The Most Shocking Things Ever Found Inside Of A Dog’s Stomach

December 1st, 2007 by JDA

As the owner of a two year old Golden Retriever, I can readily attest to the fact that most dogs seem to be part goat. In the two years I have owned my dog she has eaten:

  1. A bottle of thyroid medication
  2. Countless dog toys
  3. Six inches of rope
  4. Entire boxes of Kleenex
  5. A container of butter
  6. Huge quantities of food at various times left on the counter
  7. At least six different pairs of Old Navy flip flops
  8. Dish sponges
  9. Shower loofahs

And that is just what is springing to mind, I’m sure I could double that list with some more thought.

I bring this up because of an article I read this week on a UK dog who has eaten 40 different pairs of underwear, a set of car keys, 15 different pairs of shoes, and more than 300 socks (something my Golden Retriever also loves actually, add socks to the above list). Luckily the dog made a full recovery, but it got me to thinking of all the crazy things I have seen on the internet about the crazy things that dogs eat. I did some digging and here’s what I found:

Jake and his 7-Inch Knife

Jake was a 12 week old Staffordshire Bull Terrier when his owner began to notice him acting a little strange:

Jake, a 12-week-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross from Merseyside, was taken to the vet after he started vomiting and trying to keep his body in a straight line.

X-rays indicated a seven-inch knife was running through his body, with the plastic handle at the base of his pelvis and the metal point at the top of his throat.

Vets at the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) operated immediately and within a few days Jake had bounced back to health.

Jake had swallowed the Shappu 2000 knife whole, handle-first, at his home in Huyton.

Elsie and her 12-Inch Knife

The knife thing is actually pretty common. Elsie, a St. Bernard, was six months old when she swallowed a 13 inch long knife:

Jane Scarola’s veterinarian thought the X-ray was a joke. He’s seen strange items get into the stomachs of dogs before, things like kebab skewers and small utensils. But a 13-inch serrated knife that somehow was swallowed by a 6-month-old puppy?

That was a new one.[...]

Elsie, a Saint Bernard puppy, apparently had the blade between her esophagus and stomach for about four days before it was removed earlier this week in a 2-hour operation.

The puppy has an 8-inch scar, but is fine and back with her family.

Post surgery:

Harley and his 15+ Inch Choke Chain

Harley was 18 weeks old when she ate a 40 centimeter long choke chain:

A puppy called Harley has survived after wolfing down a 40 centimetre-long metal choke chain.

Her owner, Devina Alderson from Cambridge, said she saw 18-week-old Harley chewing on the lead, and then the next minute it was gone.

Vets had to carry out an urgent operation to remove the chain from the dog’s stomach, and she’s fine now.

“I think she may have a metal fetish because she tried to eat the scissors too,” her vet said.

George and the Car Immobiliser Chip

George ate a chip that rendered his owner’s car impossible to start:

Juliette Piesley, 39, had changed the battery in her electronic key fob but was then unable to start her car.

When AA patrolman Kevin Gorman arrived at the scene in Addlestone, Surrey, he found its immobiliser chip was missing.

Ms Piesley said her dog George had eaten something, and realising it was the chip, he put the dog in the front seat and started the car with the key.[...]

“They will now have to take George [the dog] with them in the car until things take their natural course.

The Lab Who Ate a Wii Controller

This lab ate a Nintendo Wii controller:

A three year old Labrador Retriever belonging to the Becknell family of Loveland, CO caused alarm when it began coughing up blood.

On taking it to the vet, an X-ray revealed a large mass in the dog’s stomach. After administering Syrup of Ipecac it began to vomit. Lo and behold out came a Wiimote. Marie Becknell commented:

“The Vet started massaging the dog’s belly and it just came flying out. I knew what it was right away by the color and shape of it. It was my son’s video game remote”.

All of this just goes to show that you have to be hyper vigilant about the things with which your dog has access. We are definitely still learning when it comes to our Golden.

Feel free to add the weirdest thing your dog has ever eaten in the comments!

325 Responses to “The Most Shocking Things Ever Found Inside Of A Dog’s Stomach”

  1. Rod Says:

    That is really shocking news. I never came across such a thing before. It really hurts to see our member of family suffering. None should face such a situation anytime.

  2. Brian Says:

    We were petsitting my sister-in-law’s Pug. I took him out to do his business and it got “stuck” upon further examination, it appeared that he had somehow eaten a chamois (one of those special cloths for drying your car).

    I had to pull that chamois out of his doggie butt. The chamois was about 6 inches long or so. I can’t believe it didn’t stop him up and cause him to have surgery.

    Doges will eat anything it seems.


  3. Aileen Says:

    LOL!!! And I thought my Miss Lucille had set some kind of record after eating precisely one of every pair of shoes and boots we owned! Great article, thanks.

  4. Kurt Says:

    And I thought my lab eating a bunch of AA batteries was bad…

  5. Dylan Says:

    so my dog ate a light bulb

  6. Emile Says:

    My roomate’s dog Rosie eats screws. It makes it difficult to put thing back together.

  7. scarry Says:

    our dog swallowed a 2ft piece of sting. the funny thing was he only pooped half at a time. so betweem b.m.’s he was runny around with a foot of string trailing his behind;-)

  8. Rachel Says:

    Great article! I can relate. My lab, Jerry Bear, ate most of our household as a puppy including: sandals, shoes (the usual), two cameras, a pair of glasses, a bottle of prozac, and several christmas light bulbs- among many others. The christmas bulbs were the most alarming, but the most funny- we were doing the irritating untangling of the lights, and suddenly couldn’t find the replacement bulbs. Amazingly, he didn’t need surgery.

  9. Ryno Says:

    My retriever spanial mix, loves his waterballoons and crayons. He has also swallowed half a pack of hotdogs, each one going down whole. Immediately after the hotdogs he tried to eat a full pot of macoroni and it must have been all his stomach could take because all 4 hotdogs came back up, still whole.

  10. Dave T Says:

    I had a Chow/Husky mix. Everyday when I went to work she would take the couch cushions down, unzip them, then pull the stuffing out.

    But one day she chewed up my lazyboy recliner. The next day I saw some of the fabric hanging out of her butt. I started to pull it out not knowing it was the whole height of the chair like 4′ long. It just kept coming out. She was fine and I wouldn’t have attempted if I known it was so long.

  11. Ken Says:

    Rescued a dog who turned out to have a bit of separation anxiety. 85 lb German Shepherd/Bullmastiff/Staffordshire. The count before she settled down:
    Remote control, telephone, corner of a table, about 20 books (including library books), countless rolls of toilet paper, a few pails of kitchen and bathroom garbage, the side of a bleach bottle (didn’t drink any bleach), a serving of ground beef (including the saran and liner, but didn’t care for the styrofoam), dozens of cigarette butts from the sidewalk, and almost an entire monster-bag of kibble, one of the ~20 lb variety (couldn’t walk properly and had to drag her bloated body around with her front paws for a day. She pooed about 7 times a day for 3 days) and a big pot of glue with a whole package of crayons. Her poo looked like frozen vanilla yogurt with smarties for a few days.
    Luckily she likes to chew these things up into tiny little fragments, so never any harm. The saran was… entertaining… on the way out.

  12. Matt Says:

    Not to discredit you, but I’m pretty sure the WiiMote thing was proven a fake.

  13. Chris Says:

    My dog ate untold pairs of socks untold stuffed animals and once he even ate a fishing lure

  14. Sue Says:

    Golden ate 1/4 bag of cement on 2 occasions 1 year apart We gave him away and he came to visit. Almost died first time.

    Dalmation used to eat the condoms. Funny to watch him run around with the bulby part swinging in the wind.

    Doberman that liked used tampons. Really gross when she was done with them and had to pick them up to mow the lawn.

  15. Matt Bo. Says:

    I had a dog once that ate a ball-bearing that was about an inch in diameter. We found it in the yard a few days later.

  16. Joe Says:

    My dog at a pin cushion once. We took him to the vet and they said the best thing to do was just to wait and let them pass through. We were so worried about him, but he’s fine now and we’re all happy.

  17. Monkeys And Dogs And The Usual Controversial Dude In The Red Suit : SKIRMISHER: News for the hot-blooded, manly geek Says:

    [...] “My dog ate my samurai sword” might be truthier than you [...]

  18. Joe Says:

    My brother’s border collie ate a hole in the wall between rooms in his house. He patched up the hole– and the dog ate another hole in the exact same spot. I guess he just wanted a hole there.

    My hound ate a 1-lb bag of chocolate, which was very concerning since chocolate is poisonous for dogs. We made him vomit it up, at which point he spent a few hours trying to outfox us so he could siphon the vomit right back up. He’s a classy dog.

  19. Peggy Says:

    13 years in emergency animal medicine:

    1. 15 good size rocks in a basset hound the first time…8 the second.
    2. A knitting needle
    3. Human Hair (girl in the family had hair down to her butt)
    4. Cassette Ribbon
    5. Pork chop bone stuck in the in the esophagus
    6. Gorilla Glue (it absorbs water and expands)
    7. Quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies (none of which were used to pay the bill)
    8. One dog has had surgery to remove socks no less than 8 times…when the owner asked how to make him stop eating them I told him to pick them up off the ground.

    There are many more but these were some of the highlights. :o )

  20. Craig Says:

    Be careful of video tapes.

    My year-old lab chewed the casing until it broke open and she got the tape. The trouble was that once she started swallowing it she couldn’t stop until she got to the end.

    We didn’t know until a week later when I found her lying on her side trying to pass it. I had to physically pull it out and it was about two feet long and an inch thick of tangled tape. It hurt her coming out. God, we were lucky. She’s lying beside me right now…bless her furry little heart.

  21. George Says:

    The real question is… does the Wiimote still work?

  22. Dayna Says:

    I had a golden a years ago who ate a washcloth…
    We didn’t realise it until he threw it back up…
    (I’m getting a little gaggy) and it looked like it had been in his stomach for quite a while…

  23. diana Says:

    all of these are funny, good thing the dogs are okay! my emily ate everything till she was about 4 years. a short list includes: lighters, bras, books, magazines, pens, and checkbooks. she chewed up, but did not eat, a recliner, birkenstocks, and comforters (she liked to unstuff them).
    my golden, joey, has eaten the plastic bacon comes in. i know this, cause i found it, whole, while scooping dog poop.

  24. holly Says:

    I thought my ddog was bad. Countless socks and underwer, so much so we have to buy new stuff every four weeks.

    Ours has an obsession with tissues, specially used ones. But he also loves to eat pondweed, once he ate somuch his poop came out green for a week.

    Hrs troublesom, but never eaten anything thats made him appear at the vets just yet.

  25. Mark in DC Says:

    I had a miniature schnauzer who was secretely able to open zippers. My mom came over to my place and I took her out for lunch. She left her purse behind. When we got back, Belle had unzipped it and ate the breath mints and chewing gum from it. She left everthing thing else on the floor. My mom swore she left it zipped up. A few weeks later, the same thing, we went out for lunch, purse left at my house, and we returned to same mess. A few days later, I had my backpack unzipped and my granola bars were missing. Just to test her out, I showed her her favorite treats and put them in my backpack zipped up. Told her to go get the treat. I stepped back in amazement as she grabbed the zipper in her teeth and unzipped the bag. How she learned that, I don’t know.

