Introducing the Beauceron! The 3rd of the 4 new Westminster Breeds!

February 20th, 2008 by Dan

The 3rd new addition at Westminster is a member of the Herding Group. The Beauceron is a noble and impressive dog who originated in France (with no foreign outcrosses) and is the largest of the French sheepdogs.
Photo by hvhe1

The Beauceron is still primarily known only in its country of origin, however the breed began gaining worldwide notice in the 1960′s. This old breed was believed to have been described in a manuscript dating back to 1587! It obviously took a while for the rest of the world to catch on to the versatile nature of the Beauceron. Besides being a wonderful shepherd and flock guardian, the Beauceron was used by the French Army to detect mines, pick up trails and deliver messages. During both world wars they were used to carry ammunition – the machine gun rounds were wrapped around the dogs and they were sent through areas too dangerous for soldiers to cross.

These dogs are truly a breed for people who love to work with their dogs! This highly intelligent breed can excel at many activities including herding, agility, obedience, french ring, schutzhund, therapy dog work, cart pulling, tracking and almost anything else you can think of! These are BIG dogs – ranging from 70 -110 lbs and like I said before- they are *smart*! This is not a dog for a first time owner or someone who doesn’t want to actively participate in the training of the dog (as well as work the dog in an activity to stimulate his or her mind). The breed can be dominant and needs to be kept occupied or else they can become destructive.

Here you can see a video of 4 Beauceron’s hooked to a dog sled! These dogs truly are able to rise to any task they are asked to preform!

One very unique feature of these dogs is that ALL purebred Beauceron’s have double dewclaws on their hind legs. This trait is required by the breed standard. The breed comes in 2 colors- black and tan, and grey, black and tan (also known as harlequin).

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