Introducing the Tibetan Mastiff! The 2nd of the 4 New Westminster Additions!

February 15th, 2008 by Dan

The Tibetan Mastiff is physically the largest addition to the Westminster 4! This furry molosser is what some experts consider to be the foundation stock of most large modern working breeds today.

Tibetan Mastiff

Photo by mastino0100

Little is known about the history of this ancient breed as Westerners were not really permitted into Tibet until the 1800′s. However there are accounts of these dogs dating all the way back to the Stone and Bronze ages. The Tibetan Mastiff was used as a livestock guardian in the Himalayas and traveled with caravans. A constant protector against predators, these dogs are calm, alert, strong and fearless.

Tibetan Mastiffs still retain many of their primitive traits, that being said, they are not a dog for everyone (and not a dog for an inexperienced owner!). This breed is highly independent and they don’t generally excel in obedience, agility or other activities where they are “asked” to do things. Don’t mistake this for a lack of intellect! It only means that the Tibetan Mastiff feels that it has better things to do than to listen to you or to jump over a hurdle at that moment! The same goes for off-leash time – Tibetan Mastiffs are not a breed that will come reliably when called, so they must always be safely leashed.

Tibetan mastiffs are amazing guardians of livestock, homes and children. However, they usually are so good at their jobs that they will only allow people that they know well onto your property and into your house! This breed needs to be socialized with humans and must feel like part of the family; they cannot be full time livestock guardians or they can become unsafely overprotective. They also must be socialized early with other dogs to keep them from becoming too guardy.

Tibetan Mastiff and 2 Puppies
Photo by mastino0100

When I said furry before, I did mean it! Tibetan Mastiff’s blow their coats at least once per year! This means a LOT of hair!

The Tibetan Mastiff that took Best of Breed this past week is named Ch Timberline Barni Drakyi – he is currently the #1 TM in the country!

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