  26. Mike Says:

    Among other things, during his 15 yr. life, my Golden retriever/yellow lab mix ate the following:
    a sheetrock wall, his dog house, numerous dog beds, and a 40lb bag of food during one night.

  27. Pieter Says:

    Our Zed ate an entire space cake. Slept 48 hours.

  28. J.B. Says:

    This article is so funny!
    I as well have a golden retriever, and I love her to death, but good lord she eats EVERYTHING! We’ve come home and gone into the bathrooms and found rolls of bathroom tissue or paper towels half gone. Funny thing is she must have eaten it like spaghetti because it comes out the other end like a string! She’s eaten rocks,sanitary napkins, toys (hers and the kids’), socks are ever popular, and one time I dropped a chicken wing on the floor, and I’m guessing she wanted to get to it before I could pick it up or something, because she sprinted across the kitchen to get it and swallowed the thing whole, bone and all. We’ve been lucky enough that she hasn’t had any health problems, knock on wood. Its like she has an iron stomach.

  29. Sara Says:

    My lab/boxer/beagle mix has eaten:

    entire box of (expensive) chocolates, cookie cake, 1/2 dozen donuts, several packs of cigarettes, used condoms, raw cookie dough, 2 cell phones, lamp/electronic cords, 4 or 5 remote controls, photo albums, books, LOTS of shoes, sunglasses, wallets (including drivers license, credit cards, etc. – but never the money?), iPod headphones (thank god not the iPod, it was my roommates’). Luckily she doesn’t eat socks or other soft things, just carries them around, but she has eaten zippers off of coats and other clothing.

  30. Shadow Says:

    My cousin’s old Golden Retriever seemed to love eating everything except his kibbles. He’d go grab some random object and, if you managed to pry it out of his vice grip jaws, he’d immediately run to another room and grab something else. He would eat action figures, playing cards, drink coasters, shoelaces, bottle caps…if it was any less than four feet off the floor or wasn’t nailed down, this dog would eat it.

    One day he decided to eat the metal clasp off his leash. He got a trip to the vet’s office and Cousin was told the dog would eventually pass the clasp. Well, it passed…and right after it was cleaned off and restored to its original place onto the leash…the dog ate it again and it eventually passed a second time. Dogs seem to have a taste for their anal excrement.

  31. Jim Says:

    My rottie apparently ate an industrial size brillo pad and barfed it up the later that evening. How the hell he ate a brillo pad almost the size of my head I’ll never figure out…

  32. responsible pet owner Says:

    My dog has eaten and chewed up a lot of things such as eye glass repair kits, 4 mattresses (he chewed the corners up), whole packs of gum (foil and all), sock fuzz (an entire sock on one occasion), crayons, candles, a large variety of different types of candy, and candy wrappers. I did notice one thing that someone wrote which is disturbing, the lady whose dog liked used tampons YUCK if you flushed them like you’re supposed to you wouldn’t have to pick them up out of the yard. That’s absolutely disgusting.

  33. Kim Says:

    Our family has had several animals who have eaten odd things on numerous occasions. Every time we take one of our pets in after having ingested something it shouldn’t have our vet says that they had a “dietary indescretion”. Makes you wonder how these knuckle heads (canines and felines)survived long enough to become domesticated!

  34. Michael W. Says:

    My family once had a black lab…

    It ate my uncle’s parakeet – whole. It came back out whole, too.

  35. Chris Video Says:

    Crazy stuff!

    I think I’ll be keeping my Wii controller off the floor from now on.

  36. to 'responsible pet owner' Says:

    you can’t flush tampons.

  37. Mark Burgus Says:

    My miniature pinscher has swallowed at least 3 dozen golfballs whole…kinda scary but im getting use it it, i think she is too

  38. Jeannie Says:

    My golden retreiver ate a mach 3 razor when he was 1. I got home and founf plastic pieces all over the floor. I assembled them like a puzzle and found it was the remnants of the razor, except the blades were missing. I took him to the vet and viola, there they were! 3 razor blades in his belly. After surgery, I had an entire cup of things such as squeekers out of toys, wood chips and fabric and of course 3 razors. He is going to be 6 this year.

  39. Uncle Rich Says:

    Love the “dietary indiscretion.” My wife had a Seeing Eye dog, a black lab named Vinnie, whose life consisted of such indiscretions. Cell phones, his toys, part of a washing machine, and lots and lots of chicken shit. Couldn’t get enough of the chicken shit. We spent lots of time at the ER, but he lived happily to a ripe old age.

  40. Cheryl Says:

    My son’s 1 year old Chocholate lab ate my Ugg boots, everything but the sole. He ate a retainer,cups,5 leashes, 2 chocolate easter bunnies, a bottle of motrin,a dog bed, a dead bird (whole), flipflops, crocs, squishy pillows. You know the ones with the little white microbeads inside….he pooped out a “snowstorm” of beads for a day. The worst was a soccer ball, two surgeries (and $3500) later he is surviving. His appetite has decreased.

  41. tim Says:

    My Siberian Husky was constantly eating electronics in the house. Cordless phones, cell phones, remotes. We would always catch him in the act before he devowered the whole thing, except one time. One of our remotes went missing for a couple days and we didn’t see any remnants of one being chewed, until I was picking up the poop in the backyard when I ran across the digit pad entangled in Bears poop. Not sure where the rest of the remote went I can only speculate that he must have eaten it all.

  42. heather Says:

    I know when my mutt Sam has had success at the lake. I find the beak of some poor hapless duck on the dining room carpet (why not on the kitchen tile?) the next morning. More disgusting than the deer hooves.

  43. Melissa G Says:

    my dog has eaten
    2 ipods
    countless shoes and flip flops
    3 school projects
    socks and hats
    2 carpets
    1 cell phone
    about 30 pens and markers
    1 wiimote
    1 WHOLE stick of butter
    2 lbs of raw meat
    anything left on the counter
    an h2o mop
    about 10 dvds
    about 15 cds and their cases
    and the legs of every chair, table, and railing spindle in the house.

  44. Jennie Says:

    Our chocolate lab once ate a sleeping bag… it was quite entertaining when he was passing the zipper yikes! luckily it was a children’s sleeping bag! he also loved scented soap, and if he was upset at you he’s pick through the entire laundry basket until he found your favorite piece of clothing, destroy that and leave everything else intact. What a dog

  45. Chet Says:

    I once found a entire washcloth in a pipe of dog poo in the backyard. I don’t know how it happend but the dog never gane any indication of a problem. It is amazing it passed whole without a problem.

    Theat same dog would also chew up coke cans until they were just bits of aluminum but never had any cut on the gums or lips, I again don’t know how they do it.

  46. Eric Says:

    My dog ate a long, LONG length of yarn. The resulting poops trailed behind him like sausage links for a couple of days. It was actually kind of funny.

  47. me Says:

    My dog is into bloody tampons and butter too. She always leaves the tampons in bedrooms :(

  48. bobbly Says:

    my bro’s dog ate an inkjet cartridge. Thankfully, the ink started to leak inside the dog so we noticed qiuckly. However, upon an x ray at the vets, we also found a key and a cell phone battery in there, which could have been very dangerous.

  49. Sarah Says:

    I have worked in veterinary medicine for about 8 years now and have seen a thing or two pulled out of dogs before. We had a beagle that ate beer bottle caps, lab that ate a corncob, rottie that ate a swimsuit, a mixed breed that had surgery three times to remove river rocks he eaten, and countless other dogs that had toys removed from their intestines. My own great dane had exploratory surgery three different times after eating pennies, ceramic plates, tupperware bowls, and other misc. garbage. But wait!!! Let’s not forget our feline friends! We did surgery on a cat and pulled out a huge wad of tinsel from a christmas tree.

  50. Sandy Says:

    Between my husband and I, when our border collie was a puppy we had to leave him for about 4 hours with our shifts (I was a nurse). He managed to remove the first 6 inches of the carpet next to the front door as he waited for our arrival home. Very entertaining (not) to put one’s foot down on the blue string coming from his backside and watch him walk away…
    He also loved used kleenex and scoffed boxes of the stuff, also loo rolls off the wall, 1/2 a roll at a time.
    Also Lego, various bits of metal and plastic toys, socks, underwear, the smellier the better.

  51. Jim Allen Says:

    My dog. an australian blue heeler once ate a container of green food dye. Poop was bright green for several days and slowly faded over about a week

  52. Rain Says:

    Have a cat who will chew cords(over $200 so far), eat Polly Pocket clothing, Barbie shoes, cell phone antenna… he has to bathe me several times a day. We put him on a raw meat only which has helped…. a little. He has to really chew it apart. I still see him hovering up carpet pieces and knitting yarn, rubber bands…

  53. Mindy Says:

    When our Golden Retriever was unable to hold down water we took her to the vet. An x-ray confirmed she had eaten a watch, the usual small rocks and twigs, but what caused the obstruction was a hair scruntie. they did surgery and she had a full recovery!

  54. kittymao Says:

    Cash, our PitBull Terrier has consumed many things.
    He likes things that crunch. Like… oh, Plastic Bottles, Soda cans, entire logs of firewood.
    He seems to also like canvas- converse shoes, baseball hats, beach towels of various sizes.
    I believe he has also eaten every dog toy we’ve given him- squeaky balls, canvas cat-shaped dolls, retriever rolls…

    Oh. and a RAT.

  55. Jolynn Says:

    I took my black lab mix into the vet because I had noticed she was not eating and drinking for a few days.She seemed weak.I thought she had gotten the steak bone she ate stuck in her somewhere.Well it turned out she had swollowed 2 nice size sharp and jagged rocks that were cutting an bruising her intestines.She had them removed earlier today and is doing great. I get to take her home tomorrow. If she even looks at another rock I’am gonna slap her!!lol :)

  56. Richard Says:

    I own a 1 year old German Shepard straight from Germany.I’m not sure if the whole thing of dogs eating household items is true or not but, my dog has never got close to any of these things besides Human consumables.It might be that my dog was trained well or that dogs that are breed in America are a bit more indulging to Household items.I say none the less that these are great stories to have read.Thank you for entertaining my mind.

    Sincerely, Richard.

  57. Michelle Says:

    My one-year-old Neapolitan mastiff has eaten used tampons on two occasions, used condoms, latex gloves, and chicken bones. He happened to crap out one of the tampons in front of some curious bystanders at a local park…quite humiliating, I can assure you!

  58. Dan Says:

    I have a Golden Lab that’s a glutton. She was vomiting bile so we took her to the vet. Apparently the xray showed a foreign object in her stomach so we were concerned and allowed an operation to remove it…nothing was found and I’m out $2,000.

  59. Melissa Says:

    Help! My puppy must’ve swallowed the plastic cap on the spring door stoppers. I came home today and noticed TWO of the doorstoppers no longer have the white caps… will this get stuck in her? She is a 25 lb pit bull, maybe she has wider intestines than a small pup??? She has pooped 3 times since I noticed they were missing but I did not see any white plastic pieces… anyone know anything to help me? Not sure if I can afford to take her to vet for xray or whatever they would do.
    P.S. 2 months ago she found a white tissue in the parking lot, when I tried to pull it out of her mouth, I realized it was a CONDOM, my hands jumped back because I got grossed out (since it was in the parking lot not mine) and she swallowed it. I had to induce vomiting, and sure enough- Yes it was a condom- not a tissue like I thought. YUCK!

