10 Surprising Facts About The Great Dane

January 23rd, 2008 by Micah

great dane

The Great Dane is a dog that seems to capture attention wherever it goes, stopping traffic and drawing crowds. When well-bred, this dog is tall, chiseled and muscular in form, with a regal bearing. The qualities and characteristics of a well-bred Great Dane reflect the hundreds of years of careful breeding that has gone into the making of this magnificent creature. With popular media being what it is, as well as the legend and lore that accompanies the Great Dane, sometimes it can be difficult to know what is true and what is false when it comes to this huge breed of dog. Here are 10 surprising facts about the Great Dane:

  1. Apartment life is just fine for Great Danes. Despite their size, according to the AKC, life in an apartment can suit a Great Dane quite well. They are not as high energy as other breeds, but despite their couch potato ways, daily exercise is important. A brisk half hour walk a day will do, especially if complemented with some run time at a dog park or secure area a few times a week. No fenced area? A 50-foot training leash and a ball can help your Dane keep fit.
  2. Great Danes grow incredibly fast. Within a span of just 1 year, Great Danes go from just a handful of fluffy puppy to being able to stand up on their hind legs and look a 6-foot tall man eye-to-eye. During their rapid growth spurts, puppies can be visibly bigger after a night’s sleep.
  3. They really don’t eat that much. A full grown Great Dane eats about 2-3 cups of dry dog food in a meal. Too much protein should be avoided, particularly with puppies, as growing faster than they already do can damage bones and joints. Rather than the high-protein, quick-grow type puppy foods, they should have an adult food with no more than 23 percent protein. 
  4. Great Danes can be remarkably gentle. That is, once the period of rapid growth passes and they gain full control of their body, bringing an end to accidental injuries due to clumsiness. Many Danes share their homes with small dogs and cats. Great Danes have a well-deserved reputation for being wonderful with children and sometimes work as therapy dogs. However, no animal should be fully trusted with young children, especially one of such a size that a single mistake could be tragic.
  5. They must have people. Great Danes are an extremely sensitive breed and do not fare well without close contact with their human family. Living outside in a doghouse can destroy a Great Dane, make him mentally unstable, depressed, and even aggressive.
  6. Anxiety can kill Great Danes. There is increasing evidence that bloat, a condition in which the stomach gets air in it and twists, or torsions, is related to anxiety. This can kill a Great Dane in less than an hour. Make sure to learn the symptoms and, if considering this breed, consider how much time per day the dog will have to be alone.
  7. They tend to be a lady’s dog. That’s only because of the difference in speech and mannerisms between men and women, however. Great Danes do not respond well to hard correction or training methods, as they are emotionally sensitive creatures.
  8. Great Danes can be shockingly aggressive. Modern breeders have worked hard to eliminate the centuries of breeding for the aggression necessary to hunt such prey as wild boar. While they’ve met with great success, poorly bred Danes can display dangerous throwback temperament traits. Not every Dane is Scooby Doo friendly. Never approach a Great Dane on the assumption of friendliness, especially if the Dane is accompanied by the children in his family, as the drive to protect the youngsters of the pack from perceived danger isn’t something that is so easily bred out.
  9. They are not the tallest breed. Although the current holder of the world record for tallest dog is a 42-inch tall Great Dane, the Irish Wolfhound is the breed that tends to be tallest, though it is lighter in weight.
  10. Many Great Danes are thrown away. People don’t seem to understand that Great Danes are giant, powerful dogs. One of the commonest periods for this breed to be surrendered to a shelter or rescue organization is after they are 9 months old, as people neglect to factor in the potentials of a still rapidly growing 100-pound dog that, because of his age, still acts like a crazy puppy.

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  1. JFargo Says:

    I can’t believe people give such wonderful dogs to the SPCA because they don’t understand puppy behavior! Someone did the same with our Old English Sheepdog, and she is now the sweetest dog I know!

    People really need to know what they’re getting into when they get a dog.

  2. Susanne Phillips Says:

    Danes rule! lol My Daisy is the best dog I’ve ever owned, she’s so sweet and funny and lovable. People should have to pass a course to be able to own a dog ..that would eliminate a lot of the problem with abandoned and abused dogs ending up in shelters and rescues. Great post..i gave ya a stumble for it. :O)

  3. nessa Says:

    i was presented with a 14mnt old harlequinn GD for my birthday “2007″. at 1st i was not quite sure about her as she was big & daft, she has turned out to be the most loveable, cuddly, funny dog i have ever owned & i could not imagine life without her now. unfortanatly she is deaf so it can be quite hard with her but that just adds to her caractier. she’s 1 in a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. ZODI Says:


    This article on danes was so beautifully written i am about to get a GreatDane soon like on 6th of march, So this helped me alot i believe every dog owner should to some homework before they play with a dogs life.only then they can take good care of them, i might not have done few things wrong but know all my doubts are cleared :)

    I dont have a dane yet but still trying my level best to buy one.


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  9. Mary Says:

    Zodi: I encourage you to do alot of reading on Great Danes :) . The more familiar you are with this breed the better for both you and your future Dane adoptee.

    Read up on bloat and feeding, and research on the best pet food to give a Dane.
    Many Danes cannot eat corn, wheat and soy and some may be prone to food allergies.

    Great Danes are not an outside dog. They need to live indoors with their people. So factor all this in before adoption.

    Good luck and continue reading up on this breed.

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  12. ZODI Says:

    Oh man unfortunatly i didnt had enough money to buy a dane…so i brought a Boxer which is adorable too but i am saving money again to get a dane in few mins.

    i love danes so much that i can do anything to get one lol i am saving money by all the ways possible..i even cut down on my smoking just to add afew more to the saving , anyways if i get one i will get in Harlequin color.

  13. ALISSA Says:

    I LOVE MY GREAT DANE SOPHIE! she is the biggest dog i have ever seen! that is what all my friends say to. my mom m and dad just tought her to stay off the couch because my dad is alergic to her.i think it is mean but i guess if u r alergic to your own 170 lb. dog and she takes up the whole couch, where r u supposed to sit. but sophie is cute, funny, tall , and SWEET. the funniest thing about sophie is when she is in the backyard and she gets, what my mom calls, “THE ZOOMIES” and she bults around the backyard at full speed! I LOVE IT! sophie is the greatest dog in the world to me

  14. River Mommy Says:

    Thank you for giving up the facts. We are waiting for are new Great Dane puppy to join are Family of 4 very soon. We have two children 4 and 1 and we can’t wait for him to move in. When we went to meet with the breeder that we are getting are puppy from we took are kids so they could see the full grown Danes. They could not have been nicer to my kids. The home where are puppy is coming from has 5 adult Danes. We are going to go with one for now. We just can’t wait to bring Titan home.

  15. Lisa Says:

    Great article! As I look at my 14 month old love of a Great Dane it makes me sad to think that people toss them away at 9 months and later just because of their big sizes and puppy brains! So so sad!!! :( The only thing I disagree with, though, is that Great Danes need a heck of a lot more food than two cups a day. I’m not sure where you got that, but my Great Dane eats way more than that and he’s on really good quality dog food.
    Lisa :)

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  17. Ahnen Says:

    Gotta agree with Lisa on the food thing. I have a 10 month old dane right now. (He just turned 10 months old today!) And he DEF eats more than two cups a day! Especially as growing pups they will eat a lot more but when they get older, and mellow out, they wont need as much as they do during thier puppy growth spurts but they will still eat more than 2 cups a day! x.x
    I can understand how someone could not be ready for a 100lb PUPPY but it comes with the great dane package. I’ve found that smaller dogs are more aggressive towards me and my dane than my dane is towards anything! Sometimes the giant puppy stage can be a hassle but its all worth it in the end, and they DO mellow out, a lot! You just have to get past the hyperactivity first. Also I’ve heard of a lot of people giving up thier danes because they “Didn’t realize they would get so big” That makes me want to slap people. The fact that people would invest in getting a dane and then just throw it out because they didnt realize how big it was going to be shows that they obviously didn’t look into what they were getting. Its just so sad because they are wonderfu creatures and for the most part they have amazing friendly dispositions! I don’t think I can ever go back to another breed.

