The Faces of the Dog Guide – Dan and Reef

January 24th, 2008 by Dan

This is Reef: She’ll be turning 7 years old in April and is a princess extrodinaire! I couldn’t ask for a better spokes-dog for Bully breeds (and *against* Breed Specific Legislation) – Reef socializes perfectly with babies, children, dogs and other animals. She does however, hate bad weather and has a variety of hooded sweatshirts and coats for those occasions. Reef is a great friend and loves to accompany me to the bar (where she is allowed in!), local restaurants (when the weather is nice), and many of the local pet supply stores. Wherever we go, she always draws attention- I don’t know if it is her dark eyes or adorable expression, but you can’t help but pet her! Reef’s favorite tricks include high-jumping on command and making an “awoo-woo” sound when you wiggle your eyebrows at her in just the right way.

Reef the American Pit Bull Terrier Reef the Pit Bull Terrier

Reef the American Pit Bull Terrier and Dan

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