10 of the Strangest Looking Dogs!

February 11th, 2008 by Dan

They say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – this phrase certainly comes into play in the world of canines. While I can truly appreciate almost any type of dog if they have a great personality or a charming puppy grin, well….some of them are just funny looking! (Luckily dog’s don’t really mind if you laugh in their general direction, as long as you have a good treat to make up for it). Actually many of the dogs on this list are rather unique in their appearance, which causes quite a few of of us to do double takes when we encounter one on the street (if you ever happen to!).

Bedlington Terrier: Is that a dog or a lamb? Bedlington Terriers have to be one of the strangest dogs I have ever seen. With their pear shaped heads, curly sheep-like fur and triangular ears, these dogs truly look like no other breed out there! While the Bedlington may look like a timid little sheep, in the early days this breed was often used for fighting. While the Bedlington’s of today have been bred to be sweet companions, they can still hold their own if they are challenged.

Bedlington Terrier
Photo by Deanna

Bedlington Terrier
Photo by rjseg1

Chinese Crested: Hairless breeds always draw a crowd. Most people *do* believe dogs should have fur! The little Chinese Crested has fur on its paws (socks), its tail (plume) and a long flowing mop on its head (the crest). Their skin is soft and needs to be carefully cared for. Sunscreen must be used to make sure the dog doesn’t burn and they should be bathed regularly to prevent acne and other skin issues (and moisturised to control dry skin!). Some Crested owners bring their dogs in the shower with them to maintain this routine. A Chinese Crested named “Sam” was voted the “World’s Ugliest Dog” three years in a row! When he passed away at age 14, the contest judges decided that Sam was indeed “The Ugliest Dog Ever”.

Vocalizing Chinese Crested
Photo by Fuzzycub007

Chinese Crested
Photo by kiny

Neapolitan Mastiff: This giant Molosser breed looks something like a mini-Rhino! The Neapolitan Mastiff stands out as “strange” due to all that loose skin! They have wrinkles all over their bodies, most prominently on the face and head. All those wrinkles need some extra TLC – the folds must be cleaned and kept dry as acne and infections are a concern if they are moist. The canine actor who played “Fang” in the Harry Potter movies was a Neapolitan Mastiff.
Black Neapolitan Mastiff
Photo by anushaperera
Neapolitan Mastiff Puppy
Photo by TX Powell

Puli: The Puli is one of the 3 “dread locked” breeds on this list! The “dreads” are actually known as “cords” and naturally begin to form when puppies are about 9 months old. Owners have to help this process by separating the cords as they can form very large matts if they are not maintained. Bathing one of these dogs is a lengthy process, as they take hours to dry!


Photo by Tapidu

Agility Puli
Photo by Specklet

Komondor: Komondors resemble Pulik (the plural of Puli), as they both have corded coats. However the Komondor is quite a bit larger than the Puli and seems to resemble a large mop (the breed is always white). Actually the coat color much resembles a used mop as the cords are often a bit “off white” from dust and dirt. Komondors were bred to guard livestock and their thick coats protected them from the elements as well as predators. The Komondor needs a great deal of intense grooming.

Photo by mrteapotpostcards

Agility Komondor
Photo by Katrina Bird

Peruvian Inca Orchid: Another hairless breed, these little dogs have even less hair than the Chinese Crested! This ancient breed appears in art dating back to 750 A.D. However when Peru was conquered by the Spanish, it almost led to the loss of these unique dogs. While these dogs occasionally have a bit of hair on their feet, tails and heads – breeders strive for a completely hairless dog. Grooming requires moisturizing with lotion to prevent skin drying. Peruvian Inca Orchids can be prone to acne and blackheads and obviously need to be kept warm in the colder weather!

Peruvian Inca Orchid basks in the sun.

