
Photo credit: BADRAP
While the Vick situation was horrific- it seems that it may have opened the publics eyes to some of the mis-truths the media has been perpetuating about the breed. “Hopefully,” Donna said, “now that this case has shown America what so-called ‘fighting dogs’ are like, we can take the word blood-thirsty and throw it in the trash. These are individual dogs — these are pets — who ended up in a horribly abusive situation, and they’re proving to everyone that they deserve better. That they deserve to be evaluated as individuals and treated with compassion.”

I’m so happy that the chef opened her show to this topic! As some of you might know, Rachel is a Pit Bull owner herself! She has a dog named Isaboo who she mentions constantly!

28 Responses to “Former Vick Pit Bull Appears on Rachel Ray”

  1. Sandi Gateman Says:

    No one loves dogs more than I do, however saying that a pit bull is just as harmless as any other breed is just plain naive! I have worked with the SPCA for years, socializing dogs, playing with the rescues until they have homes. And yes, pit bulls or pit bull mixes comprise up about 80% of the dogs that are turned in. I’ve played with them, chased balls with them and hugged them, and I love them as any other breed. But, don’t be stupid. These dogs can be unpredictable! You can own a dog for years and you will never know when something makes them mad and they attack. Do you want it to be your child, your grandmother, your other dog? At SPCA/LA, we do not adopt pit bulls out to families with small children or other small dogs. Why do you think that is? And these people are experts. A survey done by the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Assn in 2000, showed that 76% of human deaths by dogs were caused by pit bulls or pit bull mixes. Do people just choose to ignore this? I don’t want these dogs hurt in any way and I deplore what Michael Vick did. But use common sense when bringing a dog like this into your home and know what you may be getting into

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  3. Mimi Says:

    In response to Sandy’s comment, that is about the most ignorant thing you could speak, don’t hide behind the guise that your a friend to the Pitbull your obviously uneducated about the breed. Have you ever owned one>? I bet not, Anything with teeth can bite you and alot of dogs have an aggression trait or the ability to attack but Pits are always the scapegoats, most of these alleged dog attacks you speak of are done by dogs who resemble pits but actually have no Pit in them. Case in point that story about VIng Rhames friend dying in Cali taking care of 2 bull mastiffs and a pitbull, they originally reported that the dogs attacked and ate the man, but a month later it was deemed the guy died of a drug overdose completely unrelated to the dogs but the dogs were already dead so it didn’t matter. Did the news do a rebuttle NO because saying a pit is a good dog does not sell ratings. If pits are so unpredicatable like you say I wonder why they used one while filming with kids on the little rascals? Or why they trusted one to be Hellen Kellers companion? Or why the US military had one save an entire US platoon? I too volunteer in an animal shelter and to say pitbulls are unpredictable is simply put STUPID. You get out of something what you put into it. NO dog should be left alone to it’s own devices. It’s the owners repsonsibility to make sure there dog of any breed is properly socialized when a dog bites someone it’s not the dogs fault. Hold the irresponsible dog owners responsible not the dogs their just doing what theyve been taught, unless there is a neurological disorder dogs don’t just bite for no reason. Before you post another bogus comment do your research, 10 out of 10 vets interviewed would rather work with pitbulls than any other breed. Here’s another question for you genious, If they are unpredictable man eaters how can dog fighters put them in and out of the ring without being attacked? People like you and your stupidity really need to stick to your maltese and shut up about dogs you don’t know anything about.

  4. k Says:

    You didn’t dispute her statistics; you just threw out some dubious others. and some pit bulls, unpredictably, do bite refs when carried in and out of the pits. those dogs, however, are culled immediately. the net “result” of an individual fight is a group of specific dogs that didn’t attack the ref. this net result might give, i suppose, the appearance of a group of dogs that don’t attack humans. but not exactly the full picture, eh? so let’s be real about that situation.

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  6. c swift Says:

    I think that this person Sandi Gateman it the most ignorant person I have read on the net so far. How could you make believe you are a friend to the pit bull and then say those things. You are a fiend. I own a pit bull, (which you obviously do not), and he is THE most well trained calm sweet dog I have ever MET and I am not saying that cause he is my dog. Dogs dont TURN, people turn. Dogs grow up and learn and behave according to what you teach them. If you feed them gun powder yeah they might turn cause they have an embolism in their brain, and who’s fault is that? Not the dog or the breed. You are just like every other hater out there I bet your predjudice against black folks too? They are all mean unruly and you cant trust them?? Oh common and wake up.