  18. Natalie Saldamarco Says:

    I have two beautiful Danes.My male is 3 and my female is 6.I would like to know the characteristics of a Dane that is ageing.
    I realize that they live 7-8 yrs on average.
    However, I feel that my female is starting her process of her final yrs. Any advice?
    By the way she is by far the best!Even though
    her brother is a close second.

  19. andy brown Says:

    how can anyone not love these dogs ,i have a 18 month old rescue great dane,she is the most lovable and daftest animal any one could meet the only problem is she doesnt like other dogs.however she is getting better this is due to the time and energy needed to train her and well worth every single minute i wouldnt be without her>!!!!!

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  21. vivian Says:

    I now have 11 great danes! My dogs had a litter of 9. The food thing, my male eats about 10 cups a day. My female (when nursing) eats about 20 cups a day…when not nursing 5-8 cups a day. They do love to be around people, they hate being left alone, they hate being outside longer than it takes to “use the facilities”. They want, need, and feel they deserve to be inside with the rest of the family, sitting on the couch, watching TV. The little pups are very lovable, at 3 1/2 weeks they are already swarming at my feet when I walk into the room. You can see personalities developing, and they are beginning to eat me out of house and home.

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  23. Susan Says:

    My son and I adopted a 6 year old great dane and that dog was so sweet and gentle. Unfortunately, the dog died of bloat one afternoon. I still miss him after 3 years. I intend to adopt a rescue dane as soon as I can and I enthusiastically endorse great danes. They are a loving, sensitive breed.

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  30. Jason Beasley Says:

    Toby is our first Dane but we’re hooked and probably won’t ever own another breed! He’s 10+ months right now and is a beautiful 110 lb puppy! Regarding food…he was the most finnicky eater I’ve ever seen when we were feeding him kibble. Now we feed him 4-6 pounds of raw chicken per day and he LOVES IT! He gets two meals each that have two drumsticks and two thighs each. Sometimes he gets more and he rarely leaves anything behind. If yours is finnicky like mine give it a shot.

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  34. Greta's Dad Says:

    I have owned three GDs. My first one was a female Blue and what a gentle giant. Then I rescued a 18m male that someone dumped out in the country near my home. Unfortunately he died of bloat because I didn’t know the symptoms. I deeply regretted the loss of that dog. I didn’t have any dog until I moved back to the country in OK. I fostered large dogs for our local branch of ARF. Animal Rescue FOundation. One day they asked me if I would foster this abandoned GD. She had been lost and had 5 puppies and was almost dead from starvation. Luckily her puppies all made it and I took her in. Well if you know about GDs they quickly attach to a pack leader/ human. and She would not leave my side. I couldn’t go to work (I taught College Programming) and Had to take her with me. I learned that bloat was sometimes caused by anxiety and the best way to freak out the GD is to leave it alone, plus she had very bad issues about being left because of what happened to her. She is about 4.5yo now and I’m doing all I can to make sure she lives as long as possible and that she never has to go through a traumatic experience ever again, when my school finally objected to her sleeping under my desk I quit and since I had many ops on my back and spine I qualified for disability and now we are together all day long. I have a King size bed so she has plenty of room in bed to sleep with me. I also have five labs and 5 cats. and the whole family gets together and she loved romping with her lab sisters I have 8acres fenced for them to play in. I can’t ever imagine not having a GD in my life as long as I can take care of one. BTW her new name I gave her is Greta and she is just as regal and beautiful as her name sake.

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  36. Neil Says:

    My Harlequin, Boris, is like therapy for me. In turn, I’d never feed him processed foods.

  37. Julie Says:

    Great Danes are awesome dogs. They are great companion animals and great for family’s. Due to the serious and life threatening nature of “bloat” (Gastric Dilitation and Volvulus) it is wise to discuss a gastropexy with your veterinarian when spaying or neutering.

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  39. Jim Says:

    We have had Great Danes in our family for years, and it never gets any easier when its time to make the decision to make that last trip to the Vet’s office knowing my best friend will not be comming home with me. Zeke is 9 years old with bad hips and the pain meds don’t work a good as they once did, I promised my wife that when he was in pain and there was nothing the Vet could do to relieve it, I would take him for his last ride. Its breaking my heart to write this but people need to know that the breed is short lived and you do get very attached to them.

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  41. ruban.D Says:

    wow! really this dog is very strongest dog.I want to buy that dog .but I have no money.

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  44. shelter volunteer Says:

    At my shelter, we had a one-year-old Great Dane. The owners purchased her without reading up on the breed and didn’t properly train her, so they brough her to us. They also weren’t aware of how quickly she would grow. Anyway, she had aggressive tendencies and after attacking the dog behaviorist, the animal control officers were forced to put her down. I wish everyone knew how important it is to read about animal breeds before adopting/purchasing.

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  46. John Dolan Says:

    Our MAXX is 190lbs of joy. He is the perfect dog. He is gentle with children and puts up with alot from them but he is viciously protective of my wife. I like that part about him. He has never been wrong about someone who he doesn’t want around her. He knows when we are sick, feeling bad, etc. As he has gotten older (7 yrs) he doesn’t like little brown dogs and I don’t know why. We will absolutely have Danes for the rest of our lives.

  47. crystal hackett Says:

    I adopted a one and a half year old dane and she is so sweet and perfect. My only challenge-she refuses to do her business outside. Anyone have any advice??? She is great with our family of five and even the kitties. By the way, one of u commented above that u want one but cant afford to buy one. U need to research and think what is best for the dog anyway, the purchase price is the least of the expenses of the beautiful danes, and if u cant afford to buy one, YOU SHOULDNT HAVE ONE!!! I do have to say, they steaL your heart, Tinkerbell is my second dane. My first, we lost last year in a fire in our home, and we still miss her dearly. My girls talk about her and miss her dearly also, and many extended family members too. Good luck to u all who wish to experience the love and companionship of a great dane, but consider the immense responsibility, care and lots of time needed to keep them happy. If they arent happy u arent gonna be happy. Research first!!!!! If chosen, a dane will be your sole responsibility- the good as well as the bad, as a child would need. CONSIDER RESCUING A DANE INSTEAD OF PURCHASING ONE FROM A BREEDER!!! Alot of them need homes due to irresponsible individuals who want to impress and have no education as to the needs of the breed. God bless :)

  48. sonu kumar Says:

    I will buying one (1) Dane dog puppy (kides)

  49. Jessi Wynelle Says:

    My husband is in the Navy and when he went on deployment I was asked to watch one of his shipmates dogs for that 6 months. A beautiful, huge, 7 month old, gentle giant. He is a Black Lab Great Dane mix (they found him at the Humane Society!). the first few days he was a little crazy (new environment, and his owners left him outside all the time), but I fell in love with him in less than a month. As time neared for them to come home, the thought of them taking him back brought me to tears. He loves to hug, get kisses on the forehead, and when I lay on the floor with him he cuddles right up to my stomach. He’s even been known to fall asleep with his head on my shoulder. We get stopped all the time on walks or in the pet store. The first time I took him to the pet store I had my own posse of about 10 strangers, asking all about him. He sat right down and let the loving begin. Luckily with only one month left in the deployment, the owners offered him to me. I don’t know how they could give up such an amazing love muscle but I’m glad they did!

