Ask The Dog Guide: Feeding Bones

January 31st, 2008 by Dan

Question: Please tell me what problems might occur if feeding a dog pork chop bones. My dog is sick today. I’m thinking it might be from a pork chop bone.

Answer: If the bones were cooked and your dog is now acting ill, please get him to the vet right away! I can’t stress this point enough as someone who feeds raw- dogs should never, ever be fed cooked bones. Cooked bones of any kind can splinter, causing severe damage as they pass through your dogs’ digestive system. This can prove to be fatal, so please take this very seriously if your dog is acting “off” after feeding a cooked bone. Dogs’ systems are also not meant to digest cooked bone, thus it could be causing stomach upset.

Because I don’t know the background of the situation (if the bone was raw or cooked), I can’t get a good feel for what is going on. If the bone was raw, there could be stomach upset due to your dog not being used to the rich nature of being fed raw, meaty bones.

Additionally, please be aware of a few other unsafe dog treats: chocolate, coffee, raisins, and alcohol.

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier Chews on A Raw Meaty Bone.

This Staffordshire Bull Terrier is chewing on a Raw Meaty Bone.

Photo by quixoticmiss

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