Ask The Dog Guide: Breeds With Natural Bob Tails

December 11th, 2007 by Dan

Question: what breeds of dogs have nubby tails?

Answer: There are only a couple of breeds that have naturally occurring bob tails. The rest of the breeds we see with short tails such as Boxers, Doberman Pinschers and Rottweilers, have all had their tails Docked. Docking is the surgical removal of the tail to conform to breed standard in a pure bred dog. While this practice is common in the United States for cosmetic reasons, it has been banned in many other countries (including the United Kingdom, France, Hungary,Belgium and many many more) as the practice is done purely for cosmetic reasons in most cases and has been ruled to be cruel and painful. In some of these countries, working dogs are an exception to these bans. They could sustain damage to themselves in the field, thus they are allowed to undergo the surgery for their own wellbeing.

Two breeds who are born with naturally “nubby” tails are the French Bulldog and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These guys don’t have to undergo any surgical procedures to have their little stumps!

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  1. Lawrence Says:

    Some Australian Shepherds are also born with naturally bobbed tails.

  2. Gary Says:

    There are at least 17 breeds that the natural bob tail gene occurs in Rottweilers being one of them. Another is the “Stumpy Tailed Cattel Dog” from Australia.

    There is a tDNA test available.

  3. Dan Says:

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for your comment. While the natural bob gene does occur in Rottweilers, there are few breeders working with dogs that carry the gene (especially in the US!). Most of the dogs we see here in the US are docked, as it is still common practice.

  4. Liz Camacho Says:

    Eltlebuchers, Swedish Vallhund and the Smalandsstovare are all born with a bob-tail. only about 10% arrive with a ful tail.

    Docking hasn’t been legal in Sweden or Switzerland for a very long time. Selective breeding was needed to create bob-tail dogs for work.

  5. Hawk Hart-Suk Says:

    I have a rescue with a short tail that looks like a paintbrush. I have never seen anything like it. I was told she is a Kentucky Cur, but I have yet to see any other dogs with this tail. It is very unique in that it is jointed on the very end. Where would this have come from?

  6. mary r sloan Says:

    my Mountain Cur has a bobtail…Mountain Cur research/history info …50% of Mountain Curs are born with a bobtail….

  7. Kelly B Says:

    Boston Terriers are born with naturally short tails too.

  8. Steve Says:

    my female Rottweiler 9 weeks ago had a litter of 10 puppies one of which is a male and he was born with no tail just a little button that covers his butthole no I’ve read that there’s only two breeds that do this I have proof pictures and witnesses would you please let me know how rare this is thank you for your time

  9. Paula Says:

    I had a doberman/greyhound mix that was given to me while pregnant. She had a half tail. She had 8 puppies, 4 with full tails, 2 with half tails and 2 with bobbed tails. All natural!

  10. tahir Says:

    If I share picture of bobbed tail young dog, , would any one will be able to guide me to tell me it’s breed name?? If yes pls send me a simple HIII on my what’s app I will share pics, ,, my what’s app is 00923003347635

  11. Dawn Buchroeder Says:

    I call this bs about there only being 2 breeds with Bob tails ….I have a pit mixed with catahoola and she was born with a Bob tail.

  12. Chelsea Says:

    Hey guys! So we are looking at getting an american bulldog but her tail looks unnatural. He said it’s because they have English bulldog lines… Is this true? Thanks!

  13. Chelsea Says:

    By unnatural i mean really short

  14. Amanda Says:

    In 1996, our husky crossed paths with the neighbors Rottweiler. All 8 of their puppies were born fully colored and marked like Rotties, with perfect little bobbed tails. And yes I’m sure they were born that way and not altered, as I personally carried the first four from her hiding place to her whelp box, ans watched her deliver the next four.

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