Not So, Snow Dogs…

January 22nd, 2008 by Dee

If your dogs are anything like mine, they prefer to stay within the warm indoors and hold their bodily functions for hours to avoid going outside into the cold snow. Khepri would rather eat dirt then get her paws wet. Poor Winky is so short, in just a few inches of snow he is half buried – not to mention being hairless just does not make for fun times in the winter. It has been several years since Khepri has lived in an area that normally gets snow and this is the first time Winky has seen anything more then just a dusting.

To help dogs that dislike going out to potty in the snow, a good warm coat is in order. The same goes if they do not have the fur to accommodate the cold weather. In Khepri’s case, a coat with a waterproof shell, as her opinion about the rain is the same as that of the snow. Shovel a small section in the yard close to the door to allow your dog to potty more comfortably, especially if the snow is deep. Winky appreciates this! Try standing outside with your dog to encourage them to potty. I know Khepri feels much better if someone else is outside ‘suffering’ along with her.

Snow Dog

Photo by dandy fsj

If your dogs insist on not going outside, or will go outside but not do his business – try limiting the number of rooms your dog is allowed to be in until they do their business outside. This will cut down your chance of accidents. If your dog is crate trained, put your dog back into his crate and wait ten minutes then attempt a trip outdoors again. Repeat this until the dog has successfully gone potty outside. Revert back to puppy housebreaking days. Remember to praise like mad and offer his favorite treats for a job well done!

Before going for a walk or out to potty, you can apply a very thin layer of Vaseline or baby oil between your dog’s paw pads and toes. This keeps excess snow from balling up. If your dog has long hair, trim the hair between the toes and pads, this keeps snow from accumulating as well. Pay extra attention to the temperature and make sure your dog is comfortable. Do not allow your dog to walk where salt has been sprinkled. This will burn and is very painful.

The snow and cold can be very dangerous and dogs should not be left outside unattended – even if your dog LOVES the snow. Keep your dogs safe and warm this winter.

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