Dog Video Of The Day: Great Dane vs……Banana?

March 5th, 2008 by Dan

Hope the Great Dane is scared. Scared of an evil banana.

3 Responses to “Dog Video Of The Day: Great Dane vs……Banana?”

  1. Ahnen Says:

    Haha to cute! When Me and My dane, Creature were watching this he started barking too! Which, normally would have been adorable but its 12AM and I live in an apartment complex! x.x lol

  2. rodrigo Says:

    yeeeeee! my great dane, Bruno, was afraid of a tangerine too!!

  3. Jas Says:

    Adorable. Just too damn cute!! I’ve got a GD too and will never go back to any other breed again. So daft and funny. But gentle too. Fatastic dogs. Thanks for the Vid. Had a laugh at it. ????

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