Some Amazing Dog Costumes! 9 of the Best!

January 25th, 2008 by Dan

I always say I am going to dress my dogs up in elaborate costumes for Halloween, but I never do. Whenever the season rolls around I just don’t seem to be inspired with any creative ideas for festive pooch garb. This year I felt like I should motivate myself as early as I possibly could with brilliant ideas for this coming Fall. (I only have 9 months and counting!) So I searched far and wide for the most awe inspiring costumes out there…

1. Pit Bull in a Lion Costume: Check out that mane! I believe this guy (irr..girl) could be King of the Dog park with this fantastic headdress!

Pit Bull in a Lion Costume

Photo by istolethetv

2. Schipperke Dressed as a Skunk: This Schipperke is doing its best Skunk impression; he sure has the stance down! I’m wondering how they attached the tail?
Schipperke Dressed as a Skunk

Photo by super-structure

3. Lobster-Pug: This crustacean impersonator seems to be making himself hungry…

Pug in Lobster Costume

Photo by oblandonstone

4. Poodle Skirt: This one is slightly creepy to me for some reason. I think it might be the bright pink top showing off her midriff.

Poodle in Poodleskirt

Photo by mockstar

5. Arachno-Pug: Scary! Scary! Fuzzy, snorting spider!

Spider Pug

Photo by istolethetv

6. Cabbage Patch Doll?: My girlfriend swears this looks just like her cabbage patch doll she had when she was little – “Terry Lynette”.

Cabbage Patch Poodle

Photo by wachendorfia

7. Brussels Griffon Peas in a Pod: Peas with beards. Let’s hope they like each other well enough to want to walk in the same direction.

Brussels Griffon Peas in a Pod

Photo by joujoubee

8. Picnic Blanket Beagle: Knowing this breed, the picnic wouldn’t last long! She does look rather dignified in that straw hat!

Beagle in Picnic Blanket Costume

Photo by Matt Stratton

9. Millipede Puppy: What is with the “putting exceptionally cute dogs in gross bug costumes” theme?

Dog in Millipede Costume

Photo by mysuspira

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  6. Michelle Says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a mane like that! I’ve hunted everywhere. It’s fantastic and would look great on my boxer for the Xmas party!

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  13. Wakwe Says:

    I have 2 mini doxies who are going to be hot dogs. One will have Ketchup. The other will have Mustard. Not exactly origional but I think it’ll be cute!

  14. Sarah Says:

    These are all so cute! You might enjoy this video I found today, it shows dogs in their Halloween costumes.

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