What Kind of Dog is GOOFY?

February 24th, 2008 by Rachel

So, I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Probably since I was little and I’m not sure I’ve figured it out yet…What kind of dog is the Disney character Goofy? We all know he’s a dog of sorts. Some weird type of anthropomorphic dog, but what kind of dog? Or dogs? Or part-dog, part-human mix?

Photo by HeadovMetal

I’ve decided that Goofy is foremost an anthropomorphic dog. While his head certainly appears to be canine, the rest of him is distinctly humanistic. And he has a very humanistic personality. He has a slight beagle look to him–a long, slender snout, floppy ears, two-toned fur. So perhaps he a type of hound. Or part-hound. But mostly human…

The reason I’ve decided that Goofy is more human than dog is simple: he’s not a pet. The Disney character Pluto is definitely Mickey’s pet dog. While Goofy, on the other hand, is Mickey’s friend. Goofy is a single dad; he dates other characters. He acts more like a man than a dog or pet. He is courteous yet bashful, friendly and caring. He’s a bit insecure (check out his posture), but loyal -like a dog- to his friends Mickey and Donald Duck.

Go Goofy, you man-dog!

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