Crufts -Day One for Dummies

March 6th, 2008 by Rachel

This is a Crufts update for those of you like me who enjoy dogs because they’re fun but don’t necessarily know all of the breed information. Crufts is a major major dog show in the UK.

Why do you want to watch a dog show (or keep up with the bloggers who are)? Because a large scale dog show like Crufts showcases the cutest of the cutest. Why follow Crufts dog show specifically? Because it showcases the cutest of the cutest with British accents!!!

King Chaz
Photo by Jess.jess2910

Today is day one and that means Toy and Utility dogs. Toy dogs, such as the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel are first — think of Charlotte’s pups from Sex and the City.

Next, Utility dogs (like everyone’s favorite Dalmatians) and the oh, so puggly, snorting Bulldog are up for show!


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