  50. Brenda Says:

    Truly agree with JFargo. It is very important to learn about dog breeds and behaviors prior to getting a dog. Our doberman mix was left at the pound’s dog and while he is adorable and well-behaved, his strength, energy and dominance makes him unsuitable for households that are less dog savvy and less willing to exercise him seriously. Likely why he was abandonned in the first place.

  51. Heather Says:

    There is a Great Dane in a Humane Society in our State, he only has 4 days left!! Is anyone out there interested in adopting him? He is only 3, very very sweet, and he was surrendered due to a divorce.

  52. Heather Says:

    About the previous message (Urgent Great Dane) please publish my email

    hchristie@hotmail.com and I will give you the contact info of the humane society he is at.

  53. rebekah Says:

    wow fasinating!i just got a new dog she is a great dane her name is Kattie she is loving thats why i am on here so i can find some info if you now what i mean?i hope you have a great time with youre dog i dont know if it is yours becaose moms telling me to get of the computure
    ps. love the dog in the picture.


  54. Sonja Mauro Says:

    I rescued a Great Dane from a shelter 5 years ago. He was the best dog…friendly, easy-going and intelligent. Unfortunately, I had to put him down two days ago due to cancer…he was approximately 7 years old. The loss is great…he was my best friend…I will never be able to replace him, but I will not hestitate to purchase another Great Dane when I am ready to buy another dog. I would recommend a Great Dane to any family who is looking for a loving & loyal companion.

  55. Molli Says:

    Can someone help me? I am trying to determine the breed of my puppy as we rescued him. I am really thinking he is great dane. Does anyone know enough about them that I could send a picture?

  56. pat Says:

    my daughters boyfriend bought her a great dane after her beloved dog she had for 13 years died. This is the first great dane we ever owned and i can say the best, most fun dog of all the breeds weve ever had. He is emotionally sensitive and a caring gentle dog. I can see us owning this breed of dog in the future. Im not looking forward to their relatively short life span.

  57. Sujeet Says:

    How can humans do like this? I feel humans are the worst animals. We are so selfish. How can we abandon an innocent animal? I have heard of people abandoning their dog by tying it in a park and proceed on vacations. We need human revolution for sure…

  58. dogsrealdogs Says:

    Great information. I just lost my Hero to Osteosarcoma. He was only 6 years old. It is more common than I ever knew, 1 in 4 dogs will get cancer. See Hero at my blog, http://dogsrealdogs.blogspot.com/
    in memory of him (see his slide show too in his honor) and the other danes I have lost. Great dogs with Great hearts.

  59. carol boroski Says:

    I purchased a merle great dane, and knowing they are not an acceptable color of the breed, she turned out to be my ultimate best friend.Her name was Destiny, because of all the different circumstances that brought me to her.She unfortunately passed away suddenly at the age of 10 on Thanksgiving. My life without her won’t ever be the same.Once you are the proud owner of this magnificent breed, you will never want any other breed. They truly capture your heart.

  60. kathy Says:

    we have had Edward a little over a year now,and he is awesome,he is a Merle and the most loving dog ever,he sleeps with my daughter,she takes him on walks almost everyday and then we take him to a dog park every sunday.it was mazing to watch him grow,I swear to you he would grow inches overnight.He loves certain commercials on t.v. he actually stops what he is doing to go and watch them.If I could I would get a few more,but he is a little scary to my motherinlaw who lives with us,she is afraid he will knock he over,she isn’t too steady on her feet.BUt Danes Rule!

  61. köpek Says:

    thank you for posted of corse Great Dane decided the toilet was a good spot to take a rest. If only we could really potty train our dogs

  62. Elizabeth Says:

    I adopted my puppy when he was 8 weeks old and was told by the man I adopted him from that he was a pure Lab. Knowing this wasn’t true because of the tell-tale markings, I adopted him anyway; I couldn’t say no to those cute puppy dog eyes.

    My “lab” continued to grow and surpassed the normal lab height and weight by a tremendous number! Ace weighs 130 lbs with the body of a Great Dane and the face of a Lab. He is the sweetest, most loyal dog I could have ever asked for and is always concerned for my safety. No one is allowed near me without him by my side until I tell him its ok, and even then, he sits in the corner for a good 30 min before I am allowed to be alone with anyone. He loves to play, but enjoys being lazy with me as well.

    The “lab” I was getting turned out to be something even better and I have found a new loyalty to this amazing breed. Ace is the most beautiful dog and I love taking him places so people can meet him and tell me how beautiful he is. I don’t know if I’ll talk about my children as much as I talk about my dog!!

  63. köpek Says:

    My Daisy is the best dog I’ve ever owned? thanks

  64. Judi Says:

    Just got our new 8 month old Black Great Dane puppy and he is just gorgeous (118 lbs.) and still growing. Had no idea they were such lovers and couch potatoes. He does seem to favor me over my husband, hopefully that will change. Would definitely recommend a GD to anyone.

  65. karlene miller Says:

    i found a 9-10mo great dane bitch on the side of the highway and in the last 4 months, she’s gone from 88 to 125 pounds. at about a year and a half now, she’s a clown, and being raised with 2 black lab boys (also pups) doesn’t much help. the leveller in our household is my 13yo cattledog/bordercollie cross

  66. Danny Says:


    I’ve been considering looking into getting a Great Dane for quite a while, but as I do more research I see that I would not be the best candidate for for one. I would like some advice if anyone could help me. First of all I am a guy, but I am generally amiable toward all dogs, as they all adore me, so I don’t consider this to be too of an issue. My main concern, however, is that I am a student and work often. Although I do have a family that will tend to him while they are there, he would spend most of his time outside during the day, with a way smaller dog, when no one is home. I would be very grateful for the opinion of someone who has experience with one. Thank you ahead of time.

  67. Sydney Whittenburg Says:

    I had two Great danes , one died of Bloat …….. I have a black one and the spotted one died !

    In Memory Of Leudwig C.


  68. Toni Frazer Says:

    Of all the books and websites I’ve seen, this describes my Dane better than anything. He is so loving to the whole family. My husband bought him for me for an anniversary present about 2 1/2 years ago. He is so loyal and loving. He guards the house, and the kids. I jog with him every day, and everyone knows that they better not come within 5 feet of me or my dane will handle his business. We actually just got a ticket for him biting someone that was really stupid and got to close. They know better now!

  69. Juliet Says:

    Hey, Im Juliet and I absolutely adore Great Danes. I am getting a GD puppy soon ( we are moving away from our current area) we are waiting to get one and I must say, waiting has to be the worst part! I don’t really care what color it is or if it is rescue or not. We currently have one 9 yr. old collie/beagle mix (she’s a doll), a 5 yr old cat and a rudis chameleon =] unfortunately, my baby girl dog is fading out. She’s still somewhat active but we can definitely see her coming to the end of her road. I was hoping she’d stick it out until we move so we can have her and the puppy/dog at the same time as that would be easier on everyone, especially our cat, who loves his old doggie sister. We’ll see how it plays out, but I agree… That “last ride” is absolutely heart breaking. I can’t stand that stuff. Thanks for writing this… I have definitely done my research, I know a Dane’s for me!!!

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  71. Tiffany Says:

    I have two older great dane females 12 and 8.5 yrs. One I got as a puppy and the other from a rescue. I hope that I will always have a great dane in my life, as they are a very special breed. They do so well in the house and you are right, they need their people. It breaks my heart to the core to imagine those left chained outside or left in a pen…even some people think they are giving them a good home left free to run in the fenced yard, when they just want more than anything to be with YOU!