  60. Pupster Says:

    I have sleddogs who love to eat anything. Simba just had his second intestinal obstruction surgery. The first time he ate a rope toy, the second time a dish towel. I’m writing this as I just watched Duke eat a towel. I tried giving him a bunch of peroxide to see if he’ll puke it up. I sure hope so, because surgery is super expensive.

  61. amused Says:

    our 16 lb mini schnauzer just puked up a good part of a rug yesterday. low and behold… there was a metal bottle cap intwined in the rug! he seems fine, playing and running around like an idiot….

    here’s the problem. we havent had any bottled beer in our house…. so we can’t figure out where it came from.

    he also seems to have a fettish for the pea gravel that is in our back yard. i’m scared to know what else is in there after reading this!!!

  62. Freaked Says:

    I just pulled an 18″ long stick – a pussy willow branch – out of my Saint Bernard puppies throat and stomach. He started throwing up his food tonight, while he was itching his back. He threw up a little in the house, went outside and started throwing up, and I noticed he had a little stick in his mouth, so I reached in to pull it out – and kept pulling… He is fine now – eating and drinking. We called the emergency vet – they said keep an eye on him, but if he’s eating, drinking, and there wasn’t any blood he should be fine. Both my husband and I are still speechless. The only thing I can think of was that it was a freak accident while he was playing down in the field this afternoon.

    Because my last Saint puppy died of complications 3 weeks after having successful sock removal surgery (he ate 5 socks – the last one did him in) we have been very careful about where this one goes, what is around him, etc. Our new guy is also not quite like the puppy who died – he doesn’t just grab whatever, run and gulp things down so you can’t take them away.

    The only non-food items the new pup has eaten are gravel from the dog yard (since covered up with straw), and part of a string cheese wrapper. He doesn’t seem interested in socks, shoes or other puppy favorites.

    When our other puppy ate socks we never left them lying around, btw. He stole most of them from our 3′ high clothes baskets, or the top of the dresser before they were folded. Before the socks – at least 2 sanitary napkins (we now have covered garbage cans, too) dental floss, a toothbrush, numerous paper items, 1/2 a flip flop, gravel, several dead mice courtesy of the cat, a small plastic bag of screws, and I’m sure there is more. We didn’t leave stuff lying around either – but if something fell, he would snatch it. Oh, I forgot, he ate the internet twice, the phone line once, and pulled the unused TV antenna off the roof using the wire that ran up the side of the house.

    Hopefully the stick, as shocking as it was, will be THIS puppies only brush with something so wierd.

    Our mastiff-newfie mix, now almost 8, had a leather fetish. He ate a leather headband, 1/4 of a leather couch cushion, and several leather bookmarks. The leather strip around the ankles of 3 pairs of tennis shoes. He left the rest of the shoe alone. Also an entire leather belt, which he unthreaded from a pair of jeans. He was also a gravel-eater as a puppy.

    I am still quite horrified by the stick.

  63. fun stuff Says:

    My chihuahua ate about a cups worth of carpet foam that she had shredded. My parents were remodeling their home and had to rip up some carpet, and let some foam exposed. Wow diarrhea and vomiting all night long. She liking hiding tampons in my shoes after she would mutilate them, ate leaves, sticks, pine needles, Popsicle sticks (all lead to vomiting)loved shredding toilet paper (would not eat it) and emptying every uncovered trash can. she turned 18 months old though and all of that stopped.

  64. rachael o. Says:

    My Chow/Lab mixed is barely 1 year old yet, and i woke up to find that he ate the pillow case to his 3 ft. body pillow i put in his cage for him. It kinda freaks me out. Jack [my puppy] has eaten a bottle of sleeping meds, and a roll of tin foil. His eaten powers cords to almost everything in my room. candles, fake flowers, my Jr. year yearbook, shoes, socks, and a 1lb thing of cat nip. I always thiught he was just being a puppy and chewing on everything, but after i realized that hes EATING it and not just chewing, i kinda dont know what to do. He’s my baby and Im scared.

  65. martha johnson Says:

    So far the only things that my dog Bramble has eaten which I really don’t approve of is that cats food, which is now on the kitchen counter top by the bar and cat poop straight out of the litter pan and I caught him in the act of doing that and I scared the daylights out of him. I gone for 12 hours a day so who knows if he still does. Thank goodness he doesn’t give kisses.

  66. Dick Says:

    So, All yo guy’s dog’s are puddies compared to mine.. My dog ate a cat, beer bottle, beer can, zippo lighter, and a carton of cigarettes!

  67. AJ Says:

    My stepdads dog once drank stain remover, and another once at ten packs of Cheese Puffs.
    Yeah, and buckets, cat food tins(THE ACTUAL TIN), A whole chicken, and a frozen duck)

  68. kathy Says:

    our 8 yr. old bull mastiff always ate socks.She had eated whole loaves of bread, crayons, etc… last week she threw up 2 socks and a pair of underpants. They found she had a sock lodged in her intestines and removed it successfully. It was in her for a week and the toxins must have gotten in to her abdomen. She died 2 days ago. Please be careful. The older they get the harder it is to pass this stuff. We are devastated. It did not need to end this way.

  69. Health Alert: Dogs And Nicotine Poisoning | Dog Reflections Says:

    [...] we all know smoking is a bad habit (even those who do it!). However, dogs – especially puppies – will consume almost anything! This could mean a pack of cigarettes lying around the house or even butts from off the ground. [...]

  70. ashley Says:

    So, does anyone know if that parakeet that ladies dog ate whole then came out whole was alive afterwards?

    ..cos thatd be amazing..

  71. Helena Says:

    Well, I am quite surprised about some of the things since it seams quite impossible.

    My dogs already destroyed cloth, stocks, stuff toys, car toy, a sofa, books, mobile phone …

    But until today, since I am still learning new abilities of my dogs, they never really eaten anything.

  72. Debbie Says:

    Elvis my weimie ate the whole back of my sofa, the best part is my father in law was sitting right next to him sleeping, and never noticed. Came home yesterday and my rescued 10 month weimie(Pearl) chewed the end of my new leather sofa. She swiped a whole pizza of the kitchen counter last week and chewed up and ate a tennis ball. Gotta love em.

  73. debbence Says:

    mymale great dane diesel ate the picinic table, the dine room table all 4 corners 10inches gone, 6 evergreen trees (Abrovities)his plastic rubbermade dog house,the foot board of my bed,the pool filter,a rake ,shovel and hoe handle,not a piece of lawn furnature is left,half a side of the jacuzzi,every windowsill in the house,the swings and slide on the swing set, the shed door.his mate partner Gretta ate every cell phone, remote, lighter,and hair dryer left unattended. plastic bottles and cans, the cable wire,needless to say i don’t think i should breed them. i can only imagine what the puppys would devour.

  74. mike Says:

    Hi my dog ate two of those sponges that you buy that expand in water, that was about 4 days ago. I noticed tonight that she hasn’t eaten anything today, I gave her a little water to see if it was really in her and it seemed to expand and a bunch appeared near her ribcage. She is an older dog and Im worried. I dont have the money for the vet. I was wndering if maybe someone could give me some advice, do you think she’ll pass it??????

  75. Dog Swallows Toxic Toad- Both Live! | Dog Reflections Says:

    [...] toxic and can kill a dog in less than 20 minutes, but Bella the dog didn’t know that when she gulped one down as her owner, an Australian rugby player named Jackson Crews, tossed her some of his [...]

  76. pmp Says:

    My 80lb. Lab/Shepherd mix ate a one pound bag of Hershey’s kisses. With no opposing thumb, had to eat the foil wrapping as well…she had shiny poop for a few days, but never got sick.

  77. bo the boxer Says:

    My dog ate plastic one day without me knowing. So today I took him out to use the restroom like normal. At first it was a normal BM then I started seeing poop wrapped around some plastic. It got stuck so there he was sliding all over the ground and grass trying to get it out, which it could not do on his own. So finally I had to make him sit down and step on it so it would come out. Then I had to get a leaf and pull the rest out. Finally I noticed that it butt was bleeding a little. But I think he’s going to be fine. I am just so happy that it passed, and I hope it was all of it cause I don’t know how much he ate. I never seen him eat it.

  78. Sammy’s Stomach of Steel « Says:

    [...] dogs can do some surprising things, as we discovered the next morning. Sammy threw up again — three times — and each new [...]

  79. Voice of Illogical Reason Says:

    Uh, where the hell are you from? You CAN in fact flush tampons.

  80. Voice of Illogical Reason Says:

    Mike, you should probably take her to the vet.
    Unless it’s those small, animal sponges for kids, those seem small enough to pass.

    Better safe than sorry.

  81. What Items Has *Your* Dog Destroyed? | Dog Reflections Says:

    [...] you have a dog that gnawed on your Playstation 3? Maybe your pooch decided to “play” with your new pair of [...]

  82. faith Says:

    One day I woke up and I saw sweet little gray fluffy terrier dog swallowing my little sisters hamster whole. It was a disturbing thing to wake up to..

  83. mmassey Says:

    It is actually my husband’s dog but she has eaten:
    a tub of butter
    anything left on the counter
    several cardboard boxes
    a remote control to a tv
    several plastic baby food formula containers
    baby food
    several bottles and nipples
    a pacifier
    4 bibs
    several baby outfits
    plastic bottle of green tea
    wooden necklace
    and legos…..(enough to build something awesome)
    This is just a few of the things that come to mind first.

  84. Angie Says:

    When I was kid, we had two miniature schnauzers. We would put the male on a lead and the female would usually stay close. One night she went to the neighboring farm while the male was tied up in the yard. She consumed several cow patties and then proceeded to roll around in them for awhile. Feeling bad for her brother at home, she brought one home for him to enjoy also.

  85. Alan Says:

    My four year old female Beagle,ate a popcycle stick and all. Will this pass,or what should we do?

  86. Dallas Says:

    i have a 7 month old puppy that had eaten these… a piece of cushion, a 5 dollar bill, the curls on a bathroom rug, a laptop charger, an ethernet cord, a reciept. plus some of her own “outside business”.

  87. Dallas Says:

    i also forgot the socks :)

  88. Jennifer Says:

    My dogs eat paper towels. Any paper product actually. I guess I’m lucky LOL!

  89. Betsy Says:

    My German Shepherd/Newfoundland ate a jar of jam. He ate the parafin on the top of the glass jar, the entire contents of jam and the glass jar. Fortunately he survived the eating of the glass and lived to be 11 yrs old. In his younger years he would chew the rubber bumpers on my 83 Mercury Lynx.

  90. Kelli Says:

    I had a cocker spaniel growing up that would steal things but not eat them. He would just take them into the back yard and put them on a pile. His favorites were underwear from the hamper! Our neighbors thought we were crazy… at any given time there were 4 or more pairs out there. The best though was the $250 he took when my mom was running a business out of her home and was counting her daily take at the kitchen table. We noticed that a stack of bills was missing and, sure enough, there it was on teddy’s pile in the back yard! All there, not chewed at all!

  91. Alex’s Corner » Blog Archive » Think You Have It Bad? Says:

    [...] problems, a little something to put it all into prospective. Check out this link to see some epic things dogs eat and then feel better about the current state of your puppy [...]