Photo by mookiebones

Peruvian Inca Orchids
Photo by melissamoore

Shar Pei: No one can confuse a Shar Pei with any other breed. This heavily wrinkled dog also has an unusual “hippopotamus” shaped muzzle. I have seen dogs of various breeds react in a confused manner towards Shar Pei. I’m guessing they didn’t recognize them as one of their own kind! As puppies the wrinkles are everywhere! As the dog grows the wrinkles often become less evident and are limited to the head and back. Shar Pei should always have a solid bluish-black tongue; spotted tongues are considered a fault and a pink tongue is a disqualification!

Shar Pei
Photo by waldopepper

Shar Pei Puppies
Photo by matthew_i_ aldous

Xoloitzcuntle: The last of the hairless dogs on our list- these guys have quite the name! Pronounced “show-low-its-queen-tlee”, you can also call a Xoloitzcuntle a Mexican Hairless or even a “Xolo” for short. These little dogs look almost exactly like the Peruvian Inca Orchid, but their roots are not the same. Xolo’s were considered sacred by the Aztecs as they were believed to help guide individuals through the underworld after their death. Like the other hairless breeds, Xolos require bathing, moisturizing, sunscreen and coats to keep these little baldies happy and healthy!

Xoloitzcuntle Zebra

Photo by xolita

Xolo Yawn

Photo by lindsay newman

Bergamasco: Another “moppish” looking breed, the Bergamasco’s coat is actually considered “felted” and not “corded”. The matts are made up of the 3 types of hair that the dog grows and begin to form in late puppyhood. Due to their dark color, they often appear quite shabby. The Bergamasco is from Persia and like the Komondor, served as a sheepdog and livestock guardian. While some owners may be tempted to shave these heavily coated dogs, breeders absolutely frown on this, saying the dogs coat will never be the same.

Photo by merdeath

Bergamasco Running

Photo by Imolnar

There you have it! A list of 10 of the strangest looking breeds out there! Don’t be offended if you are the owner of one of these fantastic dogs – you are one of the few who get to experience their unique personalities (as well as looks!). Wrinkled, hairless or heavily matted – these are dogs who draw a crowd wherever they go!

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  1. Jake Says:

    Wow… I’ll stick to labs and terriers any day.

  2. Denise Says:

    Cool list, but it could have used more variety since there were three hairless and three corded dogs… but all in all, interesting to read and look at.

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  4. jaykay Says:

    awesom collection there… i loved it

  5. Euro Puppy Says:

    Great list! I happen to love shar-peis but there are some way wacky dogs out there.

  6. Colby Says:

    Nice list. Those are some strange looking dogs. I can’t imagine your grooming bill for those dread locked dogs.

  7. angela Says:

    that one from fuzzycub007 is going to give me nightmare….oh dear lord….just look at it….it looks like it wants to kill me!

  8. Beth Says:

    I liked the pictures. The coolest I thought was that striped dog. XD

  9. Sandy Says:

    strange is an understatement. LOL

  10. whynot Says:

    absurd. millions of animals die in shelters because they’re not wanted and people are buying designer animals like these. just absurd.

  11. Dana Says:

    This dogs are so funny! Nice haircuts!

  12. Katie Says:

    this is sweet looking thanks for the info

  13. Mark Says:

    So people should just get dogs from shelters?
    How many have you “adopted”?

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  18. SillyPenguin.com Says:

    Awww, some faces only a mother could love!!!

    Cute pics :)

  19. dafne Says:

    you forgot to mention that the xolo was an ingredient used by aztecs for the tamales! i know creppy but true!

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  22. Ghanges Khan Says:

    I liked this blog a lot it made me laugh and made my day. Thanks for this entertainment. My favorite one was the Agility Puli.

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  25. timmie Says:

    HAha what are these things? oh they can’t be dogs can they? wow do they even have a name for the dreadlocked dog or is it a hippie? lol well thats what it looks like i am not kidding! oh and the one thart looks like a sheep – bababababababababa i would like to have one of them if i could, but then you would start to sing “mary had a lil lamb or mary had a doglamb”

  26. Benji Says:

    Were you calling the dogs on this list designer?? Because, if you were, you need to do some research. >>
    I’m pretty sure most (all) of the dogs on this list are pure bred, registered dogs. A designer is usually a mutt bred for the money.

