10 of the The Most Fantastic Dog Advertisements Out There!

March 22nd, 2008 by Dan

Companies know that putting dogs into advertisements is a great way to draw attention. We agree with this marketing ploy and have collected the top ad’s featuring photogenic Fido’s for your amusement. Check out this collection of amusing, wacky, touching, crazy or just plain funny commercials featuring our favorite four footed friends.

Poodle Cheats on Lab in Bridgestone Tire Commercial:
This poor Labrador tries to end it all when he catches his Poodle “girlfriend” with a Bulldog.

Unlikely Duo Formed in Smart Purse Card Ad
At first the guy in the video wants nothing to do with the little dog who is begging from him, but soon they become the best of friends.

Dog Poop Ameriquest Commercial
While we always discourage littering and encourage picking up after your dog, please make sure you separate the two.

Puli is Used as a Wig in Bud Commercial
Max the Puli couldn’t be left outside! His cords serve another purpose in this Bud commercial!

Toilet Breath Dial Soap Ad
You never know what causes that doggie breath! This lady is clueless (and is probably happier that way!)

Smart Golden Wants Sandwich and Pepsi
This Golden Retriever helps himself to a sandwich and Pepsi. He’s no dummy – he frames the cat!

Classic Taco Bell Chihuahua Commercial:
No explanation needed – “Yo Queiro Taco Bell”

Beatboxing Basset Hound
I believe this is for cell phone service – but whatever it is, this Basset is old school.

Pointer and Honda Element
If a Pointer could talk, this is exactly what they would say!

The Lost Dog:
You don’t have to understand what they are saying to get the gist of this touching cell phone commercial staring a man and his missing Golden Retriever.

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