Don’t Visit Boston if You’re a Pit Bull

January 17th, 2008 by Dan

In March I turn 30. My girlfriend, Emily and I have plans to go to Boston for a few days to celebrate. Normally, packing up the pups and finding a hotel that allows them to stay would be no problem for us. However, I remembered hearing something a while back about a law that passed pertainng to Pit Bulls staying in Boston, so I decided to do a bit of digging. I’m very glad I did. As a result, Reef will not be accompanying us on this trip.

As of June 23rd 2004 all American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers or any dog that appears to be a mix made up primarily of any one of the breeds previously listed must be muzzled at ALL times while out in public. This means on a routine walk at the park my dog who has never shown an iota of aggression toward man or beast would have to wear a muzzle due to a decision based on fear and irresponsible dog ownership. I have worked exclusively with dogs for the past 8 years, and will be the first one to admit that the bull breeds are powerful and headstrong. These personality traits alone do not mean that they are aggressive dogs! There are many breeds that possess these same traits (Belgian Malinois, Bouvier des Flandres, Mastiffs, etc), yet the Pit Bull serves as the scapegoat for the image of the “dangerous dog” in this day and age. It is an unfair reputation and I will not allow my princess of a Pit to go through the injustice of wearing a ridiculous muzzle.

Perhaps the city of Boston should re-examine their ordinance and aim to control dangerous dogs of all breeds, instead of targeting a vast group of innocent pets.
Reef the American Pit Bull Terrier and Newton the Cat

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  6. Bennet Says:

    Just so you’re aware, this law is NOT enforced. I have never even once seen a pit bull with a muzzle. I own a Cao de Fila de Sao Miguel, which many people mistake for a pit mix, and have openly engaged in conversation with dog officers on several occasions and they haven’t even so much as blinked. Don’t sweat it, bring your dog to Boston, it’s one of the most dog-friendly cities around. Parks everywhere, etc, etc. Send me an e-mail if you want more info

  7. Adam Giguere Says:

    I’ve seen a couple pitbull looking dogs in Boston and none of them with muzzles-seems they just don’t enforce it

  8. Margaret Miller Says:

    awww! is it a boy or a girl? and i am gonna guess boy. i bet he is about a year lol and you probably got him from the spca if i am right can you plz contact me

  9. sarah Says:

    i know that all the other dogs on that list are probably great dogs but i dont know the diffrents breeds so i wont judge but the breed i do know is the pitbull they are just like any other dog , labs are at the top of the list for aggressive dogs and pitbulls are near the bottom , ppl should look at every single dog breed before jugding just a handfull of them , i am a proud pitbull owner and i have never in my life been bitten by anydog , i feel sorry for those of you who have , it was probably your falt , we buy them we make them do stuff , we control them so why is it there falt that theyre owners are stupid? BSl is BSL ( Bull Shit Law )!!!

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  12. Ken Jenson Says:

    Look, It’s the bullshit list!! You know what’s missing is the children of all the members who support this discriminatory list. It’s only right that your offspring be listed, because it’s obvious they come from bad breeding.

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