5 of The Hairiest Breeds out there!

February 6th, 2008 by Dee

We often get questions about low-shedding breeds and dogs with very little hair. Well, these guys are at the opposite end of the spectrum! If you’re not wanting to spend hours grooming your dog (or big bucks to have someone else do the job on a regular basis) the following breeds are not for you! While there are lots of furry breeds out there, we’ve come up with a list of the 5 hairiest! Grab your lint rollers and read a bit more about these interesting dogs!


the Komondor
Photo by The “A” in Taipei

This Hungarian breed has an amazingly unusual coat. These dogs were bred to serve as guardians to flocks of sheep and other types of livestock. Their felt-like cords play an important role in helping the Komondor guard and protect the sheep from predators. The color and the look of the cords helped the breed blend in with the flock as well as create a barrier to keep the dog protected from the weather as well as from being harmed by attacks from wolves or coyotes.


the Puli
Photo by victornado

The Puli is an ancient Hungarian breed dating back perhaps as early as 4500 BC. Its wool-like corded coat served well as protect from weather and predators. Pulik (Pulik is the Hungarian plural for Puli) were used both as guardians and herders for flocks of sheep. At times their jobs were based on the color of their cords. Light gray or white Pulik would guard as they were able to blend into the flock and go unnoticed while a dark or black Pulik tend to do the herding as they were easily seen by the shepherd.

Afghan Hound

the Afghan Hound
Photo by ♥Zazzle♥Blurb♥

The Afghan hound had many jobs: hunter of small game, guardian for flocks and villages, as well as herd livestock. Originated in Afghanistan, known for extremely cold winters and extremely hot summers, the coat served to protect the Afghan from the harsh elements. The long coat covered the body and protect the limbs from cold weather while the short hair covering the Afghan’s back and the neck hair served to keep the dog cool during the hot summer months.

Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog doing Agility
Photo by Zenotri

Although the Old English Sheepdog’s origin remains in question, there is evidence that the breed originated sometime early 19th century in England. The breed is an excellent herder and guardian for livestock. Their dense insulated coat not only protect them from the fluctuating English climate but also helped protect them from injuries inflected by predators.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso
Photo by ronan_moraes

The heavy hard dense coat of the Lhasa Apso protected this small dog against extreme temperatures and the rough terrain of Tibet. With this breeds instinct to be able to distinguish friend from foe, their main job was to act as a guardian within homes of Tibetan nobility and in Buddhist monasteries.

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