Hide and Seek – gone to the dogs

October 15th, 2007 by Dan

With the weather getting cooler we have to begin thinking of ways to provide mental stimulation for our pups during those evenings when we just can’t bring ourselves to spend that whole half hour (or hour) romping outside. One of my favorite games to recommend to my clients is a rousing round of hide and seek! Yes, that is hide and seek – just like you used to play when you were little. It’s very simple if you have two humans in the house. One of them stays with your dog while the other goes and hides. Once the hider is hidden, the individual staying with the dog says “Go find them” (use the persons name! This game helps teach your dog to recognize people by their names!) and the hider can call the dog once. Then watch as your dog has a great time romping around the house, sniffing after you and looking around every corner and door as he tries to figure out where that voice came from. The moment he finds you is better than any treat he’s ever tasted!

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