Ask The Dog Guide: Pregnant Dog?

December 19th, 2007 by Dan

Question: I think my dog may be pregnant but how do I make sure? How long would she be pregnant for?

Answer: Gestation time in dogs lasts approximately 60-63 days. While there can be some visible signs of pregnancy (obvious weight gain, swelling of the nipples) as well as occasional personality changes (toy hoarding, protectiveness, over affection), it is quite likely an inexperienced pet owner may not know what is at the bottom of all of these transitions (there could be an underlying health problem or behavioral issue occuring). Pregnancy can only be determined with 100% accuracy by taking your dog into the vet and having an x-ray done to look for the skeletons of the puppies that could be growing. However this step can only be taken after the pregnancy has progressed 45 days

We highly recommend spaying and neutering to pet owners! Female dogs can avoid life-threatening uterine infections (Pyometra) as well as mammary tumors when they are spayed at an early age. While Pyometra can be treated if caught early enough, the dog must be spayed during an emergency surgery and undergo a difficult recovery. Why not prevent this before it occurs? Also, the pet over-population problem is out of control and needs to be addressed. With every accidental litter brought into this world, another shelter dog looses a chance at a loving home or even its life.


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    [...] Bill 2525 would drastically change the lives of those dogs born into commercial kennels. It specifies that the minimum floorspace for dogs be doubled, eliminates wire flooring completely, and requires access to an outdoor exercise area twice the size of the dog’s indoor enclosure. Current laws give no specification about flooring and don’t even say that dogs have to be removed from cages – ever. The bill will also require kennel owners to have veterinary examinations done yearly on all dogs or on females during each pregnancy. [...]

  3. Samantha Says:

    i have more of a question. my rat terrior is preg. shes been pregnant for about two months and all she does is sleep. is she ok? are the puppies ok?

  4. Saydrah Says:


    I’m not Dan but, my gosh! If you are worried that your terrier or her pups aren’t okay, why haven’t you taken her to the vet yet? Dogs can give birth as early as 57 days into pregnancy, and 63 days is as late as they should go. Has she had x-rays? Do you know how many pups are in there?

    If your dog is pregnant you should know things like how to take her heart and respiratory rate, as well as her temperature. When her temp starts to drop, babies may be on their way. However if she has been pregnant for 60 days and no signs of labor have started, hurry up and get to the vet right away! She could have any number of problems with the pregnancy causing her to be lethargic and not deliver the litter. Or, she could just be tired because her body is busy producing new lives.

    In either case, what are you waiting for? Don’t sit at home and worry– schedule a vet appointment for your dog! Why take the chance?

    By the way, I think you should strongly consider having your rat terrier spayed after this litter. One is plenty for almost any female dog, and every pregnancy risks your dog’s health and life, especially if you’re not experienced and knowledgeable about breeding.

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