  7. Katie Says:

    I actually think Sandi seems a little hostile
    and possibly violent. Maybe she needs a trip to the vet? And for any dog’s sake I hope she’s not a dog owner. She is obviously uneducated, close-minded and a hipocritical ignorant person. I couldn’t agree with Mimi and C Swift more. It’s people like Sandi who are the ones giving our beloved pits a bad rap. My Pit is by far the most loving, mild temtered, caring, affectionate dog I have ever met. How’s that you ask? Because she was raised that way. In a stable loving environment. Blame the careless, violent, irresponsible owners. These dogs are the victims. So Sandi, get your facts straight, and stop being an ignorant racist person.

  8. Anne Says:

    Go Katie – I could not have said it better!

  9. P. McCoy Says:

    Two weeks ago I had to have my 13 year old Pit put to sleep after unsuccessfully trying to get her well over a six week period. She was the most fabulous dog I ever owned and I am 60 years old and have owned many dogs over the years. I will get another when I’m through crying over this one. They are a great breed that wants nothing more than to please their human. Mine was a true clown and a cuddler. If you check out the American Temperament Testing Society website you can compare breeds and will learn that APBTs bite about as often as Golden Retrievers and WAY less than Cockers, Poodles, Chihuahuas and many other more popular breeds. When I was 8 years old I was bitten in the face by a Cocker Spaniel and had 28 stitches by a plastic surgeon. I’ll take a pitbull any day over a Cocker. The problem is you never hear about dog bites on television unless it was a Pitbull.

  10. houg Says:

    Pitbulls are just like any other dog!! They are just stronger and it seems like some of the worst people own them. But I have owned mine for 5yrs and have a 2 year old daughter he is wonderful with. My vet told me that he has never been bitten by a pitbull in all his years of being a vet ( and this guy is old) but has been bitten by labs, german shepards, cocker spanials ect…Kudos to Rachel for putting a positive light on these dogs! Its the owner not the dog!!

  11. melody Says:

    I agree with Mccoy, you really don’t hear about dog bites unless its about pits. It’s sad because where I lived a pit bull took three bullets to the HEAD for his family when a robber broke into their house. The dog charged for the intruder and despite gunshots never let the guy go. The dog was thankfully saved and is now back with his family but the sad thing was, though this news was big enough to make it on the media, it wasn’t good enough to say that the dog who took the bullets for his family was a pit.

  12. Pit Lover Says:

    Is this chick jokeing ?

  13. Anthony Says:

    Wow Im Impressed that someone so stupid can actually used the internet and type her comment that’s fascinating.. Pits are a great breed of dogs if you worked for the SPCA then you would know that. Dogs act they way their owner teaches them to act, again if you worked on the SPCA or actually owned an animal you would know that… I hope you get some education before you go typing nonsense

  14. Marty Says:

    I had my pitbull for 11 years before he got cancer and had to put him to sleep. I can tell you that not ever did he attack a person or another dog in his life. All he did was show love to the family and loved ones.We was my best bud and I still miss him. Sure at times he did know his own strength but if you acted hurt or anything he would stop playing and come by and check if he did anything. I loved my pitbull and they are GREAT GREAT GREAT dogs. Good learners, he was house broken and never acted up. I doubt I will ever get another dog because no dog would ever replace my pitbull.

  15. Heather Says:

    Sandi, Sandi, Sandi….

    Really? Could you please stop putting false information into peoples heads? It’s people like you who generate false information that are the real problem here.

