Roving Dogs – The First Visit

January 17th, 2008 by Dan

I reside in the fantastic city of Philadelphia with my two wonderful beasts (Reef; the 6 year old American Pit Bull Terrier and Lucian; the 11 month old Dogue De Bordeaux). However my amazing (and understanding!) girlfriend Emily, lives in New Haven, CT, a driving distance of approximately 3.5 hours on a very good day (and one where I am not watching my speedometer closely).

Being the overprotective dog parent that I am, I have an extremely reliable sitter who comes in to tend to the kids when I am not at home. I have seen him interact with my dogs and know by the extreme amounts of slobber involved in their greetings, that they are in exceptional hands. The downfall to this situation is simple. I miss my dogs when I am not with them. So this past Wednesday, Emily and I made the decision to bring the dogs on a week long stay at her apartment.

The space is vast, however it is also shared with 3 other humans! Even with their go-ahead in this endeavor, I was still a bit nervous about bringing my motley crew for a stay. I packed bags full of chew toys, bones, and healthy treats to aid in keeping them occupied. The ride up was smooth. Lucian scared a toll booth collector and enjoyed the view out the window. Reef mostly slept comfortably on her blanket in the backseat….

Lucian the Dogue De Bordeaux and Reef the Pit Bull

When we arrived Emily greeted all of us outside. The dogs are always thrilled to see her and they gave her front yard a good sniff (and pee) over. We all went upstairs where they frantically made their way around the place, running from room to room, attempting to enter the bedrooms of the roommates before those plans were foiled. Soon they settled down on their beds I had brought from home and took naps. Later we took them on a nice stroll around the neighborhood where they enjoyed “reading the news” (otherwise known as deep sniffing) and eying their new scenery.

The roommates were soon won over by Reef. After all, she is a princess in the body of a Pit Bull! It wasn’t long until she was cuddled up on the couch watching TV or being taken on a nice long evening stroll. She thrives on being the center of attention and was loving every moment of this!

Lucian is still a puppy, and a rather drooly one at that! I made sure to wipe his mouth after each drink he took to cut down the amount of slobber he expelled onto furniture or humans.

My dogs are both raw fed. Knowing that most people don’t want raw meat all over their house (at home they are limited to one room and a crate), the pups ate on the porch. They didn’t seem to mind dining alfresco.

By the end of the week we had all settled into this new routine. Lucian and Reef were comfortable sleeping in the corner of Emily’s bedroom and had gotten used to running up and down her stairs and waiting for me to unlock the door to the outside before their morning walk. The roommates had all individually told me that they really enjoyed the canine company and that they are welcome guests anytime!

Stay tuned for more tales (or is that tails?) of our adventures on the road!

Remember when you are traveling with your dog to a new location, items from home are valuable tools in helping them settle in. Make sure that you provide enough toys to keep your pooch entertained as well!

Happy visiting!

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