    I agree with not giving them much food. You should keep them light in weight. Anything over 150lbs is too heavy in my opinion. My girls are 90 and 115 lbs and they are very healthy. Heavier dogs will die sooner and will have worse joint problems. My dogs eat roughly 2 1/2 to 3 cups per day and they eat twice a day. Too much food will swell in their bellies and can cause them to bloat. You should also limit their activity for about 1 hour after they eat to protect them from bloating.

    Lovely article, thank you so much for posting!

  72. Morgan Says:

    My current dog is part Great Dane. We got her from a humane shelter as a two-and-a-half month old puppy (already quite big), and she is the best dog I’ve ever owned or come into contact with. I can’t believe someone wouldn’t want her. I agree with the people who say that you should know what you’re getting into when you get a dog. Do your research. Find out about the breed first.

    Great article. I find that these facts fit my baby girl. She does get extremely anxious, even if one of the other dogs is getting scolded. It still affects her, and while she is incredibly gentle, she is incredibly protective.

  73. kenry Says:

    big dog I wanted.

  74. ava Says:

    i have a greatdane his name is duke he is sosososososososososo cute he looks like he is always crying

  75. Stephanie Says:

    We currently have 3 great Danes ages 15 months, 17 months and 2.5 years. Great Danes are wonderful pets but I want to caution anyone thinking about getting one to really be sure this is the breed for you. My husband and I work with the local great Dane rescue in MN and because of people making the wrong choices, getting a Dane without realizing what they are getting into, the brand new car that I bought on 5/28 now has 10500 miles on it. That is from transporting so many Danes. During that 5 month period, I transported 10-12 dogs (lost count) and that is just me. There are several others in our group who also transport them.
    They are wonderful dogs and deserve much better. Could any of you have a child and then, when they are teenagers, decide that they are too inconvenient or too expensive to keep. These animals (I am talking about all dogs now) get very attached and when they loose their family, go through a mourning period. Please think carefully, is getting this dog the best thing for both you and the animal or not. If you can’t answer yes, please don’t bring the animal home.

  76. Laurel White Says:

    We have a 2yr old Great dane that was given to us when he was 10months…. the love of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We adore and love our lil man to no end! What a wonderful personality and heart, wont ever have any other breed but a great dane!

  77. Branson's mom Says:

    I have a 9 month old Dane and all of the above is true. Our boy is already around 130 lbs. of sweet and loving Dane. They have the best temperaments. Now, if I could just get people to stop asking me if I have a saddle for him. UGGHH!

  78. A Says:

    I haven’t yet got a great dane but I might today. I am very excited. I have had them before but that was when i was very young. And i have heard good things about them.. can’t wait!

  79. Sarah Says:

    I love Great Danes they are so cute and i am very tall too so that makes a great match!! :-) :-P I am Going to buy a great dane in s couple of years from now!!

  80. Dog Video Of The Day: Drinking Fountain | Dog Reflections Says:

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  81. Dog Video Of The Day: Dane and Fawn Friendship | Dog Reflections Says:

    [...] A big Great Dane makes friends with a fawn – pretty adorable! [...]

  82. NoreeneB Says:

    This is for all the Dane lovers out there:
    The breed is a pure delight! If you are adopting an older Dane (8 months or older) watch for any signs of aggressiveness. Never, but never teach your Dane that it is ok to jump on people. Remember, you own something that will get as big as a mountain lion and as powerful.Please do your homework before you purchase your dog.
    As a former Dane breeder we have seen many Great Danes ruined by ingnorant people. These dogs are special and lots of time and effort should go into training.

  83. M Says:

    I want a Dane so bad but don’t know if I can handle it!! :(

  84. Jessica Says:

    I have a Great Dane, her name is Daisy Duke. She is the best dog I have EVER had. We are actually trying to breed her right now. She is going to be one of the best mommy dogs in the world. These facts were very fun for me to read, because all of them are true. She is my dog, and protects me from anything. I couldn’t ever choose another breed. Although, we have looked into getting an Irish Wolfhound, I’ve heard wonderful things about them as well. If you have the chance to raise a Dane, please do, don’t miss out on that awesome opportunity!!!! =]

  85. meg Says:

    I grew up with Danes and I currently own my Baylee girl. Danes are the BEST dog ever! People also need to understand Danes don’t live long and many have major vet bills. They are prone to bloat, heart problems and cancer among other problems. Responsible owners know the price of the dog is only the beginning. Every Dane needs a “surgery fund” start saving the instant you bring your Dane home. They are such wonderful animals I can’t imagine not having one in my life! And the article is correct about the food…. it says per meal…. if you feed your dane more that that per meal it could cause bloat! And GOOD dog food that is low in protein is best… you don’t have to feed as much and poop will not be as much!

  86. Kristen Says:

    And for correction, on the people that thought they read “2-3 cups a day” of dog food..the article says 2-3 cups of dog food PER MEAL.

  87. alexandra Says:

    my great dane is so hyper and goofy her name is lucy

  88. DOGS: THE GREAT DANE | simonthongwh Says:

    [...] Great Dane is a dog that seems to capture attention wherever it goes, stopping traffic and drawing crowds. [...]

  89. Katie Says:

    I have a 5 year old fawn Dane named Stella who has been absolutely the best dog I could have imagined. Easy to train, playful, and great with people/dogs. I used to work in a pet store and she would go in with me every day. She’s met all types of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and (once) a skunk and never had a problem with any of them. Even people who are afraid of big dogs love her. She goes tailgating with me during football season and I don’t have to put her on a leash. She’s shockingly playful for a 5 year old Dane, possibly because of her smallish size. I still run with her and rollerblade with her. We do a couple miles at a time and she still has the energy to play with the neighbor Dane when we get home. Because of that…she still eats like a horse. And in case anyone doubted that Danes are good apartment dogs, I live in an apartment with a roommate and her cat and it works wonderfully.

    Now I can’t imagine my life without Stella. She truly fills the best friend role. Even if I’m only gone for 5 minutes, she’s howling and ready to greet me when I get back. I would love to get another Dane, but I would like to rescue and I don’t have a fenced in yard, so I will just have to wait a few more years.

    I will say though, that those looking to get a Dane should really do their homework. If you don’t know what you’re getting into, they can be a tough breed to raise. That being said, they are truly WONDERFUL companions.

  90. Diana Clark Says:

    Hi –
    My husband and I just purchased a 10 week old Harlequin great dane. Dexter is such a wonderful companion and we look forward to the journey we are about to experience with our 100lb plus wanna-be lap dog.
    We have done the research, talked to many great dane owners and are excited. We have spent many years searching for the right addition to our family. We know what we are in for and are committed to loving our gentle giant.
    Thank you for your words of great dane wisdom.

  91. louanne studer Says:

    they are majestic looking dogs that is for sure

  92. Sandi Says:

    Almost 100 posts prove…IF IT AIN’T A DANE, IT’S JUST A DOG!

  93. kira Says:

    I have a great dane and he is huge!

  94. Leticia Says:

    I have two 3 month old Great Danes a female and a male. I’m so happy we decided to get two because they stay alone 10 hours a day due to our jobs. They don’t seem to mind being outside when we are gone, they keep each other company. They love when we come home and love to play with my three children (4yr, 6yr and 8yr olds) and sit in my kitchen when we are cooking dinner. Durig the weekends, we allow them to go outside as they please, it is usually only to eat and go potty. This breed is an indoor breed and they love to cuddle with us. I love how gentle and loving they are, they would be a great addition to any loving family. I know I will have Great Danes the rest of my life!!