  92. shannon Says:

    When I was younger my lab ate my sister’s friends winter glove, the mom was upset when she couldn’t find it and that day we found it one finger at a time, it was funny. I now have a choc lab collie and he is a rock eater only one a day. My female collie ate my shoes but she was considerate enough to eat them in pairs, never singles. how nice of her I guess they weren’t her style. Come to think of it they were all quite uncomfortable too. Maybe she did me a favor. My favorite is the dog who ate the christmas tree. How do they do such things and live to tell about it????

  93. Dallas Says:

    i caught my puppy chewing up the bathroom rug, again. but i dont think anyone else knows. and also ate a roll of tape. :)

  94. JEAN Says:

    My parents had a older lasa apso that ate every pacifier he could reach of my sons when he was little. I was buying 6 or more a week when my Mom was doing daycare for me. Finally put them on a cord and clipped them to my sons clothes and the dog just took the clip and all. He also loved to eat all my sons teething toys. The dog never touched anything else. I got to the point where anytime anyone went into town it was a standing order to buy a couple more pacifiers. He always took the pacifiers behind my parents bed and chewed them up there. Target and Walmart were having problems keeping them in stock. Was real glad when my son was finally old enough to break the pacifier habit. The funny thing was that dog loved my son and stood guard over him all the time.

  95. Terri Says:

    First a side note: tampons can be flushed but it’s not recommended because it could cause problems with the septic tank.
    I can’t believe some of the things your dogs eat! My Izzie, a puggle, chews up more things than eat them (shoes, shoe laces, leather leash and collar, towels/washclothes/blankets). She does eat some of the towel/blanket fibers because she poops up the strings. It’s really gross because she’ll have string hanging out of her butt and I have to pull it out or it will stay there for awhile.
    I also had a cocker spaniel when I was pregnant that got mad at me because she could smell the baby on the crotch of my underwear. She chewed the crotch out of EVERY pair that I wore, and tore up the wicker clothes basket to get to them too. Once the baby was born, it stopped, and she loved Rachel, going to far as to growl at family who wanted to hold her.
    I also had a kitten that ate the arm of my couch. She went to the vet after not eating and throwing up for a few days. The string from the fibers wrapped around her intestines and she almost died. I must’ve been crazy because I spent almost $800 for her surgery and then turned around and gave her to the pound because she hissed at everyone!

  96. Kristen Says:

    My 13 year old boarder terrier ate one of those curly elastic shoe strings about a month after we got him (he was only a couple months old). We had to give him ipicak to make him throw it up…I never saw such a sick looking dog!

  97. Amy Says:

    My friend had a weimaraner pup that she brought to class during our senior year of college. I knew this pup had eaten a couch and a phone book, but the best by far was (sorry this is so gross) a used condom. Of course, my friend did not know this until “Hansel” pooped it out during a critique in front of most the class and the professor. When I saw her 5 years later I asked if she still had Hansel. She squealed “Why does everyone ask me that?!!”
    Gee, I wonder?

  98. Dallas Says:

    honestly, if a dog poos a used condom during class, they might want to see it again. XD

  99. Michelle Says:

    My dog ate a couple pairs of my panties. We’ve since gotten a hamper with a lid.

  100. Dallas Says:

    at least he doesnt eat shoes

  101. Gayle Says:

    Recently, my dog swallowed (there was no “eating” involved) a nice pair of underwear. I’m not trying to indicate that he knew they were of high-quality. Fortunately, in three days, I found them! I think he felt much better. I know I did.

  102. Amazing Dog Treats | Diva Dog Training Blog Says:

    [...] Here are some other dog “treats!” [...]

  103. Indigo Says:

    I had a border collie/lab mix who ate a bag of chocolate covered expresso beans. He bounced off the walls for a day. He ended up fine, but I was sure mad at his $7.99 treat. The funniest thing was when the cat ate the elastic from a pair of children’s panties. He snapped himself in the butt and yowled every time. I did get it out for him and yes he never did it again.

  104. Aryan Says:

    I have a year old German shepherd / Chow Rescue. I was warned before adopting her that she was a chewer! I thought well maybe that will be motivation to keep my 3 year olds toys picked up, well she don’t chew toy’s or shoes she likes eating the toes out of my husband’s socks (the newest ones she can find!) and she likes to put holes in my underwear! Oh the joy of reaching in the drawer and putting on a clean pair of underwear(in the dark) the going to the restroom later and seeing that they have little holes and runs in them!

  105. dallas Says:

    my dogs havent eaten anything in a while, but i am currently wondering if she has eaten anything else, knowing the little one, she eats stuff she is not supposed to, although, she did steal some food off of my computer desk one night.

  106. melissa Says:

    I’m disgusted by how many people said their dogs ate used tampons!!!
    Do you just pull them out of your vaginas and drop them on the floor? How hard is it to put it in a bin out of your dog’s reach?

  107. my puppy ate a foam insole recently, and also my food wrapper Says:

    i just explained it in my name

  108. telaya and torri Says:

    we need help our dog has a thing hanging from its stomach we have no idea wat it is and now shes growling at us and she wont walk it wasnt there before and we think shes not having birth.

  109. Responsible dog owner Says:

    Dogs chew or eat things they shouldn’t because of boredom and seperation anxiety. WALK and exercise your dog EVERYDAY. When I say walk your dog I don’t mean your dog walking you. Be the pack leader and a real responsible dog owner.

  110. Bloodhound Owns Me Says:

    To date, my wonderful 2-year-old bloodhound has eaten/destroyed:

    -innumberable amounts of socks, underwear & bras.
    -christmas bulbs
    -the wood door & cover from a hot tub!
    -3 sets of blinds
    -probably 15 pairs of shoes
    -trim off the wall
    -chewed through 2 dining chair legs
    -ate every knob off the kitchen/bathroom cabinets
    -a shower curtain
    -a rug
    -chicken wing bones
    -an entire pizza off the counter, still in the box
    -2 leashes, 3 collars
    -cat litter (ewww!)
    -blanket that used to line her crate
    -kleenex, to this day the boxes are upside down so she doesn’t realize they’re in the room
    -paper towels, toilet paper, napkins…

    The list could go on&on&on…but no vet visits for any of this just yet!

  111. Steve Says:

    I came home yesterday to find that my boxer puppy ate my christmas tree lights….now i got to take him to the vet, after I had told my girlfriend that having a christmas tree with a puppy that likes to chew loose wires is not a good idea.. but did she listen? Noooooooooooooooooo. Now my wallet is going to pay for it, and so close to christmas.

  112. Lynny Says:

    Tampons should be at least placed in a sealed trash can if not a toilet. Same with the used condoms. Remember when we used to hide such things?

    Beware of the Chicken Bones, my neighbors have been sharpening them and leaving them on my door step for my dog.

  113. Joyce Says:

    My dog eats my earplugs (the foam rubber kind). I find them in the yard a few days later. I just throw them in the laundry (in a mesh bag), wash in hot water and bleach and reuse them. Waste not, want not!

  114. amy Says:

    I just returned from taking my 20lb mini schnauzer in for emergency surgery. He snatched a corndog out of my son’s hand and swallowed it whole. I immediately threw him in the car and had the vet meet me at their office (after hours) where he jumped right in and did surgery. Weird thing is that the stick had turned sideways and was about to perf his stomach wall just as the doc cut into him. I got to check out the X-ray films as the doc was taking a look at them. The stick didn’t show up (wood) but there was metal and other stuff in his stomach. The vet asked me what it could be and I had not a single word asnwer for him. Stick is out and the other stuff is small enough to pass.I’m 1K poorer but the puppy is okay. How am I going to neatly package this story for an email to my hubby who is in Iraq?

  115. Amanda Says:

    I’ve had my four month old mini dachshund puppy for about two weeks now. So far she likes to tear chunks out of my memory foam pillow and eat them. Her poo looked really funny. After a few days of getting on to her with no luck, I threw it out. One night she was chewing on the tag to a pillow and gagged on it and puked everywhere. She has an obsession with paper. She ripped open my Christmas present while I was out of the room and ate part of the paper. She eats napkins paper towels, and just yesterday I had to open her mouth and pull out an entire kleenex, whole. She was trying to swallow it before I could take it from her. And today after blowing my nose she stole the tissue but I managed to get it from her. Basically, if it’s on the floor she eats it. If it’s ouside on the ground she eats it. If we drop something on the floor she’ll run and try to get it before we can pick it up. And she’s learned if she takes the time to chew I take it away from her so she’s started swallowing things hole. She’s carried off my camera, in the case and two of my brand new bras. Luckily she brought them to the living room and I cought her before much damage was done. And of course my good shoes. She also likes to sit in one spot on the floor and chew on the carpet. It seems like she always has something in her mouth. I also have 3 year old american bulldog, but can’t think of a thing he’s eatten that he shouldnt have other than today when he grabbed a package of replacement christmas lights that had fallen on the floor. Luckily he dropped it when I frantically yelled at him not to eat it! My boyfriend was able to grab it before the mini weenie did. My friends mini dachshund puppy (my pups brother) is the same way about eatting anything on the floor/ground. He carried in a lug nut from the shop the other day and was trying to eat it. While staying with my aunt, her rat terrier got into my suitcase.. it was only unzipped a couple inches and pulled out everything that wasnt clothing. He ate part of a magic eraser box and tore apart all the sopping bags. He also got in the trash and ate used pads and toilet paper.

  116. Kristina Says:

    My Boxer Lab mix ate a the bones from a deer head. It was the sickest thing I have ever seen. he was throwing up the teeth from that thing. He sneaks away and eats whatever he can find. He has a thing for pillows and socks also. He has eaten 1 shoe from 10 pairs (always the left shoe) when he figured out how to open my closet.

  117. Gennie Says:

    My family’s golden retriever and yellow lab mix, Mac, ate some pretty strange things back in his younger days. My sister had “donated” one of her old stuffed cats. We would play tug of war with it, saying, “Mac, get the kitty!” He tore it to pieces. Then, someone had the bright idea of pointing at a real cat and saying, “Get the kitty.” From that day on, Mac played tug of war with numerous kitties, flipping their limp bodies into the air after breaking their spines. He wasn’t trying to hurt them; he just thought he was playing. He never actually ate them, but this seems close.

    He would also come out of the woods from time to time, carrying the remnants of various animals, which was apparently his equivalent to the grocery store. Squirells and rabbits weren’t shocking. However, my ex-boyfriend says he’ll never forget the first time he came to meet my family. As we came down the 1/2 mile driveway, we saw Mac bounding toward the car with a big chunk of deer in his mouth. Chances are that he found one dead in the woods, but Josh is still convinced that Mac hunted it himself.

  118. A Doggie Dog World Says:

    Last night my daughter come running in to my bedroom with our 8 week old boston terrier, Oreo. The pup was choking on a MARBLE. I tried to do a hymlich( not sure on the spelling) type manuever on him. No luck. So, I tried to do the sweeping action in his mouth (like a child) and only pushed the marble further. He was getting air now. He began vomiting but it wouldnt come up. The little guy is at the vet as we speak. Since the marble is glass it won’t show up on x-ray. The marble is too big for the pup to pass. If it makes its way to the intestine it may wind up killing some of the intestine and maybe Oreo too.I guess he will be out of surgery later today. My daughter felt so terrible she threw all of the marbles away without me having to tell her to.
    Hopefully this will be our one and only ordeal!

