Ask The Dog Guide: Even More Webbed Feet Questions!

February 14th, 2008 by Dan

Question: I recently purchased a Great Dane/English Mastiff cross puppy. He’s 6 weeks old and has webbed feet, I cant seem to find any information of either of these breeds having webbed feet, I’m curious to know which side it comes from.

Answer: Neither of those breeds do have webbed feet, so if he does indeed have webbed toes, it is likely there is some other breed in his background as well. In breeds with webbed feet, the skin between the toes is a bit more closely attached than in breeds who don’t have this trait. It is often quite hard to notice if you don’t know what you are looking for! For a semi- complete list you can can check out this post: Breeds with Webbed Feet

Lab with Webbed Toes

Photo by jarapet

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  1. Ask The Dog Guide: Webbed Feet On An Australian Shepherd | Dog Reflections Says:

    [...] This is a very popular topic! While all dogs feet are webbed to an extent (the webbing usually extends about half-way down the [...]

  2. Echo Says:

    My German shepherd cross pound dog has fully webbed toes. Someone told me that is an indicator she has some wolf blood in her. She is big, weighing close to 100#, and looks completely like a German Shepherd dog except she carries her tail high when excited. What do you think?

  3. Sam Bliits Says:

    I just got a new puppy we think he is a multi colored maltese. But, He has webbed feet. Do maltese have webbed feet or is he a mutt?

  4. Art Says:

    My female GSD also has fully webbed toes. At 6 mo’s. She weighs 45 lbs. and has all classic Shepherd features, though somewhat shorter coat.

  5. jared Says:

    douge du bordeux can have webbed feet even n pure breds it developed because of their affinity for swimming i have a pure ddb dna tested and he has webbed feet

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