South Korean Company to Clone Pet Pit Bull

February 18th, 2008 by Dan

We knew it was going to happen one of these days. RNL Bio Co., a South Korean biotechnology company has received it’s first order to clone an individual’s pet. The company is associated with stem cell research lab at the Seoul National University that produced the first ever cloned dog back in 2005 (An Afghan Hound named “Snuppy” who was cloned from a 3yo male of the breed).
Snuppy the Cloned Afghan Hound and his “dad”

The dog, a Pit Bull Terrier named Booger, passed away 18 months ago. The owner said that she wants to attempt the cloning because Booger saved her life after another dog attacked her and bit off her arm. The process will be done using tissue from the dog’s ear. The owner is paying $150,000 for the attempt to recreate her pooch. RNL said made a statement that as cloning becomes more routine that the price of cloning a pet may come down to $50,000. Still not quite affordable for the average joe!

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