Celebrity Dogs!: Drew Barrymore

January 31st, 2008 by Dan

One of Hollywood’s favorite actresses, Drew Barrymore, is working on a film called “South of The Border”, where she plays the voice of Chloe – an upscale Chihuahua who has trouble finding her way back home from a vacation in Mexico. The film is scheduled to be released in September of 2008 and also features Jamie Lee Curtis, George Lopez and Andy Garcia (to name a few).

The fact that Drew Barrymore agreed to play the voice of a pooch isn’t so shocking! She’s always been a huge animal lover – and with good reason! In 2001, her own dog Flossie (a lab/chow mix whom she rescued from a flea market) woke her (and then husband, Tom Green) up by throwing herself against the bedroom door. What Flossie was trying to communicate with her antics, was that their 3500 sq-foot Beverly Hills home was on fire! The blaze did over $700,000 in damages to the 2 story abode, but Drew and Tom escaped unscathed due to Flossies’ heroic actions.

Later that year Drew signed over a new home (in trust) to Flossie. She figured it was the least she could do after the dog saved her life. The new place was valued at over $3 million dollars, so it looks like neither Drew or Flossie have anything to worry about when it comes to the pups future!


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