Dog Video Of The Day: Crufts Montage!

March 8th, 2008 by Dan

This is an amazing (and lengthy!) video that begins with some dancing with dogs and then takes a look at many of the breeds (including an Ibizan Hound, Boston Terrier, Pharaoh Hound and many more). It provides a chance for us to see the facility where the show is being held as well as some of the vendors booths!

One Response to “Dog Video Of The Day: Crufts Montage!”

  1. Naked Heart Kennel Says:

    Great video, crufts was a great day, so much to see and making the video was so much fun.
    One day we hope to show the american hairless Terriers there, such a great new breed of dog thats perfect for people like myself with Allergies to dogs fur and dander.

    so come on crufts (Kennel club), lets get the ball rolling and get the AHT breed reconised in England.

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