  95. Andy Says:

    We have a 3 year old, that we got when he was two. We love our Great Dane (Bronson). He is now 170 lbs and is so lovable. He still thinks he is a lap dog.

  96. PanTheon Giants Says:

    I am a Great Dane Breeder. I have been owned by Great Danes for more then 10 years. I am so happy with the homes and families that my Great Dane Pups go to and have only had to take back 2 out of 76 dogs. I currently have 4. Briar is turning 4 in September Cruiser was 3 in February, Rain is 2 in September and Tattoo is 15 weeks. I just wish Landlords would be more accepting of this wonderful Breed.

  97. chelsea Says:

    I had a great dane for 11 whole years. Best dog I ever had, but one night out of the blue she got bloat. Still, no dog compares to her <3

  98. Mollymoo Says:

    Always wanted a dane and had to wait 32 years to get the first’love of my life’. I knew nothing about them(apart from a couple of books I read…and was led to believe that they were non casting/non smelly,. noble,family oriented delightful creatures).Well was I in for a shock! she did cast and she did whiff a bit but the rest was true and she was the BEST purchase I ever made. So funny,so loving and so loopy. We laughed so much at her antics and she changed our lives for the better.Sadly she went to Rainbow bridge just before her 8th birthday.Broken hearted as we were, we knew we couldn’t live without a Dane in our lives and went down the adoption route and now have a wonderful Harlie boy who is just as nuts and just as special(in his own way). We are now about to adopt two more (desperate to be kept together 6yr old brother and sister).HELP… but they so addictive!!!!!

  99. AL Says:

    Love your post!!!!!!!! Am now on my 3rd GD and totally addicted. There is no other breed for me and my hubs. Your facts about them are soooooooo true and most people really do believe that they’re all Scoopy Doo’s. They are not! My latest Dane is almost 39″ tall (and still “just” 3 years = has finally stopped growing) and whenever people see him, most adults react with a surprised and sligthly insecure attitude towards him and kids just automatically start screaming at him which he finds a little difficult to deal with. But again, I love that you’re sharing this with all of us and I think that your post combined with Ginnie’s “The Dane Owner’s Checklist” http://www.ginnie.com/Danes.htm with give people wanting a GD an idea of what they’re in for.

  100. Bob Says:

    People, notice the article said 2-3 cups per MEAL, not per DAY. They eat three times per day, with 2-3 cups at a time. All righty then?

  101. krisi Says:

    I just rescued an 18 mth GD, and I am a little concerned. He has been chained to a tree for the last year of his life, with about 8 ft of chain, bones showing, and starving for attention. He rode home well in my tiny car, all 100+ (haven’t been able to weigh him yet) sitting in my daughter’s lap, sat still outside on the leash while we bathed him, tried to get him in the tub but that was a no go. I have a mini weenie & cats, he is not fixed but my female weenie is, he tried to lick on her and roll her & if she runs past him he tried it hop on her which I’m afraid will kill her. My concern, she was on the couch behind me, hiding, & he came and sniifed on her & licked her & when I told him enough go lay down (which he does follow commands, someone trained him) he puts his feet up on me, when I push him back he growls a deep gutteral growl and stands on me again. I have to fight to get up, once I am taller than him I can tell him to sit and he will. He has done this twice, but he has growled at me several times & snapped at me once, & tried to eat my cat. I’m afraid if he does attack me I won’t be able to fight him off, I also have 2 children, 1 of whom is pretty small. I’m afraid he will hurt or accidentally kill one of the other animals or even my daughter. I feel bad because I rescued him & I don’t want to give up on him so soon but I am afraid for the rest of us.

  102. Yuri Says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting a dog for quite some time now, and while looking for dog breeds I found the Great Dane, which has now got me really excited. Problem is, I live in an apartment and am a student, so I’m not at home all day. This is my situation:

    - The apt. is about 50 m2/540 sq ft with no yard, and is on a second floor with no elevator.

    - I will probably be away from home from 8 to 12/13 and then from 3 to 6, about 8 hours a day (monday through friday)

    - I live with one roommate, who has about the same routine (possibly with some exceptions)

    - During holidays, I travel home (2 hour flight) and would like to take the dog with me. Will this be a problem? Do crates exist for this kind of travel and animal?

    - As far as training goes, I’ve had two dog previously (no Danes), and I’m fairly easy-going, so I don’t expect to have trouble raising the dog and do obedience training

    - Where I live, there aren’t any breeders (reputable or not) in a 500 km/300 mi radius. Will this be an obstacle?

    Sorry for the long post, but I’d love to get a Dane, and I want to avoid problems which might force me to give the dog to somebody else. Thanks for your help!

  103. Cindy Says:

    My good friend, Sarah, just had a horrible experience with her beloved Dane. He was in the house and when she tried to put him outside before leaving for work, he refused to go. Sarah took his collar and gave him a tug and then he savagely attacked her! He jumped up snarling and lunged for her throat, but she blocked him with her raised arm. He knocked her to the floor, biting her arm and violently shaking her. Her boyfriend ran in and had to punch the dog in the face and neck just to get him to release her. She had multiple deep puncture wounds to her arm. Sarah truly believes he was trying to kill her and would have if the boyfriend had not been home.

    I think her Dane was around 2 to 3 yrs old, Sarah raised him from a pup and never, ever abused him. He had never exhibited violent behavior. In fact, there is a weenie-dog in the home who cuddled up and slept with the Dane. Ditto with the cat. However, after the attack, Sarah’s 20 year old daughter told her that he had growled at her when she attempted to put him out a couple of weeks earlier.

    I have been a guest in her home many times and interacted with the Dane. The only problem I observed is that he was pushy for attention. For example, when you sit down he would push against your legs, put paws in lap, and just never quit unless he was getting constant attention. He reminded me of my 3 lb Yorkie, except that he was over 150 lbs.

    Sarah made the agonizing decision to have the Dane put down, but is just devastated over the entire event. She loved him dearly! Has anyone ever heard of a Dane suddenly turning on it’s owner??

  104. kelsey Says:

    just got my first great dane puppy named Kumah. She is the best decision Ive ever made along with her sisters (the kitties) who she just loves to chase around, lol. I got her at 7 weeks old and she will be 8 weeks tomorrow I can already tell she has gotten a little bigger. She gets the hiccuups all the time which I find kinda strange. Im not sure what is causing them. I feed her adult Blue Buffalo lamb and rice formula in small amounts 4 times a day which she just adores. I would like to start training her soon but not sure what are the best treats for her being she’s so little yet and of course a great dane. I love watching her get the zoomies now but I cannot wait till she is full grown and gets them. These are just the goofiest dogs.I am trying to get her potty pad trained but its not going so well. I have a couple pads (side by side to make space bigger) by her kennel and also near the door. She has gone on the pads only a few times and I praised her enormously and the rest she just goes on the floor. I know Ive only had her a week and shes still a puppy and she will have accidents. I pick up her poop with a rag and put it on the pads and bring her over so she can smell and associate them together but she doesnt seem to understand. I also live in MN and it is pretty cold yet being february. She goes to the door and I bring her out but she doesnt go potty even if we stay out for a while. Then as soon as we get back inside she goes potty on the floor again. That is why I am trying the potty pads because I dont want to have to make her stay out in the cold when she isnt going to go potty anyways. any tricks of the trade with this issue are very appreciated.

  105. richard Says:

    We have a 3 year old female Dane and she is amazing. So gentle and awesome with the kIds in the house. She does think she is a lap dog and DEMANDS attention. Which is in no short supply with 7 people in our home. We are going to be doing some different things soon with my wife going to work for the first time in a few years our dane will be home alone for 8 hours a day for the first time. We hope she adjusts well.

