Choosing A Veterinarian

January 23rd, 2008 by Dee

Now that we are all moved into our new home, I find myself beginning to search for a new Veterinarian. Although Khepri and I have become acquainted with the closest Emergency Vet Clinic and its staff, we still need to find a general clinic to visit during normal hours. The E-vet kindly referred me to a couple of local Veterinarians but these were based purely on distance from my home. I don’t mind traveling in order to go to a knowledgeable Vet whom I trust.

After speaking to several neighbors and a few dog show acquaintances, I compiled a list of Veterinarians to contact. I am currently doing online searches for their names and also browsing their Clinics’ web sites.

Before I make phone calls, I will write down a list of questions that are important to me and qualities I would like in a Veterinarian. Number one on my list of questions to ask: “Are you familiar with Sighthounds, particularly Ibizan Hounds and how often do you treat them or other Sighthound breeds”. There can be so many different things a person deems important from their Vet. In order to remember them all, write them down prior to making you phone calls.

With my list in hand I will schedule a visits with the Vet I picked based on the information I have learned through the phone interview. Some of the things I will be on the lookout for is cleanliness of the clinic, how friendly, helpful and knowledgeable the staff is, and what services are offered (just to name a few).

For those that find yourself lacking a Veterinarian, or if you are wanting to find a new one, do not be discouraged! Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. This is a person you will (hopefully)develop a long-term relationship with. Do your research and feel comfortable with your final choice.

Wish me luck!

Here is a good basic list of interview questions to start with. You should add in any other questions or concerns you might have:

  1. How much experience do you have with [insert breed here, or type of pet you have]?
  2. What are your business days and hours?
  3. Is there an emergency phone number I can call?
  4. Do you offer after hour emergency services?
  5. How familiar with or how often do you treat [insert any medical conditions your dog has]
  6. Who do you refer your clients to when you are not available? ( i.e. vacation or personal leave)
  7. What other services do you offer? (i.e. boarding, grooming, training)
  8. Do you have a qualified staff member to answer questions when you are not available?
  9. Do you offer complete care are able to perform workups such as Lab tests and X-rays?
  10. What are your fees and how do they compare to other local Clinics?

Dog at the vet’s office.

Photo by jimgoldstein

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