    I’m just suprised that Lowchen’s didn’t make the list.

    PS @ the lab & terrier comment; bedlington terrier’s are terrier’s. ;)

  27. angel keel Says:

    As the owner of a Chinese Crested, I think it’s important for people to know that the winner of the ugliest dog contest had cancer, was blind, and had a skin condition. I also think it is sick to drag an infirmed animal around for any reason…much less for people to “gawk” at a diseased creature for money.

    I am glad in a way though because these are very special, sweet, sensitive and unique dogs that will only thrive with knowledgable, caring owners. For that reason alone, I am glad for the contest because it benefits these dogs to not be overbred or sought after by most dog owners. So to all the people that think they are weird or ugly, I say “YES – keep on thinking it!”

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  30. maressa Says:

    I never seen a dog with corn rolls before, but a great look for that dog

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  32. urmom Says:

    i think the shar pi looks like a hippo!!! :)

  33. larissa Says:

    great info, that puli looks like a ball of dust :) ) but such a cute dog
    Dosn’t the shar pei look sad though?? i love shar pei’s there the most cute looking dogs besides king charles spaniels
    x x x

  34. Matthew Says:

    Hi I like The Imolnar thats is happy Dog!!!

  35. Matthew Says:

    I love it !!!!!

  36. WeaselPuppy Says:

    I love the picture of the puli flying over the agility jump.

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  38. julie Says:

    I own hairless chinese crested dogs! they are lovely dogs, but you have to take special care of them, jumpers in the winter and sun cream in the summer, but there skin is always lovely and warm no matter what the weather is!

  39. Viringa Says:

    I love Komodor running picture!! Nice and funny dog

  40. Maggie Says:

    i have a shar pei and i love her dearly…i don’t think she looks strange..i actually don’t like the look of labs too boring

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  42. Omar Says:

    That was quite an interesting list of dogs. I really enjoyed it.

  43. paisley sammi jacobs Says:

    i have never seen a more hidious looking animal in my life.

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  45. lindsey Says:

    oh lovey.

  46. holly Says:

    these r the funnyest pics ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  48. Pam Craig Says:

    Hey, I’ll have you know that I rescued a Neo Mastiff. He is pure bred and an absolute sweetheart. He is not a Designer animal and is a very important part of my family…

  49. Jasmine Age 9 Says:

    The agility Puli is so hilarious! I thought it was a little fluffy ball the first time i saw it! Love, Your #1 dog fan Jasmine

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  52. Paul Retherford Says:

    Fantastic pet photography. Love the dogs and shots!

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  54. Nancy Houser Says:

    Absolutely breathtaking photographs and wonderful information!! Well done, guys!!

  55. carrie Says:

    this is so funney i am going to die and so is my bff. whoever took these picks are so cool and so smart

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  57. SA Says:

    These dogs are not “designer animals” You should try looking up the history of these dogs before making such remarks about them. A shar pei for example, is one of the fourteen ancient dog breeds. They existed long before the term designer dog did! And what makes you think these breeds can’t end up in shelters?! I know two breeds on that list have rescue organizations specifically for them.

  58. Joe Dog Lover Says:

    Great pics. You could dry your car with Speklet. Very cute.

  59. OrenjiNeko Says:

    the Chinese crested of the second picture looks exactly like Edward Scissorhands!! xD so cute!! >///<

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  61. liz Says:

    that whippet needs to be fed man and quick

  62. calico Says:

    Where are the poodles? They can come in a corded coat type which really looks strange. They can also be clipped to look just like a Bedlington. I love my standard poodle!