  106. Abi Says:

    Hey everywone whos lisening to this i love every dog in the world im a toatal dog lover and dogs should be treated with respect and loyalty dogs are apart of this world to i know its wierd for somewone like me to say that because im very young so respect and love your dog cause im pretty sure that they love you to

  107. Coach Joe Says:

    We are on our 2nd Dane, Boston. He’s now 4. Sadly, our first fell victim to Bloat while we were on vacation. My wife came home from the airport to find her in the final advanced stages. We had to put her down.

    Boston is absolutely hilarious. He and I are in a sense- Bro’s. Despite what many have as false perceptions about the breed, I have the nicest yard in the neighborhood, my house is immaculate, and he is 100% disciplined and trained to stay in the yard. He WILL NOT leave the yard. When we go on walks, he is off-the-leash, and stays 2 inches from my side. When people are around, or other dogs can be seen, he is obviously on a leash. They tend to freak out less that way…

    I sincerely think these dogs are of the most intelligent. I love my Great Dane. If we do opt to do this again after Boston’s spoiled rotten, lazy, fun and adventurous dog-life is past- we may actually get two…

  108. Scottie Hamer Says:

    Whoever wrote this needs to be given a trophy, a medal, keys to the city….NEVER have I read such a perfect, CURRENT, succinct article on the Dane. I’ve been a Dane owner since 1995 and a longtime Great Dane and giant breed rescue volunteer, currently the head of GUARD, Inc. We and other rescues are constantly flooded with dogs whose owners REALLY did not know what they were getting into (and you are DEAD ON with the rescue surrender age – from 9 to 24 months is our biggest percentage…a 100-125 lb PUPPY thundering through your house looks cute on a TV screen; folks don’t think it’s so cute when it’s a reality). People hear “gentle giant” and somehow think that goes for all Danes…NO!!! Those “gentle giants” had to be socialized and trained just like any other dog, and it’s outrageously easy to “screw up” the emotionally sensitive Dane with heavy hands or even lack of socialization. And poor/indiscriminate breeding OFTEN gets you a very unstable dog whose issues can’t be “trained out of them”. Popularity of this breed is on the rise, therefore there are MANY folks out there breeding dogs they shouldn’t, and a sharp uptick in aggression cases is the result…either because of genetically unsound parents, or because they’re being sold to people who have no business owning a dog who requires so much “work”/involvement.
    So KUDOS to the author – I am sharing this far and wide, printing it out to hand out at rescue events, hell I might even have it etched in bronze for posterity LOL…Great article, and thank you so much. RESCUE A DANE! :D

  109. Michele Says:

    Some of you miss-read the food requirement. The article said 2 to 3 cups per MEAL not per day. For growing puppies it can be a lot more but for adults the food bill is pretty reasonable.

  110. Dan Says:

    Hi Scottie, glad you enjoyed our article! Thanks for the kind words! Danes are beautiful dogs – we wan to make sure they end up in the right homes!

  111. Dan Says:

    I quick question …can Danes live outside in insulated warm dog houses or are they strickly inside dogs…we have a farm and all our animals are outside in warm houses. They are taken horse back riding with us and have 8 fenced acres to run as they please. Looking at giving one a good home but this is paramount.

  112. Dan Says:

    I found the answer to my question else where…we will NOT be getting a dane…we have three dogs at any time on our farm however from all I have read the dane does not do well outside no matter how many other animals, dogs, horses, cats etc to play with…they require the on the couch, in the house lazy lifestyle…Thanks

  113. Amanda Says:

    We rescued a 2 yr old female a week ago Sunday, Macy. She was verbally abused (screaming, yelling, etc) We are not sure about physically but I do know they left her outside for HOURS at a time. She is doing ok, but she is not eating well. She will not eat unless we stand right there beside her. Also, she will not play outside. Once she goes potty…she is right back at the door. The vet said to give it time. We had to put her on a sedative while we are gone during the day as she really freaks out. She shakes so bad unless we are letting her on our laps. Also, she is not comfortable until all three of us are home. Any pointers on helping her? We LOVE her and will do ANYTHING to help her. We are hers for life. She is not going anywhere. I am sooooo angry at the previous owner I could just slap her. Anyway, any suggestions would be wonderful!!!

  114. Jamie C Says:

    Hi, I created a website all about Great Danes. It has some beautiful pictures of danes and quite a bit of information including nutrition, health, and things you need to consider before buying. This is a great article, though I dispute the protien issue, even though I know its been a stable in the Great dane community for years. If you read the research, protein has no bearing on growth rate, its calcium and calcium phosphate ratios, along with over feeding that are the biggest culprits. Also, I was a single guy and owned my first Dane and we were inseperable. They are not just a “womans” dog. http:www.dyhas.com

  115. Angela Says:

    I have enjoyed a succession of Danes and for a time I bred them too. I stopped because of the difficulty of finding suitable homes for the pups. They are very special dogs and must be with you as much as possible and would rather sleep under your desk than anywhere else. My current brindle bitch is 11.5 years old and the age is average for my dogs – they have a good 1/2 hour walk every morning – free running, and I think this keeps them fit and mobile. Only top quality food will do and no they don’t eat that much once they are full grown. Jojo stole a Snoopy dog from my daughter whilst she was a pup and she still has it and it has not been chewed or destroyed – but it is very dirty! She loves to bring her “puppy” to be admired whenever she wants attention. What a character-I shall really miss her when the time comes.

  116. Sandy C Says:

    My gorgeous boy who is now 2 came into my care only 6 months ago, via the RSPCA in Australia, highly abused, couldn’t touch him, nothing for the first 2 weeks, couldn’t even imagine what he has gone through. He was only supposed to be rehabilitated and rehomed, but he has taken to my son’s and myself, I can’t go out of his sight ever :( He is such a big teddy bear, I just hope people who wish to have a great dane in their life realise they can’t be left on their own for long periods of time, they thrive on human contact and heaps of affection :) they are not a breed that you can tie up out the back yard for days on end :( My gorgeous “little” man will never leave my side, and I wouldn’t want it any other way :) xx

  117. Lesley Says:

    We currently have two Great Danes and one English Mastiff. One of our Great Danes is a rescue dog that the owner called us when she was 9 months old because they couldn’t handle her. It made me sad to see this first hand, but the only problem with her was they never spent any time with her. After only 6 months with us she has learned manners, settled down, and unfortunately learned how to open doors for her, the other two dogs, and my 1 year old baby. :( So now they must stay outside unless there are two adults home. I wouldn’t trade my babies for anything in the world, and hope to one day open a Dane rescue!

  118. Diane Says:

    my son has a GDane. He needs to be neutered but they don’t have the funds and don’t want to use PETA who is much cheaper – does PETA have vans or places to do the procedure on these gentle giants? What is the success rate? What will happen if the dog isn’t neutered for a year or 2?

  119. Enslee Says:

    I love my Great Dane Sophie. She is an amazing dog. She does have anxiety, and is afraid of men. When she gets frightened, I just put her in a different room so she can calm down. She loves to be around me, and loves to play and sleep. She has been the perfect dog!

  120. Adrianne Says:

    I completely adore my Great Dane, Barley! He’s an adorable 8 month old Fawn, weighing in at about 100# currently. He’s very gentle and loving and loves to be around the family. Couldn’t ask for a better pet!

