Unabashedly Boston’s! 8 Facts about Boston Terriers

January 27th, 2008 by Dan

Boston Terriers are one of the most popular dogs in the United States today. With their ever-perky ears, large wide-set eyes and silly expressions, it’s no wonder that this breed is a favorite. Behind this little dog is a whole lot of personality as well as a quite a few interesting facts:

Boston Terrier

Photo by erincolliganlee

1.Tuxedo’s Come in Many Colors: While most of us are used to seeing the Boston Terrier in the usual black with white marking coloration, other acceptable colors include brindle, seal (a black color with red highlights) or any combination of the three. The dark color must be proportional to the white markings on the dog. The black and white markings are the most common coat pattern seen on the Boston.

2.Not Really A Terrier!: The Boston Terrier was created by breeding’s from two now extent dogs- the Old English Bulldog and the English White Terrier. They are listed in the Non-Sporting group by the American Kennel Club. Boston’s were the first dog breed that originated in the United States to be recognized by the AKC.

3.They Have Dark Roots: Boston’s are great companion dogs who are gentle, social and enjoy the company of people. The original Boston Terriers were bred to be fighting dogs and were much larger than the Boston’s we see today. They ranged from 7-45 lbs and at one point they were actually put into weight classes like boxers: Lightweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight! Of course these dogs of the early 1800′s are long bred out of the little spunky dogs that we see today. If they are properly socialized as puppies they typically get along well with other dogs and animals.

4.Manners Please!: While we know they can’t help it, Boston Terriers have some habits that leave a little to be desired! (Of course their owners have no problems overlooking these traits!). Due to their brachycephalic nature (short snouts), they often snore – loudly! They also grunt and make other interesting and expressive sounds! Boston Terriers are also known to be a breed that passes gas on a regular basis. Their personalities outweigh these habits, after all they are still nicknamed “The American Gentleman”.

5.Motherhood Mishaps: Due to selective breeding for the large, round shape of the Boston Terriers head, almost *all* Boston Terrier puppies must be delivered via caesarian section. Ethical Boston Terrier breeders are aware of this fact and have a working relationship with their vet. Everyone is ready for the big moment when the puppies need to be delivered!

6.Weather Watch: Because of their short noses, Boston Terriers have a hard time in hot weather. They need to be carefully monitored to make sure they don’t overheat. During the winter they need to be kept warm with a coat or a sweater due to their extremely short coats.

7.Boston Museum?: The Boston Terrier Museum is located in Floydada, Texas and contains several hundred pieces of Boston Terrier paraphernalia. Owner, Bob Hambright, decided to open the museum after his collection got too big to fit into his home.

8.They’re Famous!: Or at least they are owned by famous individuals! At one time or another all of the following people have owned Boston Terriers: Helen Keller, President Warren G Harding and Rose McGowan. Boston Terriers are also the official state dog of Massachusetts.

Boston Terrier Puppy

Photo by Courtnie

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  1. Chris Cefaratti Says:

    I love my boston to Death, but oh my he has bad gas.

  2. nikki Says:

    I have the same problem with my Boston terrier.
    and its horrible. Ive tried different food
    purina pro plan for sensitive stomachs..but not
    helping. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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  7. paige Says:

    I luv my boston but boy does she snore and honk. sometimes at night she wakes me up with her honking. My Boston is very protective sometimes and will bit anything that makes a loud popping noise. hey does your boston have allerges(watery eyes and snezing)?

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  10. Christina Says:

    To answer the “gas” questions :)
    I tried probiotics (comes in a powder form) & that help with the gas some.. This is my 1st Boston & I don’t think I’ll ever go to another breed – He’s our baby!

  11. Amy Says:

    My Boston “Sophie” had bad gas since we got her almost a year ago. I tried alot of different foods, we did get good results from “Beneful-shiny coat formula”(not expensive either)it also seemed to help with her itchy skin. We now only have occasional problems with gas. What a relief!!

  12. Holly Says:

    This still didn’t anwser my question. Why do bt’s grunt? My does a whole bunch!