    The belief that dogs which are classified as “pitbulls” are too dangerous, is a completely biased and prejudice idea. The personality of a dog is similar to that of a human with the idea that our personality is made up of biological traits as well as conditioned traits. It is my opinion that dog and human personalities alike are mostly shaped by the environment which they are in and they reflect the personality of the person or persons who raised them. Because people have this prejudice belief that pitbulls are dangerous, some owners use unnecessary force while training them and they purchase the specific breed for the use of protection and intimidation instead of companionship. I know personally that the pitbull breed is constantly misconceived because I own a pitbull and let me just say that she is the SWEETEST, FRIENDLIEST, SMARTEST AND MOST LOYAL DOG I HAVE EVER OWNED. I find it completely contradictive for people in the United States to discriminate against specific dog breeds when for decades we have worked so hard to diminish the racism within our country. Segregating pitbulls from other dog breeds because of misconstrued perspectives is unjust. This is called RACIAL PROFILING and no matter if it is a person or a dog, it is unethical and we need to do something about it. It is socially unacceptable and blatantly wrong for a person to be denied a home based solely on their race, this idea should apply the same for dogs too. It was we the people who first bred these dogs to withstand fighting to the death for our own personal enjoyment and it is we the people who are now trying to end the breed altogether. So you tell me, who is in the wrong? My idea, BAN STUPID PEOPLE NOT DOGS!!!

    And Sandi why don’t you do some research before you open your mouth! Here’s a link for you to compare the temperament of a Pitbull to other dogs. American Temperament Test Society.

  16. Skylar Says:

    I can not believe you. ALL DOGS CAN BE UNPREDICTABLE! The only reason people say stuff like this, is because pit bulls rarely bite, but if one does it can cause some damage. How many times have you sat down at someones house and had a chihuahua or little dog bite you? That doesn’t go on the news, because it doesn’t do much damage. Pit Bulls are seen as aggressive, yet chihuahua and little dogs aren’t even though they bite A LOT more. I have had my Pit Bull since I was very little, and he is the most amazing dog in the world. If your playing and he even SHOWS his teeth, he will jump back and begin to whine and lay on his bed, scared that he hurt you. If you offer a treat to him, and hold it in your hand, he will gently take it not using his teeth, making sure he doesn’t injure you. My cousin and I were play fighting, and he got between us, whining and crying, and gently pushed us apart.
    Sandi, I advise you look at all the people on this board that have posted about their wonderful dogs, because THESE stories are never shown on the news. Only the bad side of pit bulls are shown, and that misleads people.

  17. Alan Says:

    I have to agree with Sandi. PBs are unpredictable. Sweet and loving sure, but unpredictable; and when they clamp down..good luck. Anyone stupid enough to leave their PB’s, or any dog alone with a child is foolish and ignorant. Most common of the dogs in shelters today are PB’s. Why? You tell me. I would never own a PB unless I was prepared to shell over a large amount of money to an insurance company. I love my dogs but PB’s are not on my list of future pets.

  18. Evan Says:

    Alan, you’re kidding, right? You think that pit bulls end up in shelters because responsible owners purchase them from responsible breeders as a family pet but the dog turns on them so they give them up to shelters? You can’t possibly be that naive. They’re the most common shelter dogs because many of them are in the care – or lack thereof – of irresponsible owners.

  19. Lynne Says:

    We have had our pit bull Maximus for nearly five years and he is the best, most wonderful dog. My son was just one year old when we got Max as a puppy and they have grown up together. And a funny little side note: Max is @ 70 lbs and thinks he’s a lap dog! If you are sitting on the floor, he will come and snuggle in your lap. It is too cute. By the way, we got Max from our friend Jake who is a responsible breeder and who still owns Max’s mother and father. When we go on vacation, Max goes to visit his family. Jake always watches him for us. It’s like we both get a vacation. I love Max!

  20. melissa Says:

    Anyone who has something bad to say about owning a pit bull obviously never owned one. They are common in shelters because irresponsible people get them and then find out how much food and training it takes to have one. Then they discard them as if they are a piece of trash. Unpredictable dogs have unpredictable owners.

  21. Chris Foxx Says:

    Since Ray’s pit has mauled 5 dogs while being walked what does that make her irresponsible ? her dog is 6 months old. Pits are unpredictable and since they are the choice of the local gang bangers the breed will continue to deteriorate as they are Backyard Bred and euthanized by the thousands. Macho no! pathetic yes! Do you really want a shelter Pit without a background. Sorry but TRUTH hurts!!!
    I rescue other dogs but not Pitbulls