  121. Karin Says:

    When we got our Great Dane, named him Koning Dane, i read every thing i could about stuff that can go wrong with him, like the tummy twist, wobbly disease, but never read/saw anything about lung torsion….and thats how we lost our 21month old Dane. Everyday for a week, i took him to the Vet, they did all the test they could, xray the bowel, but couldnt figure out whats was wrong with him, on the 7th day (R13 000 later) they send me to a specialist, he did a scan and xray of the chest and saw the lung torsion, we just didnt have another R20 000 for the operation, and there was no option to pay it off in 3 or 4 months, so we had to let him go. Its now 2 weeks and 4 days later, and still crying every single day :(

  122. jayaraj Says:

    i want to have a dane with me.if any body here to present a dane for me

  123. DeAnne Davis Says:

    I have had Danes for over 30 years, and every single one of those is true. So very true. And I will always have a Dane. They have been the loves of my life.

  124. Donna Says:

    Our second Dane came into our lives six years after our first Dane died at the age of three due to an infection that ravaged his body. I couldn’t wait to get another and so happy we have our Charlie.

    He is an 11 month old Mantle who I hope one day becomes a therapy dog. He’s great with his commands/obedience, with kids and other dogs. He is such a love-bug!!

    This article is spot-on..no harsh commands, a gentle but authoritative voice will do, and do not exercise one hour before/after feeding. Also, early socialization is key as well.

    They are the best dogs!!

  125. Just Smiles Says:

    My Bronko (aka BronKosaurus) is 1 year and 7 months now, we “rescued” him from a co-worker who could no longer keep him back in March when he was about 11 months old. He was slightly aggressive at first with me his new human mamma, after we brought him home. With love kidness and a firm word [No pointing finger or hand on hip he doesn't like that :) ], he’s turned around and is great with the family. He is protective of us so I don’t allow people to just come on up and touch/pet him. He’s a harlequin with two different colored eyes, blue/green (forget what the genetic term for that is). We love him would never have thought to go out and adopt a Dane previously and I doubt I’ll ever go back to “non-dane” dogs ever again.

  126. Linda McGourty Says:

    7 months ago we adopted a harlequin Great Dane that came through a rescue organization. Although he has a few issues such as a complete lack of socialization with other large dogs, he has fit in well with our small pack of dogs. He treats the little guys with respect and kindness, truly is a woman’s dog although he loves my husband, He is 6 years old and we are working on his issues and it has been a joy to watch him experience the world for the first time. One day I will adopt another Great Dane they truly are great. He has been such a gift except for when he tries to sit all 148 pounds on my lap. Very loving loyal dogs. Im grateful I discovered Great Danes.

  127. Thomas Sandberg Says:

    As a lifetime Dane owner I agree with most of what was written here except No 3.
    Kibble is the worst food for dogs and the bigger they are the more they suffer from this poorly suitable diet called ‘dog food’. Dogs are carnivores.
    Many Danes live very short lives filled with medical issues. I believe the reason for this is poor diet. Kibble will never give a giant breed like Danes enough nutrients to sustain a healthy long life. My Danes live into their mid teens on a diet of raw natural food. I have a research project that will prove that the right food will extend the life of giant breeds with as much as 50%. http://www.bigolddogs.com. I do this for no profit just for the love of my favorite breed Great Danes.

  128. Lauri Jo Says:

    You mention danes as therapy dogs. Many people don’t realize they also make amazing service dogs. They are especially suited for balance and mobility services because of their height and strength. My boyfriend has cerebral palsy and we have a dane who is basically his cane. His gait is amazingly improved with the support of our dog (who is the sweetest and smartest animal on the planet, of course). It is rare to find a service dane since so many people don’t realize the need. He is from http://www.servicedogproject.org and there are more organizations year to year now. Our dog co-writes a blog about his life http://www.casperthefriendlydane.com

  129. Mary Astor Says:

    First up you should have a yard. They should never be walked play before eating due to a chance of bloat. I use at 10.00 a bottle anti gas pills/simethicone 180 mg I give my danadana at least 4 to 6 pills per two feedings a day. Plus I give it to both mmy belgian malinois.any dog with a deep chest is and can be prone to bloat!Trust me you don’t want to even witness bloat if you love them like I do it the most god awful thing you will ever see.

  130. Jane Williams Says:

    I enjoyed this article, the author is right on. I have had 8 Danes over 20 years 3 at a time when they have needed a home. They are the best dogs and cannot think of living without one or two or three. I have over the years talked people out of owning a Dane particularly to the point that they need to have you around, they do not do well with long days alone. They are PACK animals and will have a personality change of some kind if left alone a lot. They do eat more than two cups at a meal, sorry they eat a fair bit and consider the VET costs, it’s high, they are bigger than other dogs so heartworm meds for example cost more.

  131. Megan Says:

    so here is my rant for the people who give the sweet babies away. I have two great danes, a male named duke and a female named gracie. both came to us emaciated and gracie had injuries to her back paw that left her without some of her claws. both my babies are sweethearts despite what people did to them. people really need to do their research on the breed before trying to get one. yes they are beautiful, but there is so much that goes along with them. so if you want a beautiful dog without everything that going with it, get a stuff toy. they need love, affection, and they need to know what good babies they are all the time. but I will say this there is no better dog then a dane. the most loyal, sweet natured, absolutely perfect dog in the whole world. and for ppl to abuse them is just wrong.

  132. Joe Facello Says:

    Our “Milo” is 5 years old and of course he’s a gem. My family has owned dogs and cats since my wife and I were toddlers. As much as we have loved and enjoyed all of our pets nothing compares to owning a Dane. Milo is true to the breed. He is loving,kind,playful and as curious as a cat. Over the years I have had to put down beloved family pets and have dried tears from my wife and daughters, but when it’s Milo’s time its going to be very difficult for me. I have never felt this strong of an emotional attachment to an animal as I do to Milo. My daughters laughingly say it’s a male bonding thing. He’s my constant companion and I’m enriched to have him in my life. Everyone should own a Dane.

  133. Ryan Says:

    I’m on my this 18th birthday. Owning a Great Dane puppy. A fawn colored. I’ve collected everything I need for such a heavenly company. They are the best and they rule. I suggest they are not a breed for a small heart he/she. They live, they love; everything for our cost they can die. I love this dogs. You rule, Great Dane’s ! <3

  134. Michelle Says:

    I have been having this Argument with every single breed with these people that are on this website they tend to leave out important information about certain breed’s and they don’t educate people about the important facts the selling factor on this dog thats being rehomed is Great danes are gentle Giants but yet they speak as if they know every single great dane on this earth which clearly is impossible I mentioned a comment that my mother got an older great day given to her which the previous owner didn’t mention that the Great dane is highly aggressive towards people and dogs it killed my sister’s Chihuahua In all honesty if the previous owners would have informed us this wouldn’t have happened. horrible way to learn a lesson especially the way it happened and it could have been avoided people need to know what they are getting themselves into and know the breed of the dogs and do so much research to make sure that breed is compatible to your needs every breed is different and I just wish people would educate themselves before investing in something thats a life time commitment. I honestly think if people would know their breed’s and about the history of the dog they are getting we would have dogs less unwanted pets. a dog is expensive and is a lifetime commitment just like when you commit to having a baby a dog is the same commitment just because they don’t have a voice well actually some dogs will tell you different as our kelpie would say I love you. She lived for 14 years and she passed away to rainbow bridge at age 14 years old she was the best dog for me at the time but it doesn’t mean that even though she was good another kelpie will not be the same dog you can’t replace a dog that you have lost with the same breed and hold it to the same expectations its impossible and is liable to be a huge failure you can’t expect every dog to be the same as your beloved Benji that you had for how many years its unfair and unrealistic. that being said” I hope you calculator all the expenses and ensure your ready for the life time commitment and dog forget when you go away you’ll also need real reliable pet sitters, proper quality dog food, grooming Yes even though they are short haired some short haired dogs shed more than the long hair dogs, make sure you start them off at a young age so you can control them i’d start at 12 weeks old, proper bedding some danes will eat their beds and can choke, the correct toys for the breed and Veterinary bills and if your Military be sure to have a savings so you can bring your pets to and from your Military destinations as this is a huge issue over here in Germany a lady just left to the states it cost her $4,200 to ship her Mastiffs back to the States not that she has 2 English Mastiff’s. Thats a lot of money and i’m sure in a couple more years the prices will only increase. :(

  135. anonymous Says:


    10 Surprising Facts About The Great Dane | Dog Reflections

  136. Debbie Says:

    Our Big D is such a couch potato, loves being around us and getting attention. However he hates water and it’s a struggle to bathe him. He is a gentle giant. We love him so much.