  119. zipity Says:

    my dog has eaten, aluminum foil left on the counter from a sub. Just the other night he got my husbands leather cell phone case. He pooped it out today. Gum with xylitol which was a hefty emergency vet bill. Chocolate, since then we’ve learned to just give him peroxide to puke it up. Socks underwear paper bags plastic bags. We are missing a Bluetooth and we are starting to suspect Scout. Let’s see what else. He loves to get into laundry and eat the leather tag off the back of my husbands jeans. Oh! And my birth control!!Haha! That was a funny call to the vet.

  120. Megan Says:

    My aunt owned a German Shepard and as a puppy had eaten an iron..I was amazed.

  121. Nicole Says:

    My bichon frise Aspen has ingested 2 pairs of gym shorts, a sweater, countless socks, and an enourmous amount of wrapping paper.He barfed most of it up, but the wrapping paper was showing up in his poop for ages!

  122. Nicole Says:

    My friend Sarah also has a Border Collie named Ringa who showed up from her evening romp through the woods that surrounds our neighborhood carrying a massive leg of deer! I am also told that the next morning she returned with the deer’s head and antlers! This all happened when she was a puppy of eight months, I can’t believe she lugged those deer parts all the way home!

  123. Zanykids Says:

    We have a 7 month old Rottie Pittbull mix. She is absolutley the friendliest and happiest dog we have ever met. She is a rescue dog. We got her at 3 months old. The person her former owner only fed her 1 cup of dog food a day therefore, she would rummage through trash or anything she could could get her mouth on because she was starving! The first couple of days we had her she was pooping out glass and other weird things. Now she is very healthy and active.

    Unfortunately she chews on everything and we need to be very careful about what is left on the floor or she will get it! She will get in the trash if it isn’t locked away (she likes used tissues too). She has a chewed a few pairs of shoes, chewed a vacuum cleaner cord in half, she likes all paper, books, crayons, pens, all of the kids toys, metal, all plastics, suit cases, fabrics and likes to pull out stuffing from dog beds, pillows and stuffed animals. We try to keep as as many dog toys available and tennis balls. She is getting better. We always praise her when she chews on her toys and if we see her attempt to chew on something other than one of her toys we immediately take that item away and give her one of her toys.

    She is also teething; we have found 3 of her teeth on the floor!

    We found that sometimes she chews because she is board so we take her outside to run. She loves running and it really tires her out, then she isn’t bored and she stops chewing.

    Praise your dog and give them their own toys and exercise. Then, you will all be happier.

  124. Dogs Eating Underwear « No Dog About It Blog Says:

    [...] eating pretty much anything they can get their teeth on. I even saw one blog post claiming their dog had eaten their Wii remote! Sounds funny right? The reality is that this can be a very serious problem. I personally know of [...]

  125. Camille Says:

    I have a 9 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Tyson and he is very well behave doesn’t chew anythin maybe when he was younger his toys and he liked tissue but he never ate it he like to play pulling games with you, but I thought the reason he was so good was because he had lots of toys but that’s not really the case because my mates Rottie ate a whole in the wall in the kitchen *dont ask me how* but then I realised her dog never got taken 4walks and I think she was takin her frustration out on the wall, so I think the reason my puppie Tyson is so well behaved is because I walk him before I go 2work, go home on my luch break walk him, then I walk him as soon as I’m home and last thing before I go to bed, if you people are able to try walkin them more times a day if not just longer walks on you’re usual outings I think you’ll find it will help and make sure there tired, It’s kind of hard to get my pup tired as his very high energy, I also thought when the first time I left him there would be no house left because he has bad seperation anxiety but his was brilliant bless him, but defo try the walks I hope this will help you because I can’t imagine how worried you would be feelin when you find out you’re babies have eaten things. x x

  126. Camille Says:

    Also can I just say Chicken bones and Lamb bones are very bad 4dogs as they splinter if you want to give you’re dog a bone go to the butchers and ask 4 cow bones usually butchers will give them to you 4 free but if not there less than £1 you can get knuckes for 50p but I wouldn’t really advise you givin you’re dog any bones, I suggest you throughly walk you’re dogs as long and as often you can because when a dog is tired the last thing there doin/thinkin of chewin things trust me my Staffordshire Bull Terrier Tyson doesn’t chew things as his always having vigorous exercise, when we first had him he was 5 1/2 weeks old very early to have a puppy but I had him because I knew he would be looked after and have a home for life *not puppy syndrom* I admit he would chew paper but wantin you 2play with it to but as soon as he had his injections and was able to go on the floor outside for walks it all stopped, I hope this information is useful I would be proper stressin if my dog ate such things, to be honest I just thought we we’re lucky but It’s because we did the right things for him sub-conciously walking him about 4times a day and yes I work full time so this can be done It’s just whether you want this chewin to stop and take the dogs out, and tampons aren’t supposed to be flushed but should be in a been wrapped up away from Children and dogs plus way from every1 else because dogs are like children there into everythin lol. x x

  127. Jess Says:

    My 10 pound dog has a paper and bodily fluid fetish: tons of panties, used condoms (which are gross coming out the other end), used tampons, whole boxes of tissues, magazines, pens, and the most interesting thing she would routinely eat when she was a puppy (6 lbs) were whole packs/boxes of matches!
    Oh, and she also managed to consume a whole tube of peanut butter flavored dog toothpaste. That’s the only thing that really made her sick!!

  128. Paul Retherford Says:

    I thought that our blue weimaraner ate a lot of things. We had surgery for a rawhide, which he doesn’t get anymore. He ate an entire pot of chili one night, that was stinky. I think he has learned now not to counter surf, hopefully.:-)

  129. Kimberley Says:

    Wow, they will swallow anything and everything. My wheaten terrier is two and a half and is post-op two days from surgery to retrieve leaves and “some pink cloth thing”. The house is dog proofed but watch for things outside!! On a warm day in the backyard (after the snow melted) she managed to find lots and lots of “treats” which cost me $2,1000.00!!
    I was told by the vet that she could be a repeat offender, YIKES!

  130. melody Says:

    Great article. My dog just got a surgery last month due, he had swallowed two socks and his stuffed toy. Glad to know my dog isn’t the only dog that eats socks. The house is dog proof but SOMEHOW he manages to get to socks every once in awhile. I would wake up with a pile of throw up with a sock in it. I don’t understand why he would eat it, I feed him everyday!

  131. m winters Says:

    Back in the 80`s I had a Rotty named Teufel. He had eaten, $30 cash and a Casio watch. He also tried to eat a rock but he got caught in the act.

  132. elsie Says:

    Our Perro de Presa Canrio ate the mail man.

  133. Chelly Says:

    Matty was afraid of the hair dryer so we would put it on the bed when we left for work to discourage him from getting up… guess he had enough and faced his fear by devouring the hairdryer. Chewed it well, thankfully, but did hack up a huge ball of copper wire bits that he placed right at the front door to say “See, this is why I don’t feel good.” Needless to say, we don’t care that he gets on the bed when we are gone… and fortunately that is his only undesired behavior, so we have decided to live with it lest we be cursed with worse.

  134. seattle girl Says:

    My neighbor’s dog managed to eat in one piece an entire 3′ x 5′ area rug!

  135. Cathy Says:

    I have 2 terrior rescue dogs both about 5 years old. O’Riely (a 30lbs Welsh terrior) has eaten countless mice, birds, beer bottle caps, socks, leather shoes (the right ones only, mostly in black), paper, bills, coins, knee highs, socks, underwear, a bottle of Loratadine (knock off Claritan), a candle, plastic bottles, plastic bottle caps, receipts, fur off of his toys, toy stuffing, squeakers…
    Our other dog James (a 70lbs Airedal) has eaten, tissue, toilet paper, dental floss, used sanitary napkins, a battery, tape, hair, dog fur while trimming the other dogs, and as of yesterday a wild bunny whole (and possible still alive).
    Between the 2 of them they have also caught and killed mice, a squirell, a possum (they do play dead!), birds, a skunk, and who knows what else.
    Peroxide is a good way to get all dogs to throw things up, especially works on small dogs…we learned this early on.
    (I am currently up with James who ate the bunny about 12 hours ago and decided to throw up now)

  136. Courtney Says:

    DOG PROOF YOUR HOME! they are just like children and you are entitled to make sure they can’t get things that would be dangerous if ingested!

    I have a boxer, notorious for killing her toys in no time flat… she can crush, destroy, and eat a tennis ball within an hour. She kills the squeaker in every squeaky toy and then un-stuffs them…

    She chewed the door way in our apartment (my roommate had locked her in the garage alone and she has anxiety issues).

    My brother’s dog ate a cell phone, remote control, fishing lure, baseball caps, socks, shoes, the leg off of the dining room table, etc…

    Be careful what you leave out, especially around puppies.
    AND take them for walks and runs as much as possible!!!
    When they’re tired they sleep instead of chew…

    If you were locked in a house all day with nothing to do you might chew up the walls and furniture too!

  137. Marisue zorens Says:

    Petie my boxer puppy has eaten two rocks and lots of foil (makes for sparkly poop) but nothing else so far (he’s still young..)
    Riley my older boxer has eaten a wad of paper towels, a bottle of vanilla extract, a roll of pennies (we watched nervously as he “decreased in value” over the next few days)a four- foot length of string from the carpet that was not so much fun on the way out, all the fragrance samples from several magazines (interesting breath that time) several rosebushes, thorns and all, and my paycheck.
    and that was all before he was a year old.

  138. Ally Says:

    My bloodhound ate 2lbs of chocolate and didn’t get sick,a 50lb pound bag of dog food,3 things if butter,a four foot roll of string,2 bags of raspberry cookies,and an unbelievable amount of shoes and socks.

  139. ashley Says:

    my pit bull mix, stryker once almost ate my #1 favorate stuffed doll! LOL

  140. Debbie Says:

    My 7 month old Chi brought a penny in the bathroom this morning… I was so glad I saw it before she ate it. She eats puppy pads, phone books,cardboard boxes that the puppy pads come in. Her name is Mojito Carona,(aka Mojo) guess what we were doing before we went to get her!!

  141. Melanie Says:

    I have a lab mix who has not eaten anything odd until lately….She would always bring me everything she found on the floor..since she was 6 weeks old..tacks glass combs brushes…She now will rip and eat the tags off of pillows..She use to always rip them off but now she eats them..does not mess with the pillows just the tags. We reciently purchased a house and found a dead bird in the back yard when we moved in.My husband went to go remove it and it was gone..I found some feathers on the stairs and…My 8 month old lab must be part cat.

  142. chris Says:

    I just got back from the vet, my min pin swallowed a large steak bone sunday night. He’s never had bones before so i figured id give him something to chew on. Big mistake. The next morning severe diarrhea and vomiting had developed. I stayed with him all day and it only seemed to get worse. I’ve been up all night researching possible causes (the bone was the last thing on my mind) i was thinking parvo or distemper. Then I remembered the bone. all the symptoms matched up. Took him to the vet this morning they x-rayed him but they didnt see any bone in his stomach/intestines. So he apparently chewed the bone up and as it worked its way through his system it sliced him up real bad. He has a severe infection, actually gone “septic”. They are going to keep him overnight to administer fluids and antibiotics. He’s gonna make it thank god…12-24 more hours and i would have lost him!

