Irish Setter Births 16 Pups! Is there something “Fishy” going on here…

February 4th, 2008 by Dan

Kelly’s Bumper, an Irish Setter who resides at Zilveren Kennels near Kings Lynn, Norfolk UK is now a mother to a healthy litter of pups – 16 times over! The first-time mother spent 10 hours whelping the pups on January 15th; this was her first litter, and owner Dee Farndell says it is going to be her last as well. (I’m sure Kelly was wagging her tail when she heard this news! She has earned her well-deserved retirement!)

Kelly’s Bumper and her Amazing Litter of 16 Irish Setters

Photo courtesy of the Eastern Daily Press

When Farndell was asked about the secret to her successful breeding’s (their grandfather, “Thendara Don Corleone”, was a double champion at Crufts, who took best of breed in 2006 and 2007.) – her answer was one we might find strange. Battered Cod.

Farndell explains, “I always say when the dogs are pregnant that what you put into the mother is what you get out in terms of quality.” “At three weeks we feed them fresh chicken with complete food, gravy and vegetables.” “At six weeks we give them battered fish for the omega three oils. We just give them the really good quality stuff which is high in protein.”“All dogs love fish. We have 14 adult Irish setters here and I’ve got tins of tuna and pilchards which they get two or three times a week. It keeps their coats nice and shiny and oils their joints”.

Irish Setter Pup

Photo courtesy of the Eastern Daily Press

Well, it sounds like her dogs are certainly enjoying themselves when it comes to mealtimes (she owns 14 adult Irish Setters)! Farndell will be keeping 4 of the pups to add to her breeding program and the rest will be sold as highly pedigreed pets for 700 pounds (approximately $1380 currently).

I feel a bit sorry for Kelly as she is going to have a lot on her hands (irr..paws) these next weeks! I’m sure she’s not going to be getting a moment of rest with this crew around. Hopefully that cod will keep her going strong!

Irish Setter Pups

Photo courtesy of The Eastern Daily Press

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  1. Liz Says:

    Wow, 16 puppies, that is really something. I wonder what the record is.

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  3. Dog Names Says:

    Great thing! It’s amazing to see 16 puppies born.

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