  137. X-ray Shows Sick Dog’s Surprising Meal | Doggy Diarrhea Says:

    […] 10 Surprising Facts About The Great Dane | Dog Reflections – 136 Responses to “10 Surprising Facts About The Great Dane” JFargo Says: January 28th, 2008 at 5:33 pm. I can’t believe people give such wonderful dogs to the …… […]

  138. joseph paul Says:

    my dane has extremely large webbed paws. are they good swimmers and do they like the water?

  139. Shanna Says:

    I have owned dogs all my life. Danes for the last 13 years. 5 of them. All of them have had their own distinct personalities. One of those deaf, one of those mostly blind. They were all wonderful, loving, loyal, sensitive, goofy,intelligent, and protective. They open doors by themselves. They have great instincts on good and bad people, and love love love children. As I type my 13 week old harlequin lays in my lap. She is already potty trained. Barks to protect me, sits and heels on command, and is learning to skate board;) I have always been a dog lover but after having Great Danes, there is no other dog I would have, and I hope never to spend a day of my life without one.RIP Bella

  140. Ellie Says:

    I have a Dane named Otto. He is the sweetest thing. But like many danes he is a lap dog. Otto loves running in circles in our backyard and they are right you do not need a huge house for one. He cries if we go upstairs, even just to get a blanket. What I don’t understand is that he eats his food but he is SO skinny, you can see his ribs. We went to the vet and they said he was fine and we went to the pet store and they gave us dog treats that are 2% fat and he does not become fuller.

  141. Carolyn Says:

    This article was very accurate. The one thing I will say is “yes” they are ok in apartments as they have low energy but because of their size, it may not be good for them when turning around. In small spaces such as apartments, they do find it hard to maneuver around without hitting things in all directions. Also the breed does generally last around 6-8 years in the USA but this breed is fine German Engineering and they live way longer in Europe. That being said, yes! they are the BEST breed.

  142. Tim Russell Says:

    Good article. We have just lost our Great Dane “Elli” to Bloat a week ago. She was not stressed and had a perfect life with us and was the centre of everyday life in the family. Great Danes bond with humans like no other dog. With her loss, we are heartbroken and miss her terribly. All I would say to someone thinking of getting a GD is be prepared for the costs involved, get the best food available, regular vet checks and plenty of toys to keep them occupied. They will love you like no other dog will do, give them back the love and attention they give you and enjoy their company.

  143. Mary Says:

    Danes are the most wonderful of dogs my Sheba is my baby girl. She is a try to be lap dog and the love I have for her and her mom is so very deep as is their love for me. There is not a better dog to be your best friend and house mate. This article is spot on they are the best.

  144. Laura Morrison Says:

    Just got my first dane, have had dogs all my life. I recently lost my oldest golden and my other golden was so sad. I also have a four year old son. We decided a dane puppy was the best fit for all of us, we are older parents too. He is the best puppy I have ever had and a quick learner. My older dog has taken to him quite well and the puppy has helped him feel better too. He has adapted to our family very well in two weeks. LOVE him and would recommend a dane to anyone as I have been around the breed with other family members.

  145. Louise Says:

    I am the proud owner of a Great Dane. He was a present from my cousin, and he is so adorable. He is a gentle giant. he is 8 months old and weighs 48kg.
    He is so loving and thinks that he is really small although he is much taller than my 4 year old daughter.
    He is protective of the children, especially at our swimming pool.
    I also have a labrador, Miniature Pincher and a Jack Russel, and he loves all of them equally.
    We love our Thor!!!

  146. Paula Garcia Says:

    Our Great Dane is all the things I have read here. Loving, loyal, couch potato, spoiled…but, my sister recently came to stay with us and she has a small dog that loves me. He is constantly by my side. Our Dane, Bronson, has attacked and bitten my sister twice. He has never done anything like this before. He is only aggressive towards her when it is just she and I. Never when my husband is around. Anyone else seen this behavior before?

  147. Marie G.G. Says:

    Am considering adopting a GD/boxer mix puppy. I’d like an outside dog and will have 2 of them to be mates.We live in a great climate in the south. All I have read states that GD’s are not suited to outdoor homes, but I’m wondering if having the boxer blood will make a difference. I’m an active stay at home mom with a 9 year old boy. We are willing and able to be good for the dog, but can this work? Please advise. Thanks!

  148. Stacy S Says:

    I almost made the mistake of giving away my best friend Bo! Thank my husband for convincing me to keep him. I was one of those people who got a Dane without knowing enough about them. Sadly for Bo just 2 months after we got him, when he was five months old, I got very sick. I had to have my gall bladder out and after that became very depressed. Poor guy he was just acting like any puppy would that was not getting enough exercise and attention only on a much larger scale, he was chewing up anything he could get at. One day my husband came home and I was crying, I said that dog is driving me crazy I dont’t want him anymore, I don’t like him! My husband said but HE LOVES YOU he’s still a puppy he’ll grow out of it and I think he’ll make you a real nice dog. I looked down at Bo who was sitting there looking at me I’m sure he was worried about why I was so upset. I then realized how unfair my attitude was towards this large puppy who did clearly love me. I’m happy to say that Bo is now 6 years old and I LOVE HIM!

  149. Larry Says:

    Looking to get a Great Dane we have had 2 my wife has parks ins and the Great Dane we had was a sweet dog and was very good for my wife so if some one know of some one with a puppy that they don’t want please contact me at zolinelarry@yahoo.com thanks

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  154. Gail Behr Says:

    I have a beloved female Great Dane who is 12 years old and looking great ! .. my previous Dane [a male] lived to just over 15 years .. I do not accept this 8 year life sentence you read everywhere about Danes .. never reprimand them [they don't need it ] , if fact don’t raise you voice around them .. they really hate that .. let them sleep on your bed or on a bed of their own close to you .. don’t leave them alone for too long they really hate that too .. mine always get roast chicken and rice for supper and dry food of the best kinds [and keep changing brands to keep them interested ] are left out at all times like water .. my Danes are never greedy as food is always available .. a specialist cardio thoracic vet could not believe the age of my Lizzy when he met her recently and absolutely agreed on her diet .. cook them food and keep them around for years and years of healthy happy delight ! .. and yes I do think that Danes should be raised by women .. and never ever allowed to be teased by children .. I have a 20 month old grandson who is adored by my Lizzy Dane ..

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    Our Dane is 7 months, and he has become very aggressive. We can’t tell if he is playing, because he growls and snarls a lot as he’s jumping on us, and the only thing that stops it, is walking away and leaving him. he does it out of nowhere, with no known antecedent. He also does it after he poops..HELP!!

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  186. Larry Franklin Says:

    One comment l have had 4 Danes, best dogs, I have never seen this low energy in my Danes.
    Two lived to 10 and a half, current Dane has enormous energy just like any other dog.
    I believe it is why many live shorter lives, is because they don’t get enough high energy exercise.

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