  143. bikerval Says:

    My Alaskan Klee Kai chewed up a package of fly fish hooks. We put the packaging together as best we could, counted hooks, and there were 3 missing. Took her to vet where an x-ray confirmed the hooks were inside her. Luckily they were almost all the way through by then. Next morning she expelled them with nary a problem. I have the x-ray and the hooks. A fun conversation piece. Ha-ha!

  144. amadbird Says:

    We saved a very sick lil am. pit from the pound. Rhoda always seemed starving and needed to fill the void.
    In her 2 years of existence she atE
    Rib bone whole at 12 weeks (gave her hdro perox to vomit back up…my boyfriend first tried to stick his finger down her throat while holding her upside down in a panic really REALLY funny)
    every pair of flipflops and sandals I owned
    4 or 5 remotes, 2 telephones and a number of cords, the bottom of our bed eaten to the mattress, rotten siding of a neighbors house, any bug/cig butt that she crossed paths with, litter boxes full of cat poop and vomited a stomach full once in the back seat of my car :(
    whole pieces of raw hide strips in one gulp like a vacuume, so much dog food at a friends house she looked like a goat about 2 or 3 times, always the socks, our dinner, a loaf of banana bread and the metal tin, pens, pencils, books magazines, she hearted the stuffing out of pillows and toys, a babies diaper…the wierdest jelly poop I have ever seen…ever, fishing line, yarn, uderwear, tamps and pads, zippers sometimes but always the pulls. She ate alot of garbage out of the cans but NEVER EVER dumped them over or left any evidence until dookie time.
    No, she did not leave this place due to her strange eating habits!

  145. Rev. Claudia Says:

    I had a husky/golden retriever mix who ate my neighbor’s plastic duck yard ornament. I didn’t realize it until she pooped it out later. I apologized to my neighbor and offered to buy her another duck. She also ate a stump in the yard although it took her a while.

  146. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  147. liesl Says:

    My 12 year old jack russell terrier mix ate my internet cable, apparently distressed by an extended stay with the dog sitter. $3300 later the vet surgeon handed me a plastic ziploc filled with wire – his stomach compressed the chewed wire to a point it was kielbasa-shaped.

  148. Amy Says:

    My miniature schnauzer puppy chewed up a night light late last night. I found him hiding under the kitchen table with shards of glass in front of him and the bottom of the night light in his mouth. I noticed his tongue was cut & bleeding. I approached him and he ran. I had to throw him a treat to get him to drop the night light. I am pretty sure he didn’t swallow any pieces of the bulb…but couldn’t be sure. So…I took him to the vet for tests this morning. The vet is keeping Maverick for the day and will let me know as soon as he is finished. I’m going to be worrying all day about the little guy. But…I’m sure he is going to be alright. I’ll send an update soon.

  149. Grace Says:

    Our 10-month-old retriever (*shrug*) mix is an escape artist and an avid panty-chewer. He focuses his destructive habits primarily on my things – underwear, flip-flops, knitting and sewing supplies, a fleece blanket, stuffed toys – even pulls *ahem* hygiene items out of the bathroom garbage cans to gnaw. Somebody’s getting fitted for a basket muzzle ASAP.

  150. Carla Says:

    Had a corgi that would eat the crotch out of women’s panties, discarded sanitary napkins and Qtips. He also, unknown to me, chewed the bound edge off of a bright reddish-orange bath towel. I let him in one evening from time in the yard only to find about 12″ of something red hanging from his bum. I thought it was a huge worm, but soon discovered upon pulling out nearly 3 feet of it that it was not a worm. Whew! Ultimately a stuck sock ended his “dietary indiscretions”. A former neighbor’s dog ate a bank deposit of 2 $100.00 bills. She took the dog to the vet who induced vomitting, cleaned off the bits of the cash and took them to the bank and they actually replaced them! The dog DID NOT, however, eat the paperclip holding the deposit together! My good friend’s wild child Bernese puppy has consumed his leather lead this afternoon, which prompted my surfing and stumbling on this post. Hopefully little Neil will be OK!!

  151. Douglas Thornton Says:

    My son’s Brittany was acting very sick and sluggish with nauseau when he ate. ONe night he collapsed and we rushed him to the vet. After several days, extensive lab tests and xrays (even barium), we still could not identify what was going on. On the 3rd day after the barium xray the doc tried one more film and saw something strange. Exploratory surgery revealed a 4 inch corn cob that the neighbor had thrown across the fence when feeding scraps (I had asked many times for her not to do this). This had totally blocked his intestine. It apparently would cause a blockage and then move giving some relief and then cause another blockage. This pattern had been apparently working its way very slowly through the system for 3 or 4 weeks before it became critical. Anyway, after 7 days in the hospital and $2000 later we finally got to bring him home.

  152. Josh Says:

    I had a problem when my golden retriever “Butterscotch” a chicken bones that were inside a plastic bag. We thought we were going to lose him. we lucked out and he came out of it all right!

  153. bradley Says:

    my dog ate all most every one of my marbels i got them all back though

  154. Laila Says:

    I came across this site because my youngest golden just chewed up and swallowed a section of my rug, about twelve inches long.I have three golden retrievers and over the years they have eaten anything that came their way-which isnt much since I try to keep the house spotless. They did however manage chewing the sofas, tables, chairs, flip flops, socks, a set of plates from over the dressing table,rugs etc-I used to get worked up about the flip flops because I thought they could be dangerous but realized it was normal.The only time my dog has ever fallen sick was after eating a 10 pound birthday cake ordered for a party, he jumped onto the kitchen counter and ripped the box apart before gobbling it all up when I was in the bath(thank god it wasnt chocolate).After reading this article, I am so glad they havent eaten any knives and medicine.

  155. Julia Says:

    Hey everyone. We’re looking to put together a show on Animal Planet based around the crazy things that dogs have eaten. Obviously most of your dogs on here fit this category, so if you have pictures, x-rays, the more the better and would be interested in being on the show with your dog you can contact me via the website attached by clicking on my name. Thank you everybody!

  156. Lynn Says:

    A week ago, our mixed breed dog ate a can of cat food that I absentmindedly left on a counter. And I do mean ate the CAN. Most of it passed from her system, but she still has a twisted piece, a little less than an inch long, in her stomach. Vet bills are already astronomical, but we’re wondering whether it’s safe to watch and hope for the final piece to safely make its way out.

  157. Judy Says:

    So our Golden has yet again eaten a lethal object. He has eaten an entire birthday cake, a beanie baby, countless amounts of wrapped food wrappers and all. Did you know skittles bags go in red and come out red?? A clam shell which he actually vomitted up and it took me awhile to figure out what it was as it looked like ground glass. An entire bag of cat food (10lb) which left him bloated and panting for a day or so. His most recent escapade was 3 gift boxes filled with X-mas baking, ate the boxes, ribbons, and the aluminum food containers inside. He still has shiny stools! Festive!! This dog will die of ingesting something I am sure.

  158. Erin Says:

    My golden retriever puppy just ate a chunk out of our very expensive Chesterfield leather couch. She has also eaten several frozen “poopsicles” lately. She has cost us a fortune!

  159. Erin Says:

    My other golden retriever ate my husband’s passport.

  160. Tanya Says:

    I had to pull an almost complete white plastic grocery bag from our rotti Ben’s butt. He also ate two boxes of cake mix, box of cereal, Christmas decorations and several toys.
    Rest in peace my boy.

  161. Catherine Selm Says:

    I have 2 dogs. I learned the hard way last night to keep every single food tainted thing away from them behind a door,or in a closet! Yesterday, I walked thru the living room when I got home, into what looked like a big blob of marshmallow fluff. Nice scraping that off a gym shoe and rug !! A dog had knocked over a glass canister of sugar on the dining room table- and the cork top fell out. No sugar was left on the table surface, and nothing else had been moved. He carried it into the living room to the couch, crushed the jar and devour @ 2 cups of white sugar. From the small shards I found, he ate (or I just can’t find) 2″ by 6″ area of glass. There was no glass in the vomited “fluff” and just a tinge of blood. The ER Vet said to monitor, and bring the dog in if there was more vomiting or any bloody stool. They felt it would pass,and I gave bread to them both for some bulk to help the glass pass through easier. I did not have any cotton balls or Metamucil. I would have tried the cotton balls soaked in something tasty too. Those were Online tricks. It’s been 36 hours and all seems ok. I could not find their poop outside to examine it. I am giving them more bread tonight.

  162. Stephen Willis Says:

    I don’t have time to read all the comments but just in case no one has mentioned it, be aware that swallowing a zinc penny, that is any penny made 1988 or later, can kill a dog with zinc poisoning. I think that lots of vets don’t even know about this.

  163. A Tuttle Says:

    well i feel better dogs are like children you think it is only yours… my bullmastiff puppy has eaten countless pairs of socks, hair ties, underwear and what ever other cloth she can get her mouth on.
    some she has thrown up and some has gone right through her.
    i cant leave her alone for a second and she is only 5 months old!
    she had string or cloth hanging from her butt as well one night..not sure it was dark but i had to gently pull it out for her…
    luckily she is ok

  164. Dodger Says:

    My labrador retriever got ahold of a warehouse-sized bottle of freeze dried onion flakes and ate them all. I called the emergency vet and was told he’d have diarrhea but he’d be fine. Thank goodness I checked the internet to find out that onions cause hemolytic anemia. When he was urinating blood the next morning I rushed him to emergency. It was touch and go for several days as to whether he’d survive. He was given around the clock supportive care. He doesn’t seem to have any long term affects from it and continues to find other things to test my patience!!

  165. Spy Phone Guy Says:

    I come here every day to look at the pictures!

  166. köpek Says:

    My neighbor’s dog managed to eat in one piece an entire 3? x 5? area rug and pictures

  167. lucky Says:

    my dog ate a celphone a computer mouse about 6 books 22 airs of socks 6 pairs of underwear a 2 inch long knife some packs of maccoroni 5 tissues boxes with the tissues a kitten from my cat it survived some how and it ate 42 sillybands and 402 rubber bands,a backback and last but not least a small can.

  168. Kitkat Says:

    Omg! im flipping out! My dog, a white lab, just at all my sisters easter Candy… including the wrappers! He at tinfoil, wraapers, milk chocolate, resses, home-made white chocolate things, ect. it was one of those gallon plastic bags, only filled up like 1/4 of the way but still. His stomach is like twice the size. But he is running around acting like hes fine, i am telling him to lie down tho. God please save him! He means the world to me!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  169. Mary Says:

    1st off……..You absolutely can not flush tampons down the toilet. Have you ever seen how large a single tampon can expand??? My mother just had to pay 10000.00 and have her back yard torn up and the repair man brought 20 huge gigantic water bloated tampons that had created a huge block in the pipes. Soo…..there you are.

    Anyways…..great site! My mini dachsund and my giant shnauzer have eaten all the controls in the house…..a new x box controller…..8 pillows…….and oh the little knocked down a glass leaf candy bowl full of chocolate and ate the glass and chocolate. She is fine lol

  170. Marie Says:

    My 60lb lab/boxer/golden mix has eaten 7 Cadbury Eggs (foil and all) and just recently about 6 or so used tampons. When she was a puppy she would chew up the normal items like undies, socks, etc. Now that she is 5 maybe her appetite for being naughty has increased :-) She was fine after all her episodes! Gotta love ‘em!