  63. naser Says:

    these are really cute not strange thank you

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  65. HoundBound Says:

    Being from Hungary, I’m actually proud that both the Puli and the Komondor have made it to this list. Our dogs don’t look like any other! :)

  66. grace king Says:

    Soooooooo cute
    Love itso much
    Espesaly the striped

  67. Maria Says:

    Great article! I’m a new dog owner and this helped me a bunch! Thanks!

  68. Virginia Christensen Says:

    What a HOOT!!!

  69. Fruitface 89 Says:

    wow those dogs are hideous and hilarious at the same time

  70. köpek Says:

    wowww Numberone picture

  71. Dogs Says:

    Very,very nicepictures my man,all the best

  72. jared Says:

    these dogs are ssssssssssssoooooooooooooo weaird

  73. Kyle Castiller Says:

    WEIRD DOGS ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssso weird

  74. DogsRworthBlogging Says:

    These breeds may be strange looking, but they are still wonderful dogs and need the same quality care as all the others. The Shar Pei kills me…so darn funny with all the folds.

  75. poppy Says:

    sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
    i have a golden named jasper(hes 6) and i’m getting another named poppy (her eyes are barley open)

  76. Shazz Says:

    Nice and very strange dogs especially Bedlington Terrier & Puli, they don’t look like dogs.

  77. erica Says:

    Cool pics n thanks for the neat info. But I have to say to all the people doggin on the “designer dog” comment. I’m no breeder or anything and I respect the fact that this is obviously a specific term used throught the canine enthusiest community. However, I think what this person is saying is that in the big picture of it all, it is sad that billions of unwanted animals are put to sleep and abandoned every year while we are paying thousands of dollars for pets just so we can say they are registered or full bred or whatever reason. And it is. I have a registered yorkie myself and love him to death but I have had several strays come into my family that I loved just as much. They were definitely not worth any less or loved any less than my little Baxter :) So… as an observation, not a judgment, I agree with you “why not”. But while the Puli owner may be volenteering at their local shelter every weekend (who knows?), I know I’m not doing enough to help. How bout you?

  78. Alice Says:

    What an amazing collection — they definitely qualify as the 10 strangest dogs. Thanks for the GREAT photos.

  79. Brittany Says:

    These are not designer dogs! Most of these breeds have been here for hundreds of years, a lot longer than your labs and golden retrievers. If anything, bash the breeders who make lots of money by creating hybrids..

    Personally, I’d be honored to own any of these breeds. They’re wonderful dogs.

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  81. Jason Merlin Says:

    Nice article, I like the Mastiffs the best, they just look like they need a hug lol

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  83. daisugi Says:

    wow…what a dog!!! I never seen dogs like those…

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  85. chris Says:

    Nice shots, I especially like the little mop jumping over the hurdle and the Sharpeis.

  86. Mend A Relationship Says:

    CRAZY looking pups!

  87. louanne studer Says:

    holy smokes some of those dogs look so wierd

  88. PomskyHQ Says:

    This was one of the most jaw dropping, “awwww” inspiring freak show collection of craziness that I have ever come across on the internet with respect to dogs.

    Thank you for compiling these pictures for us.

  89. ratses.gr Says:

    Great list … good work…
    Hairless breeds are so weird … some of them looks like pigs!!!

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  92. skylisia zoh Says:

    damn those are some weird dogs lol :-)

  93. ?????????? ?????? Says:

    Is this Terrier in the first picture a doll??? :)

  94. Husky Says:

    The Bedlington terrier is literally a goat mistaken by a dog.
    THOSE ARE SOME ODD DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Michel Loo Says:

    i love the 10 dogs

  96. Terry Wallace Says:

    I loved these pictures. As an owner of two hairless Chinese Cresteds and one PowderPuff Chinese Crested (all rescues) I want to say that they are all very loving and the one in the car was probably just barking and had his picture taken at the moment when his mouth was open. The Xolos and the Orchids are also affectionate, loving dogs. I was just happy to see pictures of Chinese Cresteds, they are few and far between except for the Ugly Dog contests. Love them!! Thank you!!

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