  22. MARY Says:

    I currently own two pit bulls. They are highly intelligent, loving, and well behaved. They have gone to puppy socialization, dog obedience, fly ball, received their Canine Good Citizenship etc. They have been bullied by other dogs and have never retalliated. What is sad, is, if they did retalliate they would have been blamed. Ignorance breeds ignorance. I choose to research. We have a two year old in the home and they are obedient to the little tike. As stated previously read the American Tempermant Test Society ratings. I love the Pit Bull high test score. Bravo! I also know for a fact what their tempermant is, because I have two at home. This breed has had Numerous famous, loving and intelligent ambassadors : Daddy by Cesar Millan(who was used to train all breeds) – BackUp by Veronica Mars – Helen Keller – Cinnabun by Jesse James of West Coast Choppers – Petey by Little Rascals – Flashdance – Jennifer Lopez videos etc etc.
    ******** Dog Reflections has just posted an article************** Family Dogs 10 top dog breeds for families with children
    Staffordshire Terriers are on the list AKA Pit Bull
    Punish the deed not the Breed

  23. Alisa Says:

    Pitbulls can be the best pets. I’ve never owned one but have have been around MANY, and I have never been so much as growled at by one. Owning pit bull terriers requires an attentive owner and they MUST be trained. I truly believe the problems started with very ignorant, irresponsible owners. It doesn’t help that so many uneducated owners want to breed and sell the puppies for money without considering temperment and where these puppies will end up. The reason their are so many pitbulls in shelters is because they are horribly overbred and their are simply not enough homes willing to take these dogs on because of what they have heard about the breed. Their are more pitbulls now than ever before. People should stop breeding their pets and leave this to professional breeders who understand this process fully!

  24. Mike Says:

    Yes!! Bad breeding combined with bad owners is absolutely ruining this breed. Decades ago this dog was loved by America. Even president Theodore Roosevelt owned and loved them. Helen Keller, being blind and deaf, owned one as her companion dog! They were Americas canine representative during WWI (Stubby the pitbull was an actual dog, not a cartoon). The little rascals “Petey” was a pitbull terrier. People too easily forget the way this dog WAS loved and trusted.
    Instead of punishing the dogs by banning them and condemning them, let’s confront the real problem..the irresponsible owners and irresponsible breeders. I’m a firm believer in not allowing people to breed their pets. Get your dog spayed and nuetured. We are dog OWNERS,NOT BREEDERS.
    Let’s help this breed regain its former identity,not destroy it!

  25. renae Says:

    I agree with mike. We need better laws to protect dogs from bad owners. Banning them is not a good solution. People will just choose another dog to discriminate against. Maybe they’ll go back to dobermans or rottweilers or german shepards? When I was a kid it was all about dobermans!

  26. SueSantoFan Says:

    Pits are so adorable. We have rescued Shelties for over 20 years, and have three now, one of whom is a Missouri puppy mill rescue. I am going to every website and blog I can find to ask all of you to get after your congresspeople to do something right this time and fix the laws regarding animal cruelty videos. Please read for yourselves as to the decision of the Supreme Court that the First Amendment rights of these pieces of crud who make these videos are breaking the law by performing the acts themselves. No one seems to get that part! Please help! Thank you!!!

  27. Nicole Says:

    Wow some of these people obviously havent owned a Pit Bull….Not a PB or any of your other stupid nick names. Mines name is Chantz and he is the best damn dog I have ever owned and I am sorry but in my opinion if u have never owned one then why are u making comments on them. Ever heard the saying takes one to know one…HELLO!! Also id they had done any research on them then they would know that in the 1860 The “Pit Bull” was the number one pet in America. They were used as cattle dogs…pets….for security. The reason they were used for so many different things is because they are super intelligent and are the most loyal dog ever. This is a proven fact and is in every reseach book on them. They will do anything to please their owner…includeing killing! This is something that has to be taught or beaten into them. It does not just come natural. Think about it….were u born walking? No u had to be taught it….duh! Its amazing to me that people make up things when they want their opinion to be heard. Even when it is detrimental to the noun they are hurting in the proccess. You never hear of the Chihuaha who bit the kids eye out or the Lab that took out the neighbor…the St, Bernard who bit the kid next door…huh weird cause all of this I have witnessed. Dont just talk to hear your own voice…God could have made u a “Pit Bull” then how would you have felt. Racism goes beyond the color of ur skin….obviously its a dog thing too!

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