  171. bestiphonespy Says:

    My dog ate untold pairs of socks untold stuffed animals and once he even ate a fishing lure lol

  172. Dave K Says:

    My small poodle ate a long length of yarn, has vomited a 10′ piece, followed by three 3 ft. pieces. The vet said either pay $1800 estimated on surgery or put her to sleep. Looking for advice as we cannot afford the cost of surgery

  173. Lora Says:

    Our Weim. ate a venison shish-kabok, including the bamboo stick. He pooped the stick out in two pieces, probably 3″ and 5″ pieces.

  174. ken K Says:

    I have a 5 year old mix breed “pound hound” I’ve had since he was a pup that has just recently taken to chewing on / eating things like the TV remote controll, steel nail clippers, batteries, metal butane lighters, and his latest achievment – my portable electric shaver.

  175. Jennifer Says:

    A greyhound we had ate a two pound bag of raw rice. Her stomach bloated up to a very large size and she pooped rice patties for about a week. She loved to eat dog collars, leashes, and even ate a basket muzzle.

  176. Linda Says:

    Just back from the vet after our 6 month old lab ate the zipper and buckle off a pair of slacks. Hopefully the buckle will pass. I gave him a big bowl of rice to provide bulk. Crazy labs!!

  177. nina Says:

    hey dog parents!

    i’m working on a show about the crazy things that dogs have eaten and the funny/interesting stories that go along with them. a lot of you guys have such entertaining stories and i’d love to get in touch with you about them and put you, your dog and your vet on TV!! i believe you can get in touch with me by clicking on my name… in case you were wondering – here are my favorites!

    cat food including the tin
    picinic table
    little sisters hamster whole
    xmas tree
    food dye (in turn having bright green poo!)
    a long thing of yarn with the sausage looking poo
    a mop
    15 cds
    sleeping bag
    birth control
    entire pot of chili
    fly fish hooks
    husbands passports

    please get in touch and have a great weekend!!!!
    (and if you have any other good stories please get in touch!!)

  178. Brian Smith Says:

    My 4 year old Black Lab, Duke just had surgery today 6-3-2010 to remove a large Ziploc Freezer bag that was blocking any food from entering the intestines. He had to have about 6 inches of intestine removed as the tissue had died having been cut off from fresh blood flow for two plus days. X-rays were inconclusive as to the blockage due to it being clear plastic. We could see something was there but were not able to clearly define what was causing the blockage. Surgery lasted about two hours and he should make a full recovery. We are now in the process of determining which pet insurance plan we need to buy as this trip to the hospital was…well “cancel my summer vacation” expensive.

  179. kimmy Says:

    I have had dachshunds and those little rascals ate everything…especially the underwear…only the boy dogs ate the girl underwear and the girl dogs ate the boys…what the heck? chiliburger always ate hair and couldnt pass it. it looked like a little poopie in mid air floating behind her as she flipped out!!!
    now my bassett hound had sense. we caught her one night with the fridge door open and she had punctured some holes in a milk carton and was quenching her slobbering thirst in the dark with only the fridge light illuminating her and her dripping long ears. If I would of taped it I could of sent her in for a “got milk” commercial :)

  180. can dogs eat Says:

    Wow crazy article, even crazier comments. Just goes to show dogs will anything, not just food. I found my dog eating tampons last week and it was not a pretty sight.

  181. DANNY Says:


  182. Shannon Says:

    Firstly, the whole idea about tampons is to flush them. They only expand double and no more, but inside a dog, well, this could get dangerous of course.

    Second, I have two Garbage eating Goldens who made me go on the lookout for a really good garbage can. at walmart I found the mainstays tall stainless steel one with a removeable basket is impermeable… meaning neither one can get into it when it is shut. They have both lost weight and I have stopped my nightly routine of cleaning up garbage when I get home from work.

  183. Samantha Says:

    we have a pug/norweigan elkhound mix..
    she is 1. and she has eaten a variety of items thus far:

    my green ear plugs for sleeping (bf snores and NO i do not clean them off and use them again..ew)
    bf’s 200$ bluetooth ear piece
    bf’s toy car collectables
    stuffing from her bed, couch stuffing, ciggy butts found outside, acorns, dirt, rocks, t.p., female monthlys… used i might add… gross, paper, plastic bowls, i could go on forever!
    she’s still a ‘pup’ and i dread when she gets older and eats everything we own lol
    although, it seems she likes my bf stuff more than mine, so hopefully i’m in the clear :) (that was wrong lol)

  184. Zipity Says:

    Wow! I mentioned peroxide making a dog puke in my
    comments. I’m not sure if it was my comment you were talking about, but if it was, I’m glad I saved a doggy’s life!!!

  185. Taylor Says:

    I have a 2 year old english bull terrier who in his 2 years of life has had 5 operations because he has ate : my brothers toy cars , a 4 foot long towel , part of the trampoline , my brothers teckdeck skateboard, and last but not least they has to put tongs down his throat and get out my dad’s work boot which was lodged in his throat :)

  186. Carrie Says:

    My dog ate a Brillo pad. I know because I found a dogpoop-shaped brillo pad in the yard. What a way to cleanse one’s bowels!

  187. Paul Wilson Says:

    I already had ~99 reasons NOT to own a dog. This is reason #100. That, plus all the unprovoked dog attacks on children, mailmen, etc.

  188. Kym Says:

    We have a rescued 9 Month old Lab and Wire Haired Terrier Mix. She is completely insane! She loves her Cat Box Rochette’s(aka poop!). But her Favorite thing to eat , is my Dinning room Chairs. Out of 6 Chairs she has eaten all of the support pieces between the legs of the chairs. Only the Kids can sit at the Table now because the chairs wont support a adults weight. We had friends over for dinner. When our Friends Wife sat down to eat, the chair collapsed and she fell to the floor!

    Her second favorite thing to eat is Baby doll’s and Barbies. She also will eat any Stuffed animal that looks like a Dog.All others are safe. Her favorite one is a Stuffed Wolf. We are a bilingual family and we spent so much time chasing her through the house Yelling Drop the Muneca that she started coming to the Name Muneca, which means Doll in Spanish. Ever wondered how long the battery inside a singing barbie doll can last? Apparently it lasts for 2 Plus days. We have a Blond Barbie who was chewed so badly she has no arms or legs and wont stop singing. Makes it very easy for the Dog to find HER toy again. On the other hand. Anytime she finishes chewing up a stuffed animal we hit the Thrift store and buy more for a quarter. Cheapest Dog toys ever!

  189. Danielle Says:

    My 4 month old cavelier x mini poodle The first came out in his poop whole & I am waiting on the 2nd one to make its way out (he ate it last night). He also eats anything of paper & cardboard, cotton wool balls, he chewed right through my lap top cord, he has eaten 3 whole sausages that he stole off a plate at a bbq….

  190. Phil Says:

    Came across this site trying to work out why our Staff keeps eating metal items (buttons, shoe buckles) and must say thanks to those above for the most entertaining read in months!

    I have to wonder though how the hell a dog gets to eat used sanitary pads and tampons – flush the damns things. Surely they don’t go in the bin? Jeez!

  191. GSD Owner Says:

    these lists amaze me! We have a 16 week old German Shepherd and have two x pens in our house, one in the family room and once in the kitchen with dog toys, etc. in them.

    We leave NOTHING on the floors or table tops, all doors are closed to bedrooms. etc. There are baby gates to other rooms.

    So as a result he has not gotten into anything.

  192. Pete Says:

    Have any of you never heard of exercise pens, crates and tethering your dog in the house when out of those?

    Confine the dog when not attended or when you are working with food. Move items up and away from them.

  193. Anna Says:

    My cousin’s lab Cocoa used to eat her “cheaters” (knee high nylons). When I first got my pug Sissy, she got a hold of a bottle of moisturizer; she had no trouble pooping for a week! I also have a Boston Terrier, but he has never ate anything that he wasn’t supposed to.

  194. KC Says:

    Our bernese mt. dog has eaten many socks and sponges, which we find – routinely- as “processed” statuary in the yard. The most amazing thing, though, was the three foot long ace bandage. It just kept coming and coming and coming… the poor thing couldn’t get away from her poo tail!

  195. Gabby Says:

    LOL! a 13 inch knoife? ROPE! and fliping nitting needles! AHHAHAHHAAHHAHH!! :) that sure made me giggle x

  196. Lauree Says:

    A friend of mine had a dog who ate a pair of nylons. The dog started to poop it out but couldn’t finish. My friend had to grab and finish the job. Ewww. The only issue my dog has is he can’t have any stuffed animal doggie toys. He tears them up quick, even the ones made of fire hose material. Pretty lucky I guess considering other stories.

  197. Andrea Says:

    I used to work at a veterinary clinic and the vet told me about this one dog who ate a thong and had to have surgery to remove it. When the dr. showed the owners (a husband and wife with no children) what was in their dog’s stomach, the wife looked at the husband and demanded to know who’s thong it was. Needless to say, the dr. wanted to get out of that room fast.

  198. Nikki Says:

    OH MY GOD! I thought my bulldog, maddie was bad.
    she’s eaten countless items in her puppy years, 50 coathangers, 2 blankets, destroyed a lazy boy, at least 5 pairs of flip flops, a baseboard of a wall, laminate flooring. once she ate a throw blanket and ended up getting bloat and almost died. it was scary, but she survived.
    I once pulled 2 one dollar bills from her poo. (i thought maybe it was a hundred.. i had to.) she can’t have rope toys either, cause she has a real hard time passing them.

  199. Janice Says:

    My dog Molly, a five year old black lab/border collie cross, ate a hand towel two weeks ago. At the time, I didn’t know what she had gotten into, but a trip to the vet, xrays and a subsequent barium study showed a blockage. Two days later she underwent a four hour surgery to remove the foreign body from her intestines and stomache.

    It’s been two weeks since the surgery, and she’s still quite ill. She is throwing up yellow bile several times a day, and it’s difficult to get her to eat. Since the surgery, I’ve dropped her off at the veterinary hospital everyday for monitoring because of the vomiting. Very sadly, the anti-vomitting medication she’s on doesn’t seem to be working.

    The staff and vet have been great, but I think they are stumped. Today they told me there is nothing else they can do, and if it continues, I will have to take her to a specialist.

    Has anyone else with a pet that underwent major intestinal surgery experienced this? If so, any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!

  200. Lindsay Says:

    My Bulldog was just diagnosed with a mass on his spleen. It was bleeding and if he didn’t have surgery, he would have bled out. So today he has surgery and they found a large black Powerade cap in his stomach. Who knows how long it was there for. But that was the mass and that’s what was making him bleed.
    Have you ever seen how large a Powerade cap is!!

  201. Matt Smith Says:

    My 175 pound bull mastiff ate a bunch of beef rib bones acting a little weird threw up once and loose stoole half his appitite?

