The Tallest Dog In the World and the Smallest Dog In The World!

January 30th, 2008 by Dan

Though the AKC lists the Irish Wolfhound as the tallest of the breeds, that is a generalization. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the tallest dog alive is a Harlequin (black and white spotted) Great Dane named Gibson.

Gibson is a whopping 170 lbs of Dane that stands over 7 feet tall when he is on his back legs! At his shoulder he measures 42.6 inches! The average Irish Wolfhound stands about 34 inches at the shoulder – this should give you some prospective on just how massive Gibson truly is! His height has made him quite the celebrity; Gibson has been seen on Oprah, Larry King Live and Good Morning America (just to name a few!).

Gibson the World’s Tallest Great Dane

Photo by BinBopSG

On the other side of the coin, or should we say, bone, we have Heaven Sent Brandy. She is stated to be the Worlds Smallest Living Dog (lengthwise) by Guiness. A short coated Chihuahua who only measures 6 inches from her nose to the end of her tail! That is one tiny pooch! While Chi’s are supposed to be small, they aren’t supposed to be *that* small!

Heaven Sent Brandy the Chihuahua - World’s Smallest Dog

So why are there such size extremes in the canine world? Researchers have discovered that the answer may lie in a single gene that they are calling a “master regulator”. All dogs have this as part of their DNA but large dogs have one version of the gene, and small dogs have another version. You can read more about it in this NPR article. Of course, the dogs pictured here aren’t typical – they’re the tallest and the smallest the canine world has to offer!

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  1. Neil Bartlett Says:

    Wahaha.. Good pictures and contrast. It would be so cool to have both of them in one pic.

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  4. Abby Says:

    I think that small puppy is so cute…I love it…we have 4 of them and 1 big dog and they are a lot of fun.

  5. jen Says:

    they r sooo kute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jasmine Age 9 Says:

    Here is a song called DOGS: DOGS! Dogs rule! Cats drool! Yo! It’s a doggy world out there!Cats eat!Dogs dine! Cats have owners.Dogs have staff!Yeah!Oh bow wow! Oh oh SO CUTE! Hit it! BOW WOW WOW WOWWWWWWWW! Chasing cars! Barking at cats!Eating 1,000000000000000000000 bones! Sleeping! Scaring the mailman! It’s just a dog’s life! Oh yeah howllll! Howl howl howllllllllllllllllllll!Beat that!

  7. DIVA Says:


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  9. jimena Says:

    the smallest dog inthe world was a yorkie (2 inches tall!)

  10. Dan Says:

    According to the Guinness Book Of World Records, the smallest dog (length) is Heaven Sent Brandy:

    The smallest dog (height) is Boo Boo:

  11. Michelle Says:

    A Norwegian Elkhound was found at least 4000 to 5000 B.C.!

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    [...] Great Dane and a Chi [...]

  13. Chris Says:

    Are we sure that isn’t actually a horse?! Wow!

  14. theresa Says:

    I have a tiny dog he is smaller then the Guinness book, (height) he is 3.5 in tall and weighs 14 oz, and of all things he is a JRT. It is nice to know that the researcher think it is a gene. I was always curious. . I have miniature horses and they are smaller then that dog. These guys are so cute

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  16. David Says:

    would a small dog like this have medical problems?
    is it hard to take care of a dog this small?
    [: [:

  17. aleeyah Says:

    i want a dog like that

  18. katlyn Says:

    i love dogs so much they are so cute the best friends you could ever have!!!

  19. morgan Says:

    my great dane is bigger than that his head is up to my shoulders and im 5’2″and a half he’s a tall dog!!<3 his name is deoblo and he’s the most awesomest dog and the most nicest dog ever.. thats if he knows you other than that he is the meanest dog ever then<3 I LOVERS HIM WITH ALL MY HEART!!<3(:

  20. morgan Says:

    my other dog is also smaller than that she is the size of a coke a cola can and shes about almost a pound her name is bella she is the most cutest dog ever and shes like a little baby when ever my boyfriends at my house she loves him but she loves me more hehe(: my friends are also in love with her she loves all the attention she gets from every one like the one time me and my boyfriend took her for a walk and these like complete stranger came up and said she was the most cutest thing she has ever seen like seriously everbody loves her.. all my friends me and my boyfriend!!<3(:

  21. small dogs Says:

    What a big contrast between these two dogs’ sizes… interesting article to share…

  22. köpek Says:

    that phrase was coined by the little ?who

  23. No Name Says:

    I love that small Chihuahua! It’s so cute. The Great Dane is one cool dog too.

  24. Dogs Says:

    Is this realy Great Dane dog or not?

  25. madeline 9 Says:

    I love dogs they are so cute I have a dog also!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. EMILYN Says:

    I LOVE THE SMALLESET DOGS ITS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. DOGz Says:

    I lOve the Great Dane Its so Beautiful. The smallest dog was cute too but i don’t really like small dogs.

  28. Marlie Says:

    Wow! It must be weird having a dog that’s bigger than you. The little dog is very cute. I have a small dog too.

  29. Jane Says:

    so cute
    i just want those dogs

  30. Jane Says:

    but still i dont like dalmations

  31. gina turner Says:

    ilove both of the dogs but ididnt kno the damation dogs get that biq and in fact i love the little tiny dogs i want one so bad…

  32. Dan Says:

    The dog in this feature isn’t a Dalmatian – he’s a Great Dane!

  33. Rachel Says:

    Very true Dan, it says he is a Great Dane. I heard they were a great family pet. People say that a Great Dane is a Chihuahua on steroids.. :)

  34. chelsie Says:

    this is so great i’ve never seen this before. ;]

  35. kylee Says:

    I love this i am ahuge dog fan i love this picture

  36. Best puppy toys Says:

    I thought there would be a smaller dog than a chi. That dane though, you’d need a big house for him!

  37. Says:

    holy mole, that dog is tall!

  38. Walkydog Says:

    The size of that dane- imagine the amount of food he eats! Must need an enormous bed too!!

  39. puppy harness Says:

    Amazing that dane but doesn’t surprise me people are saying they have smaller dogs though.

  40. kimmy Says:

    hey i love dog lol

  41. Puppy toys Says:

    Well seems like no one challenges on the great dane as biggest but the smallest dog has serious competitors!

  42. Anthony Hopkins Says:

    170lbs that’s so, so big! Wow, I’m impressed!

  43. amy Says:

    the smallest dog in the world is so cute

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