Introducing the Plott! The 1st of the 4 New Westminster Additions!

February 14th, 2008 by Dan

This week 4 new breeds made their debut appearances at the Westminster Dog Show. We’re going to take a little time to tell you about each of these breeds that just made their way into the spotlight!

The Plott is a large hound that was bred to be an excellent hunting companion. While they may be new to Westminster, they aren’t a new breed at all! The only American Hound without roots in British Ancestry, the Plott is named after the founder of the breed – Jonathan Plott. The Plott family bred Bloodhounds with curs for generations to create the breed – this process began in the 1700′s.

The Plott
Photo by Whitehouse Builders

Plott hounds are fearless (you’d have to be to hunt wolves, coyote and even bear!), determined and stubborn. Obedience training is needed for this breed from an early age. Being an extremely active working breed, these dogs are not ideal apartment companions and would do better with room to run and exercise. Plotts are also prone to drooling, so if you’re overly concerned about neatness, this may not be the breed for you. One other interesting fact about the Plott – they have webbed toes!

The number 1 Plott in the country is named Ch Black Monday. This past week he took home Best Of Breed at Westminster. Monday is owned by Amanda Alexander who shows a number of different hound breeds including Bluetick, Redbone, Treeing Walker and Black & Tan.

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