  202. Lauren Says:

    I have a terrier mix that is completely normal when it comes to eating random things, but her kitten brother is a mystery! Does anyone know of a CAT that can keep up to all the beloved dogs on this list? Honestly, in his year of life, he has managed to eat:
    3 loaves of bread stolen from the cupboard,
    4 dishcloths,
    A couple of socks,
    Drawstrings from pants and hoodies, AND…
    Was just taken to the vet this weekend where our sweet veterinarian pulled a wad of around 30 hair elastics out of his tiny stomach!! The wad is half the size of your fist. The elastics had been eaten progressively over time, but he was unable to pass them, so they just built up inside of our little guy! He’s on the mend, and his mama is going on a hunt to find any stray hair elastics so this never happens again!! Thanks for all the great stories… :)

  203. Sammy Says:

    My dog Sadie (Border Collie) was 2 or 3 and a box of 24 crayola crayons went missing… We saw the paper in her poo for like a week… She has not eaten anything since but does raid the trash and (without even chewing it) brings it to any and all rooms in the house and leaves it in a corner.
    My cat also had a bit of tinsel sticking out of her mouth once so i took it and pulled… she had swallowed all but the tip of like 2 feet of tinsel! she puked once alfter i pulled it out and there was more tinsel (ugh) but she has never tried to eat it again.

  204. Brittany Says:

    my dog fritz ate some…

    1.chicken bones 3 times tink toys
    3. steel tow boots
    5.his bed 5 times
    6. my bed
    and a lot more

  205. stev Says:

    my dog eat chicken & fish bones…
    hopefuly wont hurt my dog ..

  206. iPad 2 Movies Download Says:

    Give me some ideas on how will I prevent my dog from biting our remote control. Thanks.

  207. louanne studer Says:

    my friend’s dog is constantly ” passing” socks – she eats them constantly and then they eventually come out the other end – but it has landed her at the vet a couple times and resulted in expensive xrays – any ideas on dissuading dogs from eating socks, clothes etc?

  208. singleblogger Says:

    It is amazing what dogs eat and pass…I can’t believe the one about the 13 inch knife. My dog has eaten a headset earpiece (it’s rubber). I was so happy when she passed it. :)

  209. Kelsey Says:

    My staffy became very ill last week so we took him to the vets and they said they could feel something in his intestines! They told us he needed operating on straight away. When they called me after the operation, they told me it was a babies dummy. I told her my son hadn’t had a dummy for 6 months. She told me it was green with no teat on it, just the plastic and he must of picked it up on a walk, I told her “that is my sons dummy cause I found the teat in his poo when my son still had dummies!” Can’t believe it has been in him for 6months!!!

  210. Alison Says:

    My puppy has done nothing compared to you guys’, but it has been exactly 2 months since my dog was shot 3 times in the head,By MY NEIGHBOR.But my puppy,BigRed has eaten a pinecone,paper,and kisses wrapping paper.She has also eeaten my hair. She is sweet,though. I miss my dog,his name was Ozzy :’(
    Shitty neighbor.:/

  211. Alison Says:

    The knife X-rays were frightening to see. Glad the dog is okay:)

  212. Becky Says:

    In the 3 months I’ve had my now 6 month old chocolate lab he has so far eaten:

    1 stick of deoderant, too many toilet paper rolls to count, various rocks, dry wall, insolation, cork board, an english report, a check for the orthodontist, his brush, and I’m just estimating here but most likely 3 to 4 times his weight in wood.

    He once tried to bring a branch that was 7 feet long into the house. My mother taught him to chew socks, and my father taught him to drink from the toilet. He goes and get’s covered in mud, then goes and lays on my bed…

  213. louanne studer Says:

    my friend’s dog eats whole socks all the time

  214. Kevin Holt Says:

    I cannot believe some of the things you irresponsible owners allow your dogs to eat.
    Socks and underwear? Don’t be lazy pick them off the floor and put them in a laundry basket out of the way..

    Condoms and tampons? You are disgusting.

    Knives?… Keep them out of reach…

  215. Bre Says:

    It seems like labs are a very popular breed to eat everything imaginable! Saying that, we have a 7 month old who ate the knitted blanket we put in his cage for him the other day. Needless to say, it came up alright. Two days later and after projectile vomiting it up at 4am. I’m sure I’ll be able to joke about it in the future but boy is it scarey when it’s happening!!!

  216. tray Says:

    Voice of Illogical Reason you in fact CAN NOT flush a tampon if you have a septic field, look it up.

    My 7mo puppy has eaten several packs of cigarettes, I have induced vomiting several times but tonight I noticed she left the butts behind, I am not inducing vomiting I am monitoring to see if her behavior changes.

  217. crystal Says:

    My beagle..Harlie….was having a hard going number two…and you could tell she generally didn’t feel well….the next day I got her into the vets, and the Dr said she didn’t know what she had swallowed, but by examining her rear end, she said she knew it was something pointy and Sharp. Gave us meds to help her go….$100 later I take her out to the car to leave five minutes down the road, I smelled something horribly bad….thought maybe she had just passed some gas…I continued to smell it, and looked down on my cars gear shift, and there it was….she had finally popped….after examining it..she had slowed a needle, and thread!!

  218. Tracey McGookin Says:

    My male staffy chews everything. I need to check his poo a lot of the time! There has been a few £10 and £20 notes, u know when he’s ate crayons as his poo is multi-coloured! when he has a chew rope toy I need to follow him round the garden when he’s doing the toilet to pull out lines of coloured string!! He ate a babies dummy (pacifier) and when it passed through it was 3 times the original size. He loves socks and knickers (especially the ones out of the dirty laundry) and balls (tennis and footballs) are a favourite but his most favourite is plastic bottles which I take off him as the he breaks off the plastic which is sharp and it cuts his gums (and god knows what else on it’s way down!)

  219. Kathryn Says:

    OMG these stories are shocking! now i wonder what my dog could have eaten without my knowlege!

  220. miss grumpy Says:

    I hav a 11 month old fawn shar pei puppy n he is the craziest dog I hav evr hav. He loves to chew on only plastic things. He doest just chew them he eats them as well. When u try to take it from him he starts running really crazy. He throws everythng that we hav on top of tables and stools. He eats the plastic water hose,plastic waterbottles,sticks,cotton,wood,blankets,toys,seeds,shoes, trash cans,brooms,recojedores, jus pretty much any thing. Thank god that he till now is doing good:)

  221. The kid Says:

    My dog ate one of those egg shaped chapsticks . He got at the same one twice. the first time he chewed up the outside the second time he got it open (I don’t know how)and ate all of the chapstick luckily he is ok

  222. Puppy troubles Says:

    My 5mo old Wirehaired pointing griffon was chewing on his lead and within 2 min of me not Espresso metro on 11th and Freeport is open all day Tomorow. How is that?watching him broke open the lil plastic doggy bone that holds his poo bags and connects to your leash…he must have eaten the entire roll of poo bags. They were no where to be found. It has been 3 days. He is acting fine, I have fed him can pumpkin to see if it comes out, good thing I recently purchased pet insurance. I hope he won’t need surgery

  223. Puppy troubles Says:

    How long before your dogs started to show signs of agitation? Or how long before they either pooped or vomited these items out?

  224. Mary Says:

    My 14 year old chi, Sherry went in for blood work that came back with nitrogen at 90. It should be at 30. I can’t find my new tennis elbow arm band. It disappeared the night before we went to the vet for blood work. It has a nitrogen pillow in it. Sherry is healthy, happy and not showing any signs of kidney faliure. I’m thinking she chewed my arm band before going in for bloodwork, then hid it really well so I can’t find the evidence. I’m taking her in tomorrow for liquid theripy just in case it is her kidneys. She won’t like that. Naughty dog!

  225. karen Says:

    you would think after the first unusual meal, people would be more careful about what they leave lying around for it to eat! A lot of these people actually think it funny while watching their dog doing these things. How sad. If you know your dog eats these things, you need to crate the dog while away or have someone babysit.

  226. Hannah Says:

    You may find it hard to belive but just today my yellow lab ate a Disney infinity character! My little brother left it on the table and when we came back from our neighbors house the Lone Ranger was torn to bits. All she left was the head and the feet. We are seriously worried sick and we are praying she passes it and taking her to the vet would be way to expensive ( at least $200) but if it came to i guess we would just do anything for our beloved pets!

  227. dubby Says:

    My 2 year old pitbull her name is gotti eats/chews everything the worst was aaa batterys although she did not swallow the actual battery she ingested acid on top of scareing me half to death i rushed her to the vet she needed immiadiat surgury which lightend my wallet to the tune of $3000 that had to be paid in full before they eould do anything to help gotti

  228. Jeff Says:

    My dog ate, nobody here is going to believe this, ……….his food. No socks, knives or tampons etc. 99% of the people that posted a message here are trash.

  229. Susan Says:

    My brother’s dog ate a print cartridge from his computer and died a few weeks later. She was a english setter 7.5 years old. They still have her sister.

  230. The Best Thing I Ever Ate Meat Fest Episode | New Adsense Trick Says:

    […] The Most Shocking Things Ever Found Inside Of A Dog’s … – As the owner of a two year old Golden Retriever, I can readily attest to the fact that most dogs seem to be part goat. In the two years I have owned my dog she has eaten:… […]

  231. The Best Thing I Ever Ate Olde Pink House | New Adsense Trick Says:

    […] The Most Shocking Things Ever Found Inside Of A Dog’s … – As the owner of a two year old Golden Retriever, I can readily attest to the fact that most dogs seem to be part goat. In the two years I have owned my dog she has eaten:… […]

  232. Brifgrtt Fowler Says:

    I was quite shocked by some of the comments here. I loved the suggestions of help. I was searching for an answer to why my small chua Tiny has a fancy to a cardboard box that he woke me up, tearing it into confetti, until it is now two pieces of cardboard. He has doggie toys, that he chewed the eyes and plastic noses off of,(I removed these when they were loose enough before he could chew them off, and swallow). He was born in my bed…I didn’t know his mother was pregnant. He is my third pup I have ever had in my adult age. He loves to pull stuffing out of his toys, mamma’s throw pillows on the couches, and holey pillows on our bed. When he was a young pup, momma gave him a house shoe she didn’t want, and he loved that shoe. His rope/ball toy, in a two month or less period he had done defuzzed, and chewed that ball into small pieces, that I threw away. I didn’t want him to get hurt, I won’t give him chicken, pork chop, or fish bones, but a couple good size ham bones have lasted him contently since Easter. He has tried the chewing on live plugs but he has found out, they bite. I monitor what he is doing, if he is allowed to chew on that or not. He is like a child and teaching is our job. To raise him, like my family, and love him as he loves me. I have to watch other’s in the house, if my grandson leaves his toys on the floor, Tiny thinks he just got some new chew toys. Drop a sock , Tiny will have it down the hall way playing with it. Leave your flip-flops or shoes in the living room or down where he can get it, and those flip-flops might not have a toe strap or vent holes in the toes of your good teeny shoes. Puppies chew just like babies chew to cut and sharpen their teeth. They have to be taught what they can be chewing on and what they can’t chew on. If a stern no doesn’t work, then try a stern no, and a plain spray bottle of water. Remember if the table or counter top is not high enough, then go higher, or try child proof latches on cupboards and drawers. If it isn’t safe for a child, or baby….is it safe for our four legged children? If they don’t stay out of the bathroom trash, then close the bathroom door, or put a latch on it, to lock when you are not home. Have a great day, and may every one’s pets be safe.

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