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  24. Jay Says:

    What are you people feeding your Bostons? Beneful? Purina? Are you kidding? These are the WORST foods available for dogs!!! Read Whole Dog Journal’s annual report to see what these foods contain – you’ll be shocked! Corn, soy, wheat… c’mon! When was the last time you saw a dog in a cornfield chowing down a cob? NEVER. These cheap carbs are what cause the gas. Read the labels and if the first ingredient isn’t MEAT… put it back on the shelf. Consider Wellness, Merrick, Innova, Cannidae, Blue Buffalo, Old Mother Hubbard, and the list goes on. The only decent “grocery” store food I’ve ever seen is Newman’s (Paul Newman’s brand).

  25. Having a Brain Says:


    I feed my boston beneful and he has no gas problems. Also beneful is balanced with those ingredients for a reason. Have you ever tried to feed a boston some sweet corn? A sweet potatoe? No you probably haven’t cause you’re ignorant. We live in the Great Plains and our Boston’s are healthy and happy. 1 year and 15 year old.

    Eat that.

  26. Terri Says:

    I love my Boston very much. Yes and like all Bostons she has gas! I can deal with the snoring but gas is tough. Also had a time with potty training. She has one particular spot she goes so I put down potty pads. She also has a puppy that she sucks on. She acts like she was weaned from Momma too soon.

  27. Kelly Says:

    On the gas problem I have found feeding them only dry food helps and no “table or people” food. They have digestive and skin issues so never feed them the cheap grocery store kibble which does not have meat as first on the list. I feed mine Natural Balance after IAMS was sold to a big company and is now mass produced junk. If you have a Petco they have many great dry foods without grain and probiotics added. My dog never has gas which is amazing for a Boston. She also smells much better because her coat is healthy. Be careful of the dog treats which can be full of fillers too.

  28. Tabitha Says:

    Eat this…..feeding your BT terrible foods like Beneful is like feeding your child McDonald’s for every meal. Yeah, they’ll be healthy for a while, but 99 times out of 100, it’s eventually going to catch up with them. We feed meat based foods with no grain, soy, corn or by-products. Why? Because it’s what’s best for them. Feeding grains and corn can actually cause them to develop allergies to those things. Would you give your 6 month old peanut butter knowing that exposure could cause a life-long issue? I certainly hope not. Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Evo, Innova, Solid Gold, Old Mother Hubbard, and Jack VanPatton are foods you should be looking at to feed if you aren’t feeding a BARF diet. If you wouldn’t fill your child with crap every single day, you shouldn’t fill your dogs with it, either!

  29. Jessica Says:

    My husband built a stand to put our boston’s food bowl on more at her level. She takes less air in while she eats and this has helped her gas problem a lot.

  30. nicolene Says:


    My puppy is 7 weeks old and sleep all day and at 2 in the morning she want to play??? how do I get her in the habit to sleep later???

  31. Emma Says:

    Late to the party but just wanted to say that I was advised by my vet that my Boston’s gas was due to a food intolerance and she recommended cutting out dairy products for a few weeks and then trying cutting out wheat products instead. Turned out when I cut out the wheat that his gas problem went away, he stopped being itchy, and put on weight (a good thing because he was underweight.) you Boston owners out there might like to try for yourselves.

  32. Marilyn Says:

    I think #5 is wrong. Very few bostons have c-sections. We used to breed them and never had one that needed one, plus we are in many boston groups and work with boston rescues and you just never hear of a boston terrier having a c-section. Old english bulldogs do, but not bostons. :)

  33. Mark Says:

    Bad gas? try raising your dog’s bowl up to a reasonable level. He will take in less air which is what causes the gas.

  34. Lilly Says:

    Boston terriers have bad gas

  35. Frank Clancy Says:

    We adopted a 5 year old year male a year and a half ago. From the beginning I knew this dog was different. For one, he showed himself to be fearless. Not an animal he’s afraid of. Extremely loyal and smart. Had him in the front seat of my truck for a ride when I was overcome by a smell that only the devil could have concocted! Thought I was going to wreck only to see him staring at me with a look of oh yeah, we do that too! We laugh (gag) at it now. Would’nt trade him for anything!

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