Check This Out!: Nupro Dietary Supplement

January 17th, 2008 by Dan

As the owner of a giant breed dog, I am always concerned about the health of his joints. I have done a great deal of research about the various supplements that are out there and have tried quite a few of them! I am pleased to report that I have finally settled on a product that I can share with you. Nupro Joint Support Supplement contains a variety of human-grade ingredients to help support your dogs hips, knees, elbows, etc. Glucosamine, Ester-C and MSM are the specific cocktail of supplements included in this powder to help your pup feel more comfortable. It also contains many other beneficial ingredients, such as Flaxseed (which is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids that aid in a healthy coat), and Lactobacillus (which helps support a healthy digestive tract). What it doesn’t contain is sugar, wheat, corn, soy or any by-products. This is one of the reasons we went with this product in the first place. If you have a picky dog and are worried they won’t consume a powder mixed into their food, you can add a bit of water to it and turn it into a liver gravy (made with actual liver!).
Nupro Joint Support

While you can purchase this supplement in pet speciality stores, I occasionally have a difficult time finding one that carries it. If you’d like to order this product online try this site – for a great deal on this product!

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  1. Becki Snyder Says:

    I to have a large breed dog, a Leonberger and worry about how large he has grown in a short period of time. His hips tend to get sore and stiff. Because I also have horses and supplements have been around a long time in this industry I was already pretty smart about what key ingredients to look for while I agree with the current post, I have found a supplement that has enough active joint ingredients for large breeds, this to has omega’s for the coat and a probiotic and prebotic mix for better digestion and nutrient absorption. This is the same company that manufacters the supplements for my horse but now they do it for dogs. Lastly, if you go to their horse site which I think is they sell the dog stuff there but you can see they know what they are talking about. My dog loves this liver flavor or whatever they mix in also. The product is Fit Dog Flex-Tra. You can find it on It is worth the money for large breed owners like myself. Hope this ways helpful.

  2. Lynn Fontaine Says:

    I use Nupro for my breeding Shih Tzu.It does wonders after my moms have whelped a litter. It takes 3 weeks and she has her weight and hair has come in thicker.The coats come in nice and thick and shiny. I always add a heaping tablespoon for a bowl for 3 dogs when they are on maintenance and they stay in super good shape. I have been using it for years. I would not go without this as part of my daily feeding program.

  3. Olxuw Blog Says:

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  4. Chicken Blog Says:

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  5. Chelsey Says:

    Great article.

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