What is Clicker Training?

October 10th, 2007 by Dan

Clicker training may be a common term to those who run with a dog savvy pack, but this concept may be foreign to the novice dog owner. A clicker is a small plastic box that you hold in your hand that makes- you guessed it- a clicking noise when pressed! In the beginning stages of clicker training, this click, coupled with an immediate food reward, sends a message to your dog marking the exact moment that he did something correct. The idea behind this kind of training is that by using such a precise marker, you are able to single out a very small behavior and target it as the one you want to enforce. It takes a full few seconds to get out verbal praise, and by the time you do, your dog may have moved out of the position you are trying to teach him. This just one reason fans of clicker training find it so appealing! Additionally, a click, once associated with positive feedback (a treat), can be given from across the room, or if you don’t have a treat on hand.

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