Ask The Dog Guide: Trash Raiding

January 18th, 2008 by Dan

Question: How can I get my Dalmatian to stop raiding the trash?

Answer: Trash raiding is a very difficult behavior to change through training because it is highly rewarding to the dog. When a dog knocks over a trash can, there is a very good chance that it is going to get some smelly, tasty reward for its efforts. Sometimes it may not be satisfied, but the motivation that there *might* be a reward at the bottom of the can is exactly what motivates our dogs in this behavior.

The best plan of action when you have a trash hound is to “dog proof” your kitchen. Purchase childproof locks and place trash receptacles behind closed cabinets. Invest in heavy duty stainless steel trash cans with lids or keep the bins on the counter when you aren’t at home. There is always the option of crate training or baby gating your dog away from the kitchen, so he is unable to access items that he shouldn’t be getting into (eating trash may sound like a good time, but can be harmful to his digestive system!).

Trash Can Dog

Photo by keldemean

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