Ask The Dog Guide: Pit Bull Prejudice

March 13th, 2008 by Dan

Question: I just wanted a little advice. I have always been con on the whole Pit Bull idea,but to settle my own fears,(and my boyfriend got one). I now own a 11 week old Pit Bull Terrier. I love him to death. I have been reading for the last week on how to train them on being NICE and LOVABLE. But my problem is, I am so tired of everyone bagging on me about him. I have a 11 and 8 year old. They know how to behave around dogs. Is there anything I can say to people so they will just back off me and Kona?

: Congratulations on your new puppy and a bigger congratulations on getting over your pre-conceived notions about Pit Bulls! The media has done this breed a huge disservice and as the owner of a APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier) myself, I know exactly what you mean about the way people react. Reef is almost 7, she is an incredibly well-mannered and social dog. She enjoys the company of children as well as other dogs she meets on the street. I can’t tell you how many times she will be wagging in someones general direction and they give a look of horror and cross the street quickly. I have heard every comment in the book about “dangerous dogs”, “locking jaws” (which is a total old wives tale – all dog’s jaws are physiologically the same), etc..
Reef the American Pit Bull Terrier
I personally feel the best thing you can do for Kona is to train him to be the best behaved dog you can. Take him to obedience classes and ask the trainer how your children can assist in the process as well. You want to be able to show the public that your dog is an individual – that your dog may just change their mind about a breed that they have so many stereotypes about. Educate yourself about the history of the breed. When people make comments about Pit Bulls being good guard dogs, you can then respond that the breed is actually not bred to be human aggressive at all – this would be considered a huge fault in their temperament. It’s only through extremely irresponsible breeding that there are human aggressive APBT’s. Intelligent, calm conversation is fine to a point – if the other person involved is belligerent or doesn’t want to listen to facts about the breed, it’s time to calmly walk away.
Pit Bull Puppy Playing
Photo by jessica91582

Again, congratulations on Kona. Hopefully he will grow into a top notch spokes-dog for his breed! If you have any other questions – you know where to find us!

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