Introducing the Swedish Vallhund! The 4th of the New Westminster Breeds!

February 22nd, 2008 by Dan

The Swedish Vallhund is a medium sized dog (25-35 lbs) that belongs to the Herding Group. They have short legs and are believed by some to be an ancestor of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
Swedish Vallhund Puppy
Photo by reabhecc

Vallhunds (which means “herding dog” in Swedish) date back to the time of the Vikings (over 1000 years ago) and is considered one of the native animals of Sweden. They were used for herding, pest control and guarding homes.

This breeds personality is fitting of a companion of the vikings! They are extremely confident, brave and active. While they are quite intelligent and take well to training, they can be independent and will try to push their owners to see what they can get away with. Because they are herding dogs they can be prone to nipping and will try to herd other animals and even children. Because of their nimble nature and lively personality, they can excel in agility and other dog sports.
Agility Swedish Vallhund
Photo by Sheltieboy

An interesting fact about this breed is that they may be born with a long tail or a naturally bobbed tail. In the past,standards required a short tail so longer tails were docked, however, now that docking is banned in most European countries, these dogs can be shown with any length tail.

The number 1 Swedish Vallhund in the Country who took Best of Breed at Westminster is names CH Statvon I’m The One.

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