Service Dogs Shocked on Public Transit

February 22nd, 2008 by Dan

Service dogs and their handlers in Oregon will be watching their step when riding public transportation for the foreseeable future, as the local transportation authority puzzles over why wet train platforms are shocking dogs’ paws. Patricia Kepler reported that her guide dog, Reuben, was shocked four times while trying to board the train. A puppy in training also received a shock at a station one stop west of the station where Kepler and Reuben boarded.

According to The Oregonian, a previous problem with TriMet’s Max trains had delivered 35 volt shocks to guide dogs’ paws. The damage done to the dogs’ training was significant, causing three dogs to need retraining and forcing one to retire. The prior problem was solved by the use of capacitators. However, the transportation authority has so far been unable to identify the current problem. They will continue to test the capacitators and collect data on the tracks’ voltage.

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