Birmingham Cabs Prepare for the Invasion of Crufts Pups!

March 5th, 2008 by Dan

As the hour of the worlds largest dog show draws near, Birmingham is getting ready to be inundated with thousands of canines. In preparation for the arrival of this humongous pack, black cabs have started a campaign to help travelers with dogs. Pet friendly taxis will be adorned with an “Open For Dogs” sticker to let everyone know that pooches can ride freely in their automobiles. Mike Shingler, spokesperson of Birmingham and Solihull Taxi Association, said: “Crufts is a British institution and demonstrates just how many dog lovers there are throughout the country, so it is only fitting that black cabs, another British icon, should welcome well-behaved dog citizens. Dog owners should have the same kind of access to transport as anyone else and these stickers will make it that bit easier for people to locate those taxi-drivers who welcome dogs inside their vehicles.”British Taxis”
Photo by csaavedra

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