Presidential First Dog Fido.

February 18th, 2008 by Dee

In 1855, President Abraham Lincoln’s beloved Fido was born. From all accounts Fido was a mutt, a brownish yellow dog resembling a shepherd.

Abraham Lincoln’s dog Fido.
White House Pet Fido

When elected President of the United States, Lincoln decided not to take Fido with him to Washington, knowing that the dog might have problems adjusting to the noises and hustle of the growing capital. Instead they gave Fido to two neighbor boys, John and Frank Roll, who were already fond of the pup. The Lincoln family stipulated that Fido was not to be tied up outside by himself, nor be scolded when he muddied the floor with paw prints, and that he must be let out whenever he needed, and the Roll boys eagerly agreed. His new family is reported to have spoiled Fido with many scraps from the dinner table.

In 1865, when hundreds of visitors came to Springfield for the funeral of President Lincoln, Fido was brought back to his original home to meet with the mourners there. One year after his master was assassinated, Fido met a similar end. Fido playfully put his paws on a man who was sitting intoxicated on a street curb. In a rage the man stabbed Fido to death for his concern and attention.

You can read more about Fido in the booklet by Rod Pennington “Lincoln’s Dog Fido”. You can also learn about other Presidential dogs such as President George W. Bush and Mrs. Bush’s beloved Scottish Terrier Miss Beazley, President and Mrs. Ford’s Golden Retriever Liberty, and President Dwight Eisenhower’s Weimaraner, Heidi at:

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