Researchers Confirm: Dogs and their People Look Alike

January 24th, 2008 by Aileen


It has long been common wisdom that dogs and their owners tend to look alike, and as some of these pictures show, the likeness can be striking. University of California San Diego psychologists confirmed the adage in 2004, at least for people who choose purebred dogs.

The researchers collected 45 pictures of dogs and their owners, taken separately with differing backgrounds, and had 28 undergrad judges try to match the owners with their real dogs based on resemblance. Out of 25 pedigreed breeds, there were 16 strong matches with their owners – who looked strikingly like their dogs! Among the mutts, resemblance to their owners was not correlated.

Once the researchers had paired the randomized photographs, the high incidence of resemblance between purebreds and their owners led the psychologists to conclude that it’s the owner’s fault – people choosing a purebred dog tend to choose the dog that most resembles themselves.

At my home, where purebred black standard poodles and assorted mutts come and go, there isn’t much resemblance going on. None of us are black or have curly/frizzy hair (or even dreadlocks). But we did once have a dog named Mama Hooker who was half Irish Setter and half Irish Wolfhound who looked a whole lot like my husband.


I’m pretty sure I look like Fluffy here, but Fluffy’s not my dog. It’s just a dog my grandson told me has my infamous “look” that immediately informs when you’ve done something bad… Check out the resemblance between Rosie O’Donnell and a King Charles Spaniel over at Top 10 Celebrity / Dog Look Alikes… whoa!

Here are some more look-alikes from around the web. Does your dog look like you?


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