Can You Find The Pit Bull?

February 5th, 2008 by Dan

I’ve sent this link out to many people in the past few years – some being supporters of the breed and others having the preconceived notions that often come along with this breed. The fact is, most people can’t identify an American Pit Bull Terrier. Can you?

Here is a test to see how bully savvy you are. Thanks to pitbullsonthewebfor hosting this game! Keely
Photo by Lori Horwedel

2 Responses to “Can You Find The Pit Bull?”

  1. Identifiying What’s In The Mix With Canine DNA Testing | Dog Reflections Says:

    [...] noted that not all breeds are able to be identified by this form of testing – including all of the bull breeds! Considering there are so many Pit Bull mixes out there and people who are curious to know what [...]

  2. Jessica Elizabeth Johnson Says:

    How do i find out the breed of my dog she is half pit bull terrier i think and maybe half chow but she is not hairy enough to chow but she does have black spots in her mouth and paws and her noise. she is white with brown spots and a brendal face with white going down the middle of her..

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