Heard on the Street: Love for the German Shepherd

February 28th, 2008 by Rachel

One of the biggest perks of being a dogwalker is that you can to experience the joys -and frustrations- of each breed without actually owning them. You get to lavish in the ooohs and aaahs people emit when you walk an adorable Yorkie or a well-groomed Wheaton Terrier. You get to feel powerful as people cower away from you and the Rottweiler or Pit Bull you’re walking (though you know in truth they are big babies). And you get to hear the stories of how happy people are to see you and the Labrador because they had one “just like that” when they were growing up.

And so, I would like to introduce a section I’ll call “Heard on the Street” and relay some of the stories people tell me as I’m walking different types of dogs.

My first story derives from one of the dogs that elicits the most response from the public: the German Shepherd. When I walk a German Shepherd, people stop me to tell me how beautiful he is, how strong he looks…I’ve even had two local papers stop and ask if they could take the German Shepherd’s picture (two diff dogs).
german shepherd
Photo by Gardiner2

One day last week I was walking a very well-behaved German Shepherd in the park when a parkranger approached us. First she asked if the dog was friendly (well-done, park ranger!) and if she could pet him. I acquiesced and she kneeled down by the dog to pet his big, menacing ears. And then it started. She told me all about how she had a German Shepherd as a kid and he would follow her around. “German Shepherds were very protective dogs,” she proclaimed and I agreed. And then she looked up at me and back at the dog and speaking more to the dog than to me, she told us about how her father was abusive but she knew that if he ever came home “in that mood” she could run and get her German Shepherd. Her German Shepherd would protect her. She said proudly, “I got much less beatings the whole time I had that dog around!”

I thanked her for sharing her story. She thanked me for stopping and letting her pet the dog. And the German Shepherd and I finished our walk, but this time when I returned him to his home, I think we both knew how meaningful that day’s walk was for us, the park ranger, and German Shepherds everywhere.

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