Super Pet Expo Coverage: Dock Diving Dogs!

February 19th, 2008 by Dan

One of the highlights of the Super Pet Expo was the Ultimate Air Dogs Dock Diving Contests! This group is one of the most well known Dock Jumping Orginizations. Their events are open to pure bred dogs as well as mixed breeds. They have many different types of competitions including:

Demos: These are free to participate in and are open to everyone. They don’t count towards titles and are a great way to see if you and your dog are interested in the sport.

Splash: These events measure long distance jumping. Each event is divided into rounds called “splashes” and at the end wind up at a divisional final. The dogs run down a dock and jump into the pool. The judge then calls the distance between the end of the dock and the base of the dog’s tail. Each dog gets 2 attempts per “splash” and the longest jump of the 2 is recorded.

Ultimate Vertical: Much like “splash”, but measuring the distance a dog can jump vertically rather than horizontally. A bumper is hung above the pool and dogs take 2 turns trying to knock an item off the bumper. The bumper is moved up in 2 inch increments until there is only one dog able to hit it!

The event we witnessed was a “Splash” contest and it drew quite a crowd! There were events every 2 hours and people began to surround the pool about 30 minutes beforehand. While most of the dogs that competed were Labrador Retrievers, there was also a Vizsla and a Jack Russell Terrier taking part. The Jack Russell was a bit manic- struggling, screeching and barking to try and get at the toy once it had been thrown into the pool. He wanted to jump very badly and got quite a bit of distance when he finally did! The Vizsla was a little crowd shy – you can see what happened with her in the videos below! (her owner almost took a swim!)

Here is her first attempt:

And finally:

We also took a video of a Yellow Lab completing a jump:

More reports from the Super Pet Expo to come! We’ll be covering the Greater Philadelphia Pet Expo in March! This event should have Disc Dogs as well as a